OOTD: Wannabe Rockstar

You guys know that my style can't really be described as it changes from outfit post to outfit post but from all the possible descriptions I would have never said that any of my outfits was anything close to rock chic. I don't wear black all over that often anymore (I used to in primary school), I prefer anything girly and often also pastel and even though I would love to own a pair of ripped jeans, I'm really not a band shirt person. Today however my inner rocker piped up and absolutely wanted to wear that black sequin vest (which I last wore when I turned 18). I didn't dress up out of no reason as I'm going to a Passenger concert tonight and even if he isn't what you would call a typical rockstar, I found the occasion quite matching nevertheless and I must admit that I feel quite well in this bad girl all black outfit with my messy out of bed hairdo.

 Outfit: dress, sequin vest, striped tights, heart ring - H&M, shoes - Pronti

What do you think? Would you even consider this outfit as rock chic or is too lame for you?


  1. You look super cool, love the vest! The last photo is just adorable! xo

  2. I like it and that sparkling vest is perfect.


  3. aww Carmen! Lovely look. I really love how you styled your hair here. I definitely think you should do more outfits with your hair like this. :)


  4. Haha so glad sequins are back in style - your vest is absolutely adorable! Very rocker chic! And wow, you're going to a Passenger concert? Jealous! I love him - he's amazing!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. Total rock star and so gorgeous. I love your hair like that and your legs look so amazing in those tights. Wow!

  6. I totally love your hair! Great dress and amazing vest. Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Love how you changed your inner rockstar, you do it better than some of the actual ones! Love this sassy dress.

  8. You look gorgeous! I love your makeup :) xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  9. Great style sweetie ! I love your jacket and your tights are beautiful :)


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