Fair Fashion

We all heard about scandals in the fashion industry regarding the use of toxic chemicals, child labour or overworked and underpaid employees in Third World Countries and others. Often it's hard to know what to do against these bad conditions and how to protect ourselves and others. There are a lot of big brands we trust in and as long as their clothes are cheap we're happy but often we don't think about what these prices imply. However the price isn't necessarily the only reference point because most probably your designer jeans has been fabricated with toxic chemicals as well. With this post I don't want to force you to go totally green (because I'm far away from it myself) but there are some things all of us can do that aren't even that hard!

1. Buy clothes that have a good quality so you can be sure you'll wear them as long as possible.
2. Make sure to recycle your old clothes, for example by bringing them back to your local H&M or upgrading them yourself.
3. Pay a little attention to what you hear about several brands and try not to support the really bad boys.
4. Shop at thrift stores or flea markets more often.
5. Even though you probably think they are super cool, try not to buy distressed jeans, they are absolutely bad for the health of the factory workers.
6. Buy more sustainable, fair trade clothes made from organic cotton. Here are some of the places where to shop nice sustainable fashion:

Asos has "a range of environmentally friendly textiles and supports fair trade principles and traditional craftsmanship". Read more about it here.

It seems like H&M wants to do more and more to support sustainable fashion and besides their garment collecting, they also launch conscious collections regularly and use more and more organic cotton.

This is a brand I only discovered recently and I think their clothes are really cute. They are absolutely ecology-minded and probably do anything you can do to support fair fashion. 

What do you guys do to make fashion industry a better trade? Do you know other gorgeous fair trade fashion labels?


  1. Excellent post Carmen, we don't usually pay attention to these types of topics so I am really glad you brought it up. I would love to be greener and more thoughtful in my fashion choices and where I buy my clothes. Its important to know where they are manufactured and how.

  2. Your tips are good, I usually dont pay much attention on it but is wrong and Im trying to improve. Didnt know Armed Angels, the stuff is nice!

  3. Great tips its great that you brought this topic up its good that people know how their clothes are made etc!

    Jess x


  4. it's good to see that fast-fashion becomes more sustainable :)


  5. Great post to raise awareness! I shall pay more attention to what I'm purchasing.

  6. I've purchased from the conscious collection! It's really great and the clothes are gorgeous. Great post idea, Carmen!


  7. What a great post! I had no idea about the distressed jeans thing. Wow,but makes sense. I have one pair. I also did not know about H&M they are a HUGE retailer so this is a good thing. So glad you brought it to my attention. And Armed Angels sounds great. Going to check them out now! : )

    Allie of ALLIE NYC formerly Dressing Ke

  8. Ich habe auch schon ganz viel zu den Altkleidercontainern von H&M gebracht! :) Ist echt ne coole Sache.

  9. I have not bought from the shops you mention, will review them and thanks for the info.

  10. der rosa blazer mit den punkten ist toll!!

    Schau doch mal auf meinem Blog 31,85,- vorbei, wenn du Lust hast!

  11. Pink jacket is beautiful. Your selection is very pretty.


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