Face Contouring (Review and Tutorial)

From this haul you might still know that I got myself this Face Form contouring and blush palette from Sleek. Since my first make-up workshop 2 years ago I wanted to try to contour and highlight my face but finding the right powders turned out to be a bit more complicated. Lots of brands either don't feature contouring palettes or only sell really dark contouring powder. As I have really fair skin and was worried about the whole thing looking way too unnatural I always stayed away from buying contouring products.

A few weeks ago I saw that Sleek sell their face contouring kits in 3 and their face form kits in even 4 shades. As the face form kit in "fair" looked quite natural and also comes with a blush I really couldn't resist. I was still worried about the blush being too reddish or the contour powder being too dark but when I first tried the powders I was really overwhelmed. Besides from the blush being a little bit too shiny for my taste, every shade matches my skin tone perfectly and it's just so easy to get a natural result with the contour powder. (The result is so natural that my camera doesn't even capture the difference but I can clearly see it, for example my nose getting slimmer within a few seconds!). The powders are quite long lasting as well and if I don't touch my face too often the blush will still look like it did when I freshly applied it at the end of the day. So that was it for the review part, as you can see I'm totally excited, but probably some of you still wonder where you need to apply the powders to get such a cool result. As my camera didn't want to capture the difference I don't have before and after pics, but I prepared a little "painting" for you:

As you can see I took a light rose shade for the highlighting part as obviously you wouldn't have been able to see white on white. The concept of highlighting and contouring is really easy: everything you want to disappear or look slimmer gets a dark contour and everything you like about your face or everything that stands out gets a highlight. It's like adding depth of field to your photographies. This is just one method of possible highlighting and contouring that works for me but for example if you don't like your chin, you're not going to highlight it. You need to play around and see what works best for you. Another important aspect is that you blend everything properly (so I recommend using quite good brushes). As I'm totally new to this I won't give you too many advices but I definitely recommened watching some Youtube videos on this matter.
So I hope this was helpful for the contouring beginners or for the pros who were still thinking about trying the Sleek Face Form kit. I would love for you to share your contouring and highlighting routine with us and maybe you know some other brands that sell contouring kits for every skin tone?


  1. I'm such a dork with make-up, but I finally know now how to contour my face :-) And that Sleek kit looks beautiful! xo

  2. I want to purchase it too, in your same shade. I am addicted to contouring stuff and palette. The face chart is useful. Actually I'm using a kit from Kiko but it is from an old limited edition. Kisses! xo

  3. Hi, Carmen,
    I think contouring is a fantastic technique...I would like to learn how to do it very well...
    this palette is very nice

  4. Great review!

  5. lovely illustration!:) it's definitely useful! and the palette looks great!♥


  6. That looks like a great contouring palette. Loving this post!

    The Koalafornian x

  7. These colors are so pretty. I love when everything I need comes together in a palette, haha.

  8. Das sieht echt interessant aus. Hab selbst noch nicht ausprobiert, aber kann nicht schaden.

    xx Mira


  9. Ech sin null am Contouring, mee merci fir deng Tips!

  10. That product looks really great! I would definitely want to try it out as it offers almost everything you need in one place! I am newbie to the whole more proffessional makeup- I use only eye liner, mascara, foundation & blush! So I would definitely want to try it out! :)

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  11. Ive always wanted to know how contouring works, it adds a great dimension, this is a fantastic palette. Have a splendid weekend dear!


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