Tried and Tested: Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil

Fructis Wunder-öl hitzeschutz pflege

After a little bit of research on the internet, I found out that a very similar product to the one I will be reviewing is being sold in various countries and that Garnier is even known in the USA. This was important for me to know before writing this review as I try to only feature internationally interesting products which most of my readers could theoretically purchase. Also I should clarify that there are several versions of this product which you can find on the internet or in stores. The product I will now be talking about is the "Miraculous Oil" ("Wunder-Öl" in German) with argan oil and a 230°C heat protection. There are Miraculous Oils without heat protection so try not to confound them (for the sake of your hair!). As a third and last introductory point I also want to mention that this product was kindly offered to me by the Garnier Blogger Academy I'm lucky enough to be a member of. However the oil wasn't a review sample but rather a welcome gift for signing up to their blogger program. So this is not a sponsored review but I just decided to write about the oil as I really like the concept and I'm quite convinced by the product. Now after all this said, let's start off with the actual review:

Garnier Fructis Wunder-Öl Hitzeschutz & Pflege (Miraculous Oil Heat Protection & Care)

What Garnier promises:
- heat protection up to 230°C
- weightless care with argan oil
- quicker hair drying
- anti frizz effect
- soft and shiny hair
- perfectly protected hair

Fructis Wunder-öl hitzeschutz pflege

What I liked:
Firstly I totally love the concept of a hair oil with heat protection as it's a combination of two products I would use regularly. You really don't need much of the oil, one little drop is enough for my long, thick hair. It makes my hair feel really soft and it also looks shinier. Argan oil is of course one of the best oils you can use for your hair so I really appreciate that they used it. I don't really have huge frizz problems but I used this oil one some rainy days and I always felt my hair would still look good in the evening. Oh, and I should mention that the smell is really good, quite sweet.

What I disliked:
There is nothing which I really can't stand about this product but of course it has some disadvantages as well. As I only use very little of the oil, in order not to make my hair look greasy, I can't be sure if all of my hair is protected from the heat (but in fact you can't be sure about that with any product). Furthermore I felt that my hair itself gets hotter when I straighten it after using the oil. Last but not least, this product does yet again contain silicone oil, which is quite annoying for someone who tries to turn silicones down.

Even though I couldn't say if my hair dried more quickly, this product keeps its promises and makes your hair tangibly softer. I'm not sure if I would use it as a heat protector forever but I like it as a hair oil to be used before drying my hair. The only really bad point however are the silicones. All told I can imagine rebuying the oil after having used it up.

Have you been trying this or similar hair oils? Have you found hair oils without silicones? What else do you use as heat protector?


  1. Hmm maybe I'll try this out the next time. My hair's been getting a bit dry lately...

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. Lately I have been struggling with my hair, they are very dry and I get split ends very fast, therefore I am trying out a lot of different hair products!
    So this review also might come in handy, the next time I will buy new hair products! :)


  3. Im always curious to try it too, you know. Actually I'm using an Argan oil product by Dikson, before and after dry, and Im find well with it, have purchased it for the second time too. Kisses! xo

  4. Ich fand das Öl auch gut, aber benutze es nun nicht mehr - bin ja silikonfrei momentan. Glaube ich bleibe auch dabei :)

  5. very nice my dear!!

  6. it looks a great product!


  7. Very interessant review. I want to try that product.

  8. thanks for your post!! so useful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! New SHEINSIDE clothing arrivals on my post now in BLOG.THE.DREAMS.COM kisses!

  9. Hair oil is a necessary cosmetic here in India and our mum's would oil our hair till we were like 13!! BTW I just nominated you for the sunshine award on my latest post! Can't wait to see your answers! :)

  10. Thanks for this thorough review Carmen, Garnier hair products are slowly being introduced here so I hope I can try this out soon. I find the best time to apply oils is when the hair is still damp. I am using VO5 argan oil and it works pretty well so far. I appreciate your thoughts hun...Happy End of the Week!

  11. That was a really nice review and I'm looking for an oil ofr my hair:)

  12. Although my hair is oily as it is (meaning pouring oil on it would make it look dirty) I love Garnier's products... their face lotions and moisturizers are amazing!
    Kisses from Miami,


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