Manic(ure) Monday: Let It Snow ♫

Last week I told you I was not sure what manicure I would put on for Christmas. There is this manicure stick which I only bought recently and which I absolutely wanted to try out for this occasion. After looking through the manicure inspiration pics I have been collecting for years I found that a snowflake would be the easiest and maybe also prettiest design so I gave it a try. I started off with a dark blue glitter base (which I introduced  as one of my favourite winter nail polishes here).

As soon as the glitter nail polish had dried I started off with the first lines for the snowflake which are those you can see above. First I painted a large "x" and then drew another horizontal line. The I finished off each end of the lines with a "v".

The last thing I did to finish off the snowflake was to draw some really small lines underneath each "v" after the first lines had dried.

Working with the nail art stick was harder than I thought but then again the result is much better than with a toothpick. The important thing is to only use it with a really good nail polish that has quite a liquid texture (like the Essie nail polishes). Have you been working with a nail art stick? Which is your favourite design and what are your favourite nail polish shades for Christmas?


  1. This polish looks so pretty!! Loved the swatches :)

  2. You have been so good and is an adorable idea for the holidays in general. Im not sure to be as much good to make the snowflake!:) Kisses dear! xo

  3. Really so nice nailcolor.


  4. so cute! I never tried the nail sticks before but it's something I'd like to look into and experiment more. Love that blue shade too. xx

  5. Oh, super süß :)


  6. This is pure festive prettiness, love the glittery blue hue and the snowflake is adorable! Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May it filled with joy, love, peace and happiness!

  7. Ich bin verknallt! Was eine geile Farbe und dann die Schneeflocke <3 So wundervoll geworden!

    Liebste Grüße und frohe Weihnachten

  8. how clever to add a little snowflake on the glitter like that- it's so perfect for christmas :D

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. So pretty! I wish we had Kiko products here in the states - the blue polish is so beautiful!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  10. Super dope nail art love :) I especially love metallics during the holiday season, because I just adore outsparkling the rest of the world


  11. Awee that looks like a super nice manicure! There is not a better time when to wear something sparkly on your nails & love that cute snowflake detail! :)


  12. I love the sparkling blue polish! Super cute!

    Come visit my blog!

  13. Love this!! Merry Christmas <3


  14. süß, ist dir sehr gut gelungen!

  15. That is so cute Carmen! I love the sparkle of that blue and the snowflake as an accent nail is absolutely adorable. A blogger sent me some KiKo polish and I loved it. Such a great nail lacquer.


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