Royal Cupcakes

Phew, today was such a crazy and stressful day! I only just came home but I wanted to share some first pictures of this day with you. In fact I've been to so many places that I can't believe I did it all in less than 12 hours!
This morning I first went to university, then I rushed to make an interview (I'm an intern at a radio station at the moment), which was the first interview I ever did! It all went good though and the press officer I talked to was really friendly.
After that I hooked up with my neighbour and we took the train to Cologne as I wanted to redeem my 50€ voucher at Laurèl and we also had a voucher for Royal Cupcakes, which we never tried before. After I got a necklace at Laurèl (which I will show you in a "new in" post these weeks) we went to the cupcake shop where my friend had an Oreo cupcake and tea and I tried a cupcake called "Carla Bruni", which was the most amazing lavender experience ever, and I drank a white hot chocolate for the first time in my life. When we recognized we had ended up in a street of Cologne where we never were before, we discovered shops such as Amercian Apparel and COS, which I had both never seen in Germany. I always thought that American Apparel was quite lame but in fact they have some pretty cool stuff and the loveliest blouses I have seen in my entire life! I will definitely go there and buy a few things next year. We also discovered a pretty cute shop with kitchen and home supplies which would be a lovely place for any food lover.
At around 5pm we took the train back to Bonn where we wanted to go to the Room Nine X-Mas Party (of which I will talk in detail tomorrow). Arriving there we noticed that it was the opening of Media Markt (an electrical retailer) and also a new dm (a drugstore), so we went there after the X-Mas party and got a few drugstore supplies at 10% off.
Doesn't this sound really crazy for just one day? I'm beyond tired and all I'm gonna do now is share the pics I took at Royal Cupcakes and then go to bed! I hope you had a funny and crazy but therefore less stressful day and I hope you will check back tomorrow to learn more about Room Nine, the coolest shop in Bonn.

Alte Wallgasse 5
50672 Cologne

What is your favourite cupcake shop? Have you ever tried a cupcake or any other dessert with lavender?


  1. Hallo liebe Carmen,
    Royal Cupcakes ist wirklich so hübsch! Und den Lila-Lavender-Carla-Bruni-Mini-Kuchen hatte ich auch schon mal und der ist wirklich unschlagbar (wenn auch wirklich sehr süß!). In der nächsten Woche gibt es bei mir übrigens eine Alternative zum dem Laden, der auch in Köln ist und fast noch ein bisschen bessere Cupcakes macht!
    Allerliebste Grüße

  2. wow! beautiful place!
    looks so yummy :)


  3. congratulations for the interview..
    amazing cupcake..this place is so elegant!!

  4. (; Reb, xoxo.

    *Nuovo post sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  5. Wow! Sounds really a crazy and so hectic day! The Royal Cupcakes looks so cute, I want to go there. I never had a sweet with lavender you know, really curious, the cupcake inspires me!:) Kisses! xo

  6. aww royal cupcakes sounds so awesome!!


  7. wow This place loos so gorgeous and inviting!

  8. Sounds like such a busy day Carmen! I need to live in this cupcake shoppe, looks so divine! You are always so sweet to stop by...Aren't you glad it's Friday already :)

  9. Toll, das sieht super aus! In den Laden würde ich auch gerne mal ;)

    Liebste Grüße

    Andrea von andysparkles
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  10. Your cupcake look so pretty! I hope you had a good rest and ready for the next day ahead.

  11. I have maybe eaten one or two cupcakes in my life. Although they look great, I don't think that they are that healthy... I love shopping at AA and I've got like seven COS dresses at the moment.


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