Manic(ure) Monday: 50 Shades of Fall

Today I have a post for those of you who love classic (and maybe also not so classic) nail polishes and who aren't into nail arts that much. As I mentioned several times, fall is my absolute favourite season when it comes to fashion and beauty because of the predominant colours. Therefore I tried to decided which are my favourite nail polishes for fall (which is quite hard when you have as many as I do) and I'm now presenting them to you:

1. Blood-Red
Normally I don't wear red that often but some shades are so classy that you can't skip them.

1) Manhattan 45Q 2) Bourjois 11 Rouge in Style 3) L'Oréal 304 Spicy Orange 4) Barry M 273 Raspberry 5) Barry M 1A Red Wine 6) Essie Fishnet Stockings 7) Essence 113 do you speak love? 8) Manhattan 74 9) Essie Raspberry 10) Mavala 187 Roma

2. Deep Purple
A colour which you can find in many different shades is purple. I prefer the darker bordeaux-like nail polishes.

1) Bourjois 28 Red Dingue 2) Bourjois 12 Rouge Obscur 3) O.P.I. Visions of Love 4) Manhattan 65W 5) Manhattan 410 T 6) Essie Bahama Mama 7) Essie Carry On  8) Bourjois 12 Rouge Obscur 9) Essence 155 red ahead 10) Essie Recessionista

3. Chocolate Brown
I don't wear brown throughout the year but it shouldn't be missing in fall. The best shades are those that look like liquid chocolate.

1) O.P.I. Brisbane Bronze 2) Manhattan 59L 3) Barry M 310 Mushroom 4) O.P.I. Java Mauve-A 5) L'Oréal 110 Lady Chocolate 6) Essie Chocolate Cakes 7) Manhattan 94V 8) Essie Brownie Points 9) Manhattan 410T 10) Mavala 310 Espresso

4. Sludgy Taupe
Taupe has become one of my favourite nail polish shades ever and I wear it all year long, whenever I want to feel a bit more elegant and classy.

1) O.P.I. Did You 'ear About Van Gogh? 2) Bourjois 04 Taupe Classy 3) p2 020 business woman 4) Mavala 314 Warm Grey 5) Manhattan 12G 6) Essence140 go bold! 7) Essie 233A Miss Fancy Pants 8) Manhattan96T 9) Essie Mochachino 10) Essie Chinchilly
5. Bronze Shimmer
From all metallic nail polishes I think bronze is the best one to wear in fall as gold and silver rather remind me of Christmas. As you can see in my collage it is quite hard to find a good bronze nail polish, but the Essence one comes really close to the Mavala one I own.

1) Manhattan 11 2) Bourjois 30 Ghost Lovers 3) Barry M 335 Copper 4) Mavala 230 Sparkling Bronze 5) Essie 6) Essence166 mister rusty 7) Mavala 32 8) p2 900 - next exit: party! 9) Essie Good as Gold 10) Essence 124 wanna say hello

Phew, I must say that this post was a lot of work but then again so much fun. I love to compare nail polish swatches and see what the different brands come up with. What do you guys think? What are your favourite colours for fall and which brand has the best shades?


  1. deep purple..love this color...i like essie number 7...
    i use ot very often

  2. Very nice colors.

  3. Right now I am sporting a gray color. But I got a black sparkle polish from Julep at Lucky FABB and I think this may be my next mani color. Also do want to try a sludgy taupe.

    Allie of Dressing Ken

  4. Wow, this is the kind of post I enjoy most. You did a great job with it! Btw, for fall Im loving taupe shade as well, I think the ones in that section are my fav!:) I also like the deep purple. Kisses! xo

  5. Very interesting post, love these shades for autumn/winter!

    ciao ciao

  6. Dieses blutrot - oxblood sagt man doch auch - hat mich letztes Jahr schon total angesprochen.

  7. i looove the OPI grey one!! great post!

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  8. Red and bronze shimmer would be my favourite!

  9. Amazing <3


  10. Oooooh perfect! We love a good Fall polish!
    xx from NYC
    Davie and Erica


  11. Your banner is so cute! :)

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  12. Wow, hinter diesem Post steckte wirklich jede Menge Arbeit, kann ich mir denken.
    Ich bin immer ganz wild auf dunkelrote Lacke, die fast ins Braun & Schwarz gehen. Die perfekte Herbstfarben!

    Dankeschön auch für deinen lieben Kommentar! :)

  13. I'm in love with the purple and taupe hues! Soo chic ♥ You have such great taste!

    ♥, Jo | www.STYLEAT30.com
    Fashion | Food | Travel

  14. Eine tolle Auswahl. Ich rot und taupe sind meine Lieblinge. Also taupe geht eigentlich immer :D

    xx Mira


  15. So many beautiful colors!


  16. These are such great colors! I love them all!

  17. Im loving the deep purple shades ^^



  18. beautiful my dear!

  19. All are really pretty colors and nail polish. But the only that I can use perfectly is the Bourjois No 12 because looks perfect and beautiful.

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  20. Amazing amazing choices! There isn't a colour scheme I don't like but my favorites lie within the deep purples and bronzes.Thanks for your great comment! I enjoy hearing your views.

  21. Chocolate brown and Bronze Shimmer are my fav ! :)


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