Beauty Empties: November

1 Redken all soft shampoo and conditioner 10ml
Rebuy it? No. Why? I got these as samples at my hairdresser and even though I can't say anything against the products I think that Redken is a bit too expensive. If however you're looking for a more professional shampoo and conditioner you could try these. 


DIY: Last Minute Advent Calendar

After collecting my favourite beauty Advent calendars, I thought it would be cool to share some DIY calendar ideas as well. In fact his post isn't really about making your own Advent calendar (as it's already close to Advent and nobody ain't go time for that!, haha) but it's a little collection of available Advent calendars which you can fill with your own surprises. Of course you can also take these as inspirations for a real DIY Advent calendar, for example the one with the boxes could also be made of boxes you still have at home or you could sew some bags to make something like #3 (and I don't need to mention how easy it would be to make #5!). Personally I just bought something like #1 to fill it with sweets for my boyfriend. And even though I was too lazy to make a real DIY tutorial, I was not too lazy to collect 24 items under 24€ which you can use to fill your Advent calendar (DIY or not).

1 Karstadt 2 Galeria Kaufhof 3 Galeria Kaufhof 4 Butlers 5 Strauss


Henry Holland for MRP

If you don't know Henry Holland for his other work, you probably still remember his famous "straps" tights, right? Well, even if you don't, just let me say that he is a famous english designer who normally sells his House of Holland designs for around 100-500€. Now what if I told you that he created a range of dresses, inspired by some famous ladies such as Rihanna, Alexa Chung or Agyness Deyn and that you can get these for not more than 14€... Yes you heard right, 14! The dresses were made as a limited edition for Mr. Price, the South African version of Primark. Even though the e-mail about the cooperation only reached me a few hours ago, some of the dresses are already sold out so you better hurry up if you want to get one of the following (or the Alexa dress which isn't pictured):

Henry Holland for MRP

I was quite interested in the Kelly Osbourne dress but it seems to be sold out already. Which one is your favourite?


New In: Birthday Presents

So as I already mentioned yesterday my birthday was more than two weeks ago but I only celebrated with my family on Sunday. That is also why I have been waiting to show you the presents I got in order to have this post complete. Again my friends and family have come up with some really thoughtful and creative presents and I want to thank them, not only for the gifts but also for celebrating with me or simply sending me birthday wishes.


OOTD: Topshop Dress

This weekend I celebrated my birthday with my family (even though my birthday was already on November 11th but we didn't find an earlier date to get together). It was the perfect occasion to wear my new Topshop dress, which I had showed you in my last "new in" post. I really can't believe how flattering this dress is and the colour is of course amazing for the fall/winter season as well. Besides the new dress I'm also wearing new jewellery, at which you will be able to take a closer look in two upcoming posts. Besides from getting a few more birthday presents I enjoyed our get-together for the fact that I could simply sit down with my beloved ones and have fun (at the end of the day we all played Taboo, haha!). The highlight of the day was definitely the Louis Vuitton bag cake my mum had chosen for me. It was a huge surprise as I wanted to get such a cake for years but never actually told my mum about it!


Manic(ure) Monday: Luxury Miss

On Saturday I have already written a post about the p2 limited edition "A Night to Remember" make-up. Today it is time to also say a few words about the first nail polish I got: 040 Luxury Miss. It is a vivid metallic purple and even though I normally don't use much metallic nail polish colours I came to like this one.


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A Night to Remember

Last week I found a really pleasent surprise in my mail. It was a packet from my favourite drugstore dm and contained half of the products from the "A Night to Remember" limited edition from p2 for me to try out. I had read about the collection in their newsletter before so I was really curious to take a closer look at the products. First of all what did I get?


Room Nine Christmas Warm Up

I already told you that I went to the Room Nine Christmas party yesterday evening. Now you're probably wondering what Room Nine is, right? Well, it's a concept store and probably the coolest shop Bonn has to offer. (In case you forgot, Bonn is the German city where I'm studying and living at the moment.) That said I should probably also explain what is so special about the store. First of all they have all the cool and trendy stuff you see on the Internet but never actually find in your home town. Besides clothes, shoes and accessories they also sell books, kitchen supplies, beauty products and decoration. French Connection and Maison Scotch are just two of the labels they have to offer. All of this stuff however isn't being sold in one single but in 4(!) stores that are all close to each other. It's the Room Nine street, haha! The 4 stores are divided into "Shoes & Fashion", a sale area, the concept store and a proper Room Nine outlet. And as if this weren't enough all 4 stores are of course brilliantly decorated with vintage, girly, playful, elegant and cosy details. But instead of talking let me demonstrate:


Royal Cupcakes

Phew, today was such a crazy and stressful day! I only just came home but I wanted to share some first pictures of this day with you. In fact I've been to so many places that I can't believe I did it all in less than 12 hours!


