Monthly Must Haves: Birthday Edition

Yaaay, this month it's my 22nd birthday and I'm really excited! My boyfriend already got my present and I can't wait to see what it is as he has a really good taste when it comes to presents. So as this is a special edition post I won't be talking about the newest products or temporary crushes but things I would be really happy to get as a present right now.

1 Apple Macbook Air
The laptop I'm currently using has some major problems, for example it only charges when it's turned off. So far I only had problems with all of my computers so I would love to try a Mac as most people claim they didn´t have problems with their mac at all. Also it's of course the blogger cliché par excellence to write your posts on that famous silver laptop.

2 The Body Shop holiday edition 2013
When I saw these limited edition Christmas products in a local Body Shop I fell in love immediately. The packaging is so cute and the smell is really spicy. Can I please have on of the gingerbread products?

3 Nikon Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G
I've always felt that my photographs look far more unprofessional than those of many other fashion bloggers and I think that a new lens would definitely help me improve the quality of my pics. I know that everybody swears by 50mm lenses for outfit pics but on WishWishWish I read that this 35mm lens is even better for outfit and product shoots and as her pics are truly amazing I'm definitely going to consider getting this lens.

4 Hamsa necklace
I love oriental inspired jewellery, especially evil eye and hamsa necklaces and bracelets. Lately I've seen a REALLY pretty hamsa necklace in a shop in Luxembourg but can't remember the brand. Maybe it was Swarovski or something similar. In fact I think it would make the perfect elegant statement necklace.

5 Valentino studded heels
I've told you that I like these before and even though they might already be out of trend I still love how elegant they look and how they can be combined with almost everything.

6 Lush Magic Wand
Since my last visit at the Lush store I'm totally into their products again. I chose this Magic Wand to put on my wish list as it would be the perfect item to take a bubble bath on my birthday and feel like a princess.

7 Marc by Marc Jacobs studded mouse flats
That I love Marc Jacobs should be clear by now and these flats have already been on my wish list last year. I love them since I saw the first pair about 2 years ago. One day I will buy a pair for myself, be it with my first earnings.

8 Gabs knit print bag
I got to know the brand Gabs when I got a collaboration offer from an Italian brands retailer a few months ago and I fell in love with this very bag. I love that it looks like the Longchamp pliage but has a way more creative print. However I'm still waiting for this cooperation to take place as I simply didn't get an answer from the retailer after a few e-mails. That makes me quite sad but I will keep the bag in mind nevertheless and maybe get it on my own (right from the shop and not from the retailer!).

What do you guys think about my birthday wish list? Realistic or not? In fact all I wish for this year is to spend some time with my friends as I don't see them that often at the moment with all of us studying different things and partly even in different countries.


  1. Oh, we share the bday in the same month and we are both scorpio!:) But I'm much older!:) Love your wishlist Carmen, I think it is pretty realistic, or at least dreaming is always free:) Have a good evening, kisses! xo

  2. love the studded heels, lush bubble wand and camera lens of course!

    Animated Confessions

  3. It's a fabulous list. I hope your wishes will come true. Happy Birthday!

  4. Love both of the shoes!!! great list!


  5. Happy Early Birthday! :) Those valentino heels are to die for! Beautiful!

    The Lovely Memoir

  6. That Valentino heels looks wow. I need some like that too.


  7. Great taste babe! ;) The Gabs knit print bag is beautiful! xx

  8. you chose amazing gifts that i would like!!!
    i really like the hand of fatima and valentino shoes

  9. ich hab auch die 50mm linse und ichliebe das objektiv!! für den preis, absolut top!


  10. Ein Macbook hätte ich auch total gerne!! Leider überhaupt nicht drin im Budget ;)

  11. Macbooks sind jetzt auch nicht soo dolle, man bezahlt halt relativ Geld nur schon wegen der Marke. Aber das Design ist toll und wirkliche Probleme hat man auch nicht damit (Akkulaufzeit geht schnell runter). Die Valentino Schuhe hätte ich auch SO gerne!

  12. Hoffentlich erfüllen sich deine Wünsche, nicht nur die materiellen;) Deinen Geschmack teile ich übrigens, all diese Stücke würden mir den Geburtstag auch sehr versüßen...

  13. I've been wanting a new lens too, I've got to save up for it x

  14. Hoffe deine Wünsche werden erfüllt :)

  15. Okay I'm dying over the mouse flats, way too cute!

  16. I wouldn't mind any of these gifts! Great selection, especially the MacBook Air!!!

  17. ooohh das body shop weihnachtshaus ist ja süß!
    drück dir die daumen, dass alle wünsche erfüllt werden :)

  18. Great wishlist! I love No3 and 5! Thank you for stopping by!

    Come back soon to visit me on The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

    Evi xoxo

  19. Those mouse flats are the cutest thing ever! :) They are adorable!
    As my birthday is like 8 months away, for Christmas I would love to receive something technology related, just like you- camera lenses or a new pc, mine has been breaking down a lot as well!

    New International giveaway on my blog (Win an item of your own choice!

  20. Ich hoffe für dich, dass du etwas schönes davon bekommst!
    Die Halloweenmuffins sind übrigens der Wahnsinn!

    Liebste Grüße
    Daria von www.cinnamon-star.blogspot.com

  21. Wow, I had a birthday number 30)) You know I would have really wanted to get a new lens, a better camera)) I looked blog http://wishwishwish.net/. Really lovely photos! This is a great gift choice!

  22. Wow das sind coole Sachen !! :)

    LG Anna

  23. Ui, einen wundervollen Blog hast du da! Und schöne Artikel sind das ebenfalls, so manch einer dürfte auch gerne zu mir wandern :)
    Liebste Grüße,
    Grace <3

  24. Thanks for sharing this post! That was really interesting reading about the 35mm lens on Carrie's blog. What camera body do you use now? I still ended up buying the 50mm lens in hopes that I would get a full frame DSLR one day and the 50mm would be like a 35mm in that situation. There's just so much to know and learn about photography!!

    I hope you get everything on your birthday wishlist!! :)



  25. Love all the things u want!!! Really hope u get everything ^^



  26. Haha that's quite a wish list,
    I definitely would recommend the Apple indeed!


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