New In: Topshop, The Body Shop and more

Over the last weeks a bit of stuff has been accumulating and it was about time for this huge haul. Besides from stocking up on a few necessities and getting some freebies, I have also been shopping in Düsseldorf yesterday. It was a really pleasant experience and I might write a more detailed post about the city and the various shopping possibilities during the next days.

 Topshop dress - 59€
Normally I wouldn't necessarily spend 60€ on a simple dress but as we went to Düsseldorf almost just to get our hands on a Topshop piece and as this dress was really flattering and perfect for the holiday season I just had to get it.

C&A skirt - 19€
I haven't been shopping at C&A for ages but as they are having more and more nice stuff again and as the C&A in Düsseldorf was really pretty and big I found this beautiful and versatile skirt.

Trio boots - 59,95€
I found these boots at the Siemes Schuhcenter in Luxembourg and I think they look perfect! The only problem: they are a bit too large. I'm still not sure if I will return them or simply wear them with thick, warm socks.

 Bershka clutch / Laurèl notebook
These are two of the products I didn't have to pay for. The clutch was part of a prize I won at a blog giveaway and the notebook was in my Laurèl goodie bag. (See the whole giveaway prize here.)

 Ebelin cotton balls - 0,95€ / Yves Rocher face scrub - 2,95€ / Balea eye gel - 2,45€ / Gillette shaving gel - 2,15€ / Sensodyne toothpaste - 2,95€
These are all just necessities or things I've been rebuying. Except from the scrub I bought everything at the drugstore dm.

Dove, Greenland and Le Petit Marseillais hand creams - freebies
No, I haven't been buying three hand creams at a time, haha! These are freebies for a very special sponsorship I will talk about when I review and compare the creams.

Sleek face form - 15,41€ (shipping included) / Manhattan concealer - 3,35€ / MAC lip liner
The "face form" is a contouring set and as I wanted to try face contouring for ages but as it's really hard to find such kits in Germany, I ordered this one at Sleek. I can't wait to try it and show you the result. The lip liner was in the Laurèl goodie bag as well and it's my first MAC product.

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle gift set - 20€ (but I got it for 9€)
Since I first saw the Ginger Sparkle collection I knew I had to get at least one product (I'm a huge sucker for gingerbread men). I still had a 10€ voucher and 10% off because it was my birthday so I got 4 awesome Body Shop products for just 9€. Bargain!

Oh gosh, so much stuff! And these weren't even my birthday presents which I will show you in another post later! Have you guys been shopping that much lately as well?


  1. Oh wow that Body Shop set is so cute! Perfect gift.

    Allie of Dressing Ken

  2. Wow such a shopping day Carmen!! A dream ;)

  3. Nice purchases! Shopping in Düsseldorf is fantastic; they've got the best brands (I prefer it to Cologne).

  4. hi carmen...a wonderful shopping day..!!lovely things!
    i like your skirt and dress...

  5. Nice products <3


  6. Lol nope but you just made me want!:) Everything is gorgeous, I want that clutch and the contouring set by Sleek! xo

  7. Great finds! Lovin those boots! New follower :) Hope you come visit me too!

  8. Thats body shop set is the cutest thing, must smell wonderful. love the pretty colour of your Topshop dress and the sassy printed skirt. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by :)

  9. The bodyshop giftset is so cute!



  10. really loved reading this! can't wait for the hand creams post :)


  11. Das Body Shop Set ist ja süß, bin letztens auch dran vorbeigelaufen! Schöner Haul :)


  12. Fabulous goodies dear! Enjoy them!
    Kisses from Miami,

  13. so many great things, wow! i love TBS products :)

  14. Gorgeous prints on the skirt.


  15. The Body Shop set is adorable and I love your beautiful skirt :)

  16. great haul! love the skirt, the clutch and the body shop set especfially :) x


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