Blogger's Secret: Mastering Social Media


If you have a blog you can hardly skip social media pages and apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Those are also the three I use most and lately I felt like I want those profiles to be more than just possibilities to follow my blog. If I like a blog and want to keep up with the posts, I follow on Bloglovin and I don't feel the need to get the same updates on all my social media pages as well. What makes it interesting for people to follow you via social media profiles is that they can discover something new on every page which they didn't know from your blog before. That's why I tried to find 3 advices that might help you (and me) to improve our social media pages and make it more interesting for our followers to keep up with us over there.

1. Facebook
 Facebook has many advantages. One of them would be that your links come with pictures so ideally your followers know what you post is about before even having read the title. That's why you should really make use of the function to post pictures and not just the link with a thumbnail. To make this even more interesting you could choose a picture that didn't make it into your post or simply the one you like best from all those you posted.
The next big advantage is that on Facebook you can keep talking, and talking and talking without being limited to the 140 Twitter signs. You can thus use your Facebook page to share big news or make explanations you don't feel the need to write a whole blog post about. Also if you find a cute picture that isn't worth a post, just share it on Facebook! People will enjoy this extra inspiration from time to time.
Last but not least, Facebook is the social media page with the most supporters ever! Make this your advantage by inviting friends to like your page, advertising your blog and finding local bloggers so you can support each other.

2. Twitter
I must admit that I didn't get the sense behind Twitter for a really long time. I would only use it to share my latest blog posts and Instagram pics and that was about it. By now I think that using Twitter can be really fun and what I like most is sharing the latest news over there. So for example if I find some great item on sale somewhere I share the link. Like this I feel I make it useful for people to follow me on Twitter. 
Another gorgeous thing is to reward those people who really read your tweets. Why not make a little Twitter only giveaway where all people have to do is retweet your entry?
When it comes to Twitter the most important thing however is to tweet regularly so people know something is going on on your account. If you find it hard to tweet several times a day you could just sit down in the evening and think about one interesting fact to share with your followers. 

3. Instagram
Besides my blog, Instagram is my big online love. Again it's important to be active over there. I read that posting 1-3 pictures a day is perfect and even though I totally agree on that I mostly only manage to post a few pics a week.
The best part about Instagram for me is that you get to see personal pics which have been taken spontaneously. That's why you will rarely find pics I didn't take with my iPhone over there. I really don't like to see pics taken for your blog and even in the wrong size for Instagram over there. That's just not the sense of this app.
The third thing I like about Instagram is that people actually use hashtags over there and that they can help you find the most interesting pics and people. Often when I came home from a great event and posted a few pics, I saw totally unknown people liking my pics just because they where at this event, too and had found me via hashtag! However you shouldn't "abuse" this funtion! 3-5 hashtags are totally enough and you don't need to tag every single item on you picture!

These were my social media advices, what are yours? Which accounts to you use? Are there any social media pages you don't feel the need to try out?


  1. nice and interesting post i love instagram..i use facebook for my blog, but much less twitter

  2. Your tips are useful, I actually use much Facebook and less Twitter, I think I still have to learn or get how use it properly, just share my link posts there. I have Instagram account but still didnt activated it..I fear to have too many socials to manage and I like to be active in all. You know which is my love? Pinterest!:) Kisses! xo

  3. Nice useful tips! I am using the 3 now especially Facebook and Twitter for massive posting of links while Instagram are for random things; more personal like where I am heading to something like that. :)

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  4. Great info! My favorite is instagram, but youre so right about how important they all are!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  5. these posts you make are extremely good, you write super well and always give great tips! I use those three social networks and my favorite is instagram, just love it

  6. toller post :) finde fb seiten, die nur aus den exakt gleichen einträgen bestehen wie der blog auch nicht so spannend. ich versuche auch immer wieder inspiration oder was witziges einzubinden.

    und ooh ja instagram ist toll <3


  7. I find it so hard to keep up with my social media sites! I use my twitter for personal use rather than blog related things - I have a lot of work people on there so don't post links to my blog on it, but I do like following people with blogs and others to follow me because it's the best way to have conversations with people. There are a few bloggers I have regular conversations with, which would not have happened via just posting on each others blogs.

    Corinne x

  8. I agree with all you're saying. I think that Google+ will be major in the future too but let's see if that turns out to be true.

  9. Thanks so much for the great post with some tips! I am pretty horrible at social media myself! It just takes so much time that I already don't have. I use facebook and google + but I really should get on instagram as well soon! I am a little scared of twitter! LOL!


  10. These are very helpful and informative tips Carmen. As for me, I enjoy Instagram very much. I am more spontaneous there. I find twitter quite challenging but then I tweet whatever I find interesting and to share more updated news. Thank you for the tips.

  11. Great post and so true about not posting the same thing to all social media apps. I do not do this and to me it is common sense not but I have a graphic design degree which touched on marketing. I do not use FB but I use Twitter the most followed by Pinterest and Instagram

    Allie of Dressing Ken

  12. I'm not a facebook fan. I think I'll start using it as I grow. Twitter is so much fun. It takes up a lot of energy though!


  13. I'm the laziest person when it comes to twitter and facebook, I just cant think of anything smart to say that doesn't feel like i'm makign other people unconfortable!
    However, I'm all about instagram as you may have noticed... i think it's by far the best social network nowadays :) xx

    Hola Flo | Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  14. So nice :)


  15. Great post ^^


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  16. I used the same ones, though not much as it gets too overwhelming. x

  17. Hello dear,
    nice blog and great post! If you want, we can follow each other. Let me know, follow me and I will follow you back! :)

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  18. So ein ähnlichen Blogeintrag plane ich auch gerade : )
    Ist ja ein Zufall : D Das mit den 3 Bildern bei Instagram ist ein guter Tipp : D Danke : )

    Süße Grüße

  19. Nice !
    However, I make the choice to not use all those Social media because I have not the time !! :)


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