A Night to Remember

Last week I found a really pleasent surprise in my mail. It was a packet from my favourite drugstore dm and contained half of the products from the "A Night to Remember" limited edition from p2 for me to try out. I had read about the collection in their newsletter before so I was really curious to take a closer look at the products. First of all what did I get?

 be yourself! powder in 020 bright night
thrilling nightlife eye shadow in 010 princess of grace and queen of the night
blink of an eye paper lashes
sweetness of seduction lipgloss in 010 magnificent! and 040 marvelous!
secret of the night nail polish in 010 golden celebrity and 040 luxury miss
glamorous finish nail pearls

Today I will first of all talk about the make-up products and then take a closer look at the nail polish and nail pearls in my (next) "Manic(ure) Monday" post.

be yourself! powder in 020 bright night, 3,75€
As my Maybelline powder will be empty soon I'm quite happy about this product. I just hope it isn't too dark for my skin.

thrilling nightlife eye shadow in princess of grace, 2,75€
When it comes to the exact shade I must say that it's even whiter than on the picture. I also found it quite hard to apply this eye shadow as the result didn't really look even.

thrilling nightlife eye shadow in 040 queen of the night, 2,75€
When I saw this shade in the can I was pretty sure I would never use it as I hardly ever use green eye shadow. However I was pleased to see that it looked really dark, almost grey when applied so I will probably be able to wear it after all.

blink of an eye paper lashes, 2,65€
When it comes to these fake lashes I'm still thinking of an occasion where I could wear them. I think they're just too much for all the parties I will go to in the near future so I might just keep them for an awesome photo shooting.

sweetness of seduction lipgloss in 040 marvelous!, 2,95€
Usually I don't like lipgloss but this one was quite surprising. Even though the pink one looked quite unatural in the bottle it felt really good on my lips and I also liked how the colour turned out: flashy but yet surpisingly decent.

sweetness of seduction lipgloss in 010 magnificent!, 2,95€
This white/golden lipgloss seemed a bit strange to me as I never wear lipstick that it´s lighter tan my actual lip colour. It looked more sheer on my lips but still I don´t think I´m going to use this product much.

The whole collection will be available from November 28th to December 25th at dm-drogerie markt. Have you been able to take a look at the products? Which one would be your favourite?

All products in this post are PR samples.


  1. Oh, das ist ja toll!! Schöne Produkte, sieht super aus.

    Liebste Grüße

    Andrea von andysparkles
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  2. Shades are so pretty and I really like the lashes!


  3. I love the colours of the glosses!

  4. How cool you got the collection! I always read about this brand on blogs and I'm so curious to try it too since there isnt here where I live. The powder and the pink lipgloss are my favs. Kisses Carmen! xo

  5. Hallo liebe Carmen!
    ielen lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar. Ja du hast absolut Recht, ich liebe Zara Schuhe einfach, die haben immer so tolle elegante Designs. Ein Traum. Ja die Balea - Sachen verwende ich immer noch, finde sie auch sehr ergiebig und werde sie mir auch nachkaufen. Ev. dass ich auch weitere aus der Balea Serie probieren werde. Bin aber schon ganz zufrieden damit, wie es jetzt ist. Danke noch mal !

    Ein wirklich toller Post, in Österreich ist P2 leider total schwer zu bekommen und wenn man dann hinfährt sind die schönen Sachen oft nicht lagernd. Vor allem die 2 Lipglosse finde ich wirklich extrem schön, der golderne hat es mir echt angetan. Vielleicht hab ich ja das Glück und kann auch einen davon ergattern. Viele liebe Grüße !

  6. hi carmen..wow...amazing collection...i'm curious to try these products...

  7. Ooo paper lashes! Good luck with those! They look beautiful. But I think my favorite things in the set are the lip glosses. They look so pigmented!


  8. sooo pretty! I don't know this brand but looks like something I want to investigate more. the eyeshadows are stunning and I like the packaigng too :) xx

  9. Lovely goodies! The colours are perfect for the festive season. And I love these artistic lashes; would be interesting to see what they look like when worn.

  10. Awww, voll toll, dass du sie schon getestet hast! Ich habe mich auf den ersten Blick in diese LE verliebt, als ich sie in Karlsruhe gesehen habe. Nächsten Donnerstag wird der dm gestürmt haha!
    Allerliebste Grüße

  11. really nice stuff! nice blog.



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