New In: Birthday Presents

So as I already mentioned yesterday my birthday was more than two weeks ago but I only celebrated with my family on Sunday. That is also why I have been waiting to show you the presents I got in order to have this post complete. Again my friends and family have come up with some really thoughtful and creative presents and I want to thank them, not only for the gifts but also for celebrating with me or simply sending me birthday wishes.

The Thomas Sabo concept, especially the charm bracelets, always fascinated me. Not only the jewellery and the cute charms, but also the great design of the jewellery boxes and shop windows caught my eyes. In fact I don't know why I never actually got myself a charm bracelet, probably because of the price, but now I finally own one thanks to my aunt. Some years ago we were in Greece where she bought a no name charm bracelet for my sister and me. The charms still look quite good but the bracelet itself shows signs of wear. That's why I told her that I was looking for a new bracelet and so she decided to get me a really generous voucher for the real Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. I couldn't wait to go to the store and get my first bracelet and charms and after several days of meditation I chose the thin silver bracelet with a bow, gingerbread and snowflake charm. The heart charm was for free and I also got the date book and glitter bag as free presents with my purchase.

The presents which you can see in the 3 pictures above are from my brother and sister. They are perfect items for my home and I can't wait to find a place for the shoe picture. The macaron mat is something I wanted to buy for quite a while in order to get my macarons to be all the same size. So this present means more macarons for my family and more macaron pictures and recipes for you, haha.

The cutest present I got this year: the Minions from my boyfriend. When we first saw "Despicable Me" we fell in love with these yellow cuties and I said that I wish I had my own Minions. Now I do and they even speak and say the things from the movies. My perfect companions when I feel lonely. In addition to the Minions my boyfriend also got me a matching shirt (we love the Minion banana song so much!) and Francesa, the Fiat from Cars (another cute movie we love to watch). No need to mention that we watched "Despicable Me 2" on my birthday, right?

If I should ever make a separate food blog I will call it "Chocolate and Camera", haha! No but honestly, a really cute and matching present from my old schoolmate. And I will of course not eat this one but keep it...

The two gifts above are from my boyfriend's uncle and his family. I think their presents are really creative and with the jewellery holder of course just right for me. And how cute are these owls?!

Yaaay, these were my birthday presents! I'm sorry but I'm such a princess when it comes to my birthday, tee-hee. What item from this post did you like best? Do you own a charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo and if yes, which charms do you already have?


  1. Wow gorgeous presents!!! Love the owl tree:)


  2. minions..:-)
    a chocolate camera...so delicious...
    gorgeous gifts...

  3. love the Thomas Sabo jewelry!
    kisses x

  4. the camera is so cute!

  5. Aww that chocolate camera is so adorable and perfect for you! I'm excited. Macaron mat? More baking posts yay :) You're such a talented baker. Happy belated birthday!


  6. Hi Carmen, you have received such wonderful and thoughtful gifts, the charm bracelet is a lovely idea, you can keep adding on to it. The minions are too adorable, very cute. I like the pretty jewellery holder. I am grateful for the last comment you left me...hope your week's going great!

  7. Carmen, you have been spoiled, great gifts, love them all. The charms bracelet is adorable and Chocolate and Camera sounds really good if you have had a food blog:) Kisses! xo

  8. these are very cute and gorgeous, especially the jewelry <3 xx

  9. Ganz tolle Geschenke, echt süß!

  10. Wow richtig tolle Geschenke! Super süße Ideen! Die Schoko Kamera ist ja so genial! So lässt man sich doch gerne beschenken :-)

    Liebste Grüße aus China

  11. YayyY! So many beautiful gifts! Really love the jewelry holder :)


  12. Oh your bracelet is so cute, love it ! Cute gifts. Happy birthday beauty :)

  13. Thomas Sabo Bracelet is one and only the best option to give as a present.


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