A Kate Spade Cocktail Party

With the holiday season approaching the time for festivities and parties has begun. I have been the host of some little parties with friends myself but I never had the possibility to host a super chic cocktail party. However that would be a lovely idea for a New Year's Eve party, right? When browsing the Kate Spade NY online shop earlier today I saw that they are having some super cute party supplies and even a special "Champagne Collection". Here are my favourites for a successful get-together (dressing up included!):


The Hand Cream Battle*

A few weeks ago, Mireille has launched a product test via the German "Blogger-Forum". Bloggers could apply for either a set of 3 lip balms or 3 hand creams, which Mireille purchased with her own money and sent to us. I decided to review the hand creams as I don't use lip balms that often anymore. Last week the parcel with my hand creams arrived, together with some beauty samples and yummy chocolates. Instead of a nomal review, where I would simply talk about the pros and the cons of each product, I decided to make a "hand cream battle" and choose a winner at the end. I will now list all the properties I evaluated and then distribute them to the accordant cream:


Manic(ure) Monday: New in Town

Lately I've been getting a lot of newsletters introducing limited beauty collections. Mostly the items I like best are the nail polishes and nail art supplies and today I want to show you 4 must have nailista collections.


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Fair Fashion

We all heard about scandals in the fashion industry regarding the use of toxic chemicals, child labour or overworked and underpaid employees in Third World Countries and others. Often it's hard to know what to do against these bad conditions and how to protect ourselves and others. There are a lot of big brands we trust in and as long as their clothes are cheap we're happy but often we don't think about what these prices imply. However the price isn't necessarily the only reference point because most probably your designer jeans has been fabricated with toxic chemicals as well. With this post I don't want to force you to go totally green (because I'm far away from it myself) but there are some things all of us can do that aren't even that hard!

1. Buy clothes that have a good quality so you can be sure you'll wear them as long as possible.
2. Make sure to recycle your old clothes, for example by bringing them back to your local H&M or upgrading them yourself.
3. Pay a little attention to what you hear about several brands and try not to support the really bad boys.
4. Shop at thrift stores or flea markets more often.
5. Even though you probably think they are super cool, try not to buy distressed jeans, they are absolutely bad for the health of the factory workers.
6. Buy more sustainable, fair trade clothes made from organic cotton. Here are some of the places where to shop nice sustainable fashion:

Asos has "a range of environmentally friendly textiles and supports fair trade principles and traditional craftsmanship". Read more about it here.

It seems like H&M wants to do more and more to support sustainable fashion and besides their garment collecting, they also launch conscious collections regularly and use more and more organic cotton.

This is a brand I only discovered recently and I think their clothes are really cute. They are absolutely ecology-minded and probably do anything you can do to support fair fashion. 

What do you guys do to make fashion industry a better trade? Do you know other gorgeous fair trade fashion labels?


Shopping in Düsseldorf

As I already told you yesterday, I went to Düsseldorf on Tuesday. I had never been to this German city but I had heard that it's quite a good place for shopping. Luckily Düsseldorf is not far away from the city where I study and so my friend and I could simply go there by train which only took us about one hour.


New In: Topshop, The Body Shop and more

Over the last weeks a bit of stuff has been accumulating and it was about time for this huge haul. Besides from stocking up on a few necessities and getting some freebies, I have also been shopping in Düsseldorf yesterday. It was a really pleasant experience and I might write a more detailed post about the city and the various shopping possibilities during the next days.


Personalized Jewellery. A girl can dream, right?

We probably all know the famous "Carrie" necklace from SATC. I own one myself in the original font and of course in silver. The personalized jewellery I want to show you today is not the usual "everybody can get it" wish list jewellery, but it's more for... like... dreaming. Some time ago I discovered a jewellery brand called Thea (by Emilie Duchene) and I loved every single piece I saw. When I found their stuff in a magazine I wasn't aware of the prices, which go from about 580€ to 2500€. And even if most of us won't ever have enough money to simply spend 2500 on a bracelet, I want to show you the pieces nevertheless so you can indulge yourself in their beauty. (Don't worry, I put a link to some cheaper alternatives at the end, too!)

name necklace bracelet ring

Have you seen the 'marry me' bracelet? It's a special concept for men to have a creative way to propose marriage. What do you think about this cute piece of jewellery?

No 'marry me' but therefore name necklaces and other jewellery is available via My Name Necklace or Names for Ever (with whom I have been collaborating before).

Do you already have a personalized piece of jewellery? Maybe with your name or as a sign of your relationship with another person?


