Beauty Empties: November

1 Redken all soft shampoo and conditioner 10ml
Rebuy it? No. Why? I got these as samples at my hairdresser and even though I can't say anything against the products I think that Redken is a bit too expensive. If however you're looking for a more professional shampoo and conditioner you could try these. 

2 Redken color extend after-sun shampoo 50ml
Rebuy it? No. Why? Even though I really like the idea of an after-sun shampoo I didn't have the possibility to use this one during summer a lot so I can't say whether it protects your hair colour or not. For the rest it's about the same as the products above. However I really like the typical "hairdresser-shampoo" smell of all three Redken products.

3 Goldwell big finish "4" 50ml
Rebuy it? No. Why? When it comes to hairspray I prefer those really light ones as in fact I don't use them to fix complex hairdos but just to add a little finish after straightening my hair. That's why this number 4 one was way to heavy and sticky for me.

4 Anatomicals deep cleansing mud mask 15ml
Rebuy it? Yes. Why? I applied this mask when I had a really hard time with pimples and I think it really worked somehow. Mud masks are the ones I prefer anyway so I will give this product another try when I come across it next.

5 Sephora instant moisturizer 4ml
Rebuy it? Yes. Why? I already totally adored my other Sephora face cream sample and this one was really good, too. I think I will buy the real size to be able to make a better review and really observe the effects. Who else of you uses Sephora face creams? Can you tell me more about your experiences?

So this was a rather short and not so exciting post as I only emptied sample size products this month. I hope that the one or other product was interesting for your nevertheless. If you do regular empties posts as well I would love to see them so send me your links!


  1. I have heard and read rather good experiences with Sephora products, though, I have not had the chance to try them out myself!
    Nice post, it is great to now your opinion on these products! :)


  2. I use so few products I'd have to have a 6-month empties.:) I like your reasoning for the decision not to repurchase those Redken items - sometimes the price is just as important as the quality. Or in my case, always.:D

  3. I will certainly stay away from Redken then. I do like Sephora creams and some of their other products; great value.

  4. I agree, Redken is a bit expensive. I've found drugstore products that are just fine.


  5. Hi Carmen, I'm curious to try the sephora moisturizer, it must be good. What a shame for Redken stuff, it always inspires me though! Kisses! xo

  6. the moisturizer from Sephora is absolutely amazing!♥ I also love their make-up base!:)


  7. Ich glaube Nr. 4 habe ich auch noch daheim rumliegen, muss ich endlich mal testen.

  8. Would love to try nº4! Adding it to my wishlist :)


  9. great things ♥

    Lieben Gruß
    Sarah Annabell

  10. Nice review, I want to try Redken products. Have a lovely weekend beauty :)


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