Beauty Empties: December

1 SEBAMED balm deodorant (150 ml)
Rebuy it? Yes! Why? When it comes to deodorants I try to be a bit careful and leave out aluminium salts. This deodorant comes without them and is also free from alcohol which makes it super gentle. The smell is okay as well so I will keep on using it.

2 NIVEA day cream 24h hydration SPF 8 (50ml)
Rebuy it? No! Why? When it comes to creams I'm not a fan of Nivea at all. However sometimes when I'm too lazy to go shopping (yup that arrives from time to time!) I ask my mum to bring me my beauty essentials. Some time ago she brought me this Nivea face cream and it was the worst cream I ever used. My skin started sweating as soon as I applied it and I didn't feel it would do my skin any good. Furthermore the closure broke after a while which for me is a no-go as I'm someone who travels a lot (be it just from my place to my parents' house) and often needs to carry such beauty essentials.

3 BALEA Oil Repair shampoo (250ml)
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? I told you that I'm a huge fan of Balea products, especially Balea hair care. This is my second shampoo from that brand and I'm still convinced when it comes to the ingredients (free from silicone!) and texture. However this very shampoo promises to highly reduce hair loss which I couldn't notice at all. Even though I still liked to use this shampoo I will probably get back to the repair+care one I had before.

4 CD 24h intense face cream
Rebuy? Maybe. Why? CD is a brand I only knew from deodorant so I was quite surprised when I got this sample. What I noticed immediately: it's free from mineral oil, silicone and paraben and thus perfect for me. The texture was quite light and pleasant as well so if I should find the real size in stores I'm really likely to buy this face cream.

5 ZOÉ EFFECT PhytoCELLTec advanced day care SPF 15 (5ml)
Rebuy? No. Why? I got this as a sample from a Swiss blogger and I didn't know the brand at all. The cream was light and moisturizing but had this typical grandma smell all anti-age creams seem to have in common. I'm not even sure you would get this cream in Germany and it looks like it's quite an expensive brand so I won't look out for it.

6 THE BODY SHOP Cool BB Cream with vitamin E
Rebuy it? No. Why? I always thought that I didn't like BB creams at all, until I found a good one...which isn't this one. Good BB creams need to be really light and only have a subtle colouring but this one is in fact quite sticky, hard to apply and too dark for my skin. Therefore I'm not going to buy the real size (but I will write a review on the BB cream I actually like a lot).

So these were the beauty products for December and if you want to see all the stuff I used up in 2013 you can simply check out my other posts by searching for the label "empties". What beauty products have you been loving and hating in 2013? Is there anything you need to rebuy as soon as the Holiday chaos is over?


  1. I never tried any of them, would like the shampoo though. Kisses! xo

  2. The thing with Nivea face creams, also happens to me, but love their eye cream.


  3. Great roundup of interesting products, I really want to try the Balea hair oil, sounds like something Id like to use. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend hun!

  4. Lovely products!


  5. Would love to try that shampoo! ♥ Wonderful, wonderful picks!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    ♥, Jo | www.STYLEAT30.com
    Fashion | Food | Travel

  6. Great reviews! Thanks so much for sharing :) I can't stand Nivea cream either.. it just seems to make my skin greasy, instead of moisturized.


  7. Sebamed Produkte mag ich auch sehr gerne!

  8. I have never tried any of them too. Nivea is always reliable.But your reviews are really informative and helpful.

  9. Hey beautiful! this is lovely! Amazing post!
    Best wishes for this 2014… may the new year bring you happiness and joy!

  10. Nivea is my favorite <3 Love it!

  11. I didn't even know The Body Shop makes BB cream!


  12. I remember using that Nivea cream for a while and I never rebought it... thanks for sharing your opinions!

  13. Excellent reviews! I've learned about some great products. I've never tried these before. Thanks!


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