Manic(ure) Monday: Golden Birthday Girl

A few weeks ago I got a new nail polish, which I set aside just for my birthday, which is today, yaay!. In fact I didn't want to buy new nail polish any time soon but this one was a special top coat I had been lusting after for a longer time: a gold top coat. The gold leaves looked a bit strange in the bottle, rather greenish, but when I saw them applied on a swatch I knew I need to have the top coat. In store they combined it with a white, shiny nail polish and it looked so cool that I tried to recreate the look:


Clothes and Camera's Birthday +Giveaway!*

Wow, it seems to me like I've only just written my first blogiversary post and I can still remember sitting on my desk, writing my first blog post two years ago. 2 years of blogging... time flies when you have fun, haha. I hope you guys still have fun with me and my blog as well! I feel like I get a better idea of how I want this blog to look like with every post I write. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the work but as I enjoy what I do, I would never complain. Just like last year, I want to share a few stats and facts with you:


Laurèl Store Opening Cologne

Yesterday evening I went to the opening of the new Laurèl flagship store in Cologne, which was organized by the German magazine Grazia. The places were limited so I was lucky to see the invitation really quickly and apply for the event. The atmosphere was really overwhelming, with pretty decoration, yummy finger food, MAC artists, polaroid pictures,... After about one hour, all the invited celebrities arrived, too and even though they were just German newscasters and wannabe celebrities it was fun seeing so many at one event. I must admit that I had barely known the brand before and of course the creations are way too expensive for a student like me but I liked their clothes and I even got a 50€ voucher in my goodie bag which I might redeem nevertheless (for that collar in the last picture). Also the other content of the goodie bag was quite cool, with a MAC lip liner, a Laurèl notebook and more vouchers for various stores.


Tried and Tested: Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil

Fructis Wunder-öl hitzeschutz pflege

After a little bit of research on the internet, I found out that a very similar product to the one I will be reviewing is being sold in various countries and that Garnier is even known in the USA. This was important for me to know before writing this review as I try to only feature internationally interesting products which most of my readers could theoretically purchase. Also I should clarify that there are several versions of this product which you can find on the internet or in stores. The product I will now be talking about is the "Miraculous Oil" ("Wunder-Öl" in German) with argan oil and a 230°C heat protection. There are Miraculous Oils without heat protection so try not to confound them (for the sake of your hair!). As a third and last introductory point I also want to mention that this product was kindly offered to me by the Garnier Blogger Academy I'm lucky enough to be a member of. However the oil wasn't a review sample but rather a welcome gift for signing up to their blogger program. So this is not a sponsored review but I just decided to write about the oil as I really like the concept and I'm quite convinced by the product. Now after all this said, let's start off with the actual review:


Blogger's Secret: Mastering Social Media


If you have a blog you can hardly skip social media pages and apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Those are also the three I use most and lately I felt like I want those profiles to be more than just possibilities to follow my blog. If I like a blog and want to keep up with the posts, I follow on Bloglovin and I don't feel the need to get the same updates on all my social media pages as well. What makes it interesting for people to follow you via social media profiles is that they can discover something new on every page which they didn't know from your blog before. That's why I tried to find 3 advices that might help you (and me) to improve our social media pages and make it more interesting for our followers to keep up with us over there.


Finding Boots

I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only girl who keeps looking for new boots every winter and always has a hard time finding the right pair. As you might have seen on my Instagram I "already" got a lovely pair for this winter and I can't wait to show it to you in a proper picture. If you're still looking for your winter boots then this post is just for you. I featured what I think are the three most sought-after models: classic heel boots, overknees and biker boots. I know that overknees are the Lady Gagas among shoes: some love them and some hate them for their eccentricity. I must say that I used to hate them when they first became popular, but now totally love them (well there are a lot of ugly pairs, too...). The thing with me and overknees is just that my legs are too, well...generous to fit into these slim pipes. Sad but true, haha! Oh, in case you're wondering why I didn't add links: these boots are all available via Zalando.


Manic(ure) Monday: 50 Shades of Fall

Today I have a post for those of you who love classic (and maybe also not so classic) nail polishes and who aren't into nail arts that much. As I mentioned several times, fall is my absolute favourite season when it comes to fashion and beauty because of the predominant colours. Therefore I tried to decided which are my favourite nail polishes for fall (which is quite hard when you have as many as I do) and I'm now presenting them to you:


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Monthly Must Haves: Birthday Edition

Yaaay, this month it's my 22nd birthday and I'm really excited! My boyfriend already got my present and I can't wait to see what it is as he has a really good taste when it comes to presents. So as this is a special edition post I won't be talking about the newest products or temporary crushes but things I would be really happy to get as a present right now.


Trick or Treat?

spooky cute halloween cookies cupcakes

One last Halloween post for this year, promised! I hope you had a nice and spooky evening yesterday. I spent the day baking cute and creepy treats with my sister and we were so proud of them that I simply didn't want to keep them away from you. The cupcake recipes have been taken from a cupcake cookbook and for the cookies I got some inspiration from this post (post no longer exists).

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