DIY: Last Minute Advent Calendar

After collecting my favourite beauty Advent calendars, I thought it would be cool to share some DIY calendar ideas as well. In fact his post isn't really about making your own Advent calendar (as it's already close to Advent and nobody ain't go time for that!, haha) but it's a little collection of available Advent calendars which you can fill with your own surprises. Of course you can also take these as inspirations for a real DIY Advent calendar, for example the one with the boxes could also be made of boxes you still have at home or you could sew some bags to make something like #3 (and I don't need to mention how easy it would be to make #5!). Personally I just bought something like #1 to fill it with sweets for my boyfriend. And even though I was too lazy to make a real DIY tutorial, I was not too lazy to collect 24 items under 24€ which you can use to fill your Advent calendar (DIY or not).

1 Karstadt 2 Galeria Kaufhof 3 Galeria Kaufhof 4 Butlers 5 Strauss

1 gloves - Asos
2 slippers - Asos
3 napkins - H&M
4 iPhone case and touchscreen gloves - H&M
5 earmuffs - Topshop
6 pillowcase - H&M
7 "How to Dress for Success" book - Shopbop
8 cupcake kit - New Look
9 santa socks - Topshop
10 "Celebrate Christmas" candle - Yankee
11 Christmas gift list - Typo
12 Christmas polaroid cards - Typo
13 "Snowflake Cookie" candle - Yankee
14 set of lipglosses - The Body Shop
15 anatomicals gift set - Asos
16 candy canes - eBay
17 nail polish set - H&M
18 hot-water bag - Topshop
19 headband - Topshop
20 body butter gift set - The Body Shop
21 photo bauble - Boots
22 perfumed shimmer dust - H&M
23 cupcake shower cap - Prezzybox
24 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath - Philosophy

So guys, have you been doing an Advent calendar for somebody else this year or last year? What would you put inside yours? P.S.: How awesome is my winter lights font?!


  1. Your idea is very cute, also I like the items you collected, they could be perfect also for a guifts guide. I'm very lazy too so I'm going to buy one with treats as well:) Kisses! xo

  2. Ohhh your picks are fantastic, where to start, I want 1, 2. 6. 13. 14, 19 and 24. your kind words are much appreciated...Have a warm and splendid weekend!

  3. These are wonderful items for Advent Carmen. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Das sind echt süße Ideen! Schade dass du nicht dabei warst letztes WE, hätte dir sicher gut gefallen.

  5. Tolle Idee. Du hast so schöne Sachen ausgesucht. Ich hab immer noch keinen Kalender besorgt. Schei.. so war's nicht geplant :)


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