Monthly Must Haves: October

1 H&M - Don't you think the embroideries look fantastic?
2 H&M - I've wanted a fake leather skirt for ages, maybe this season I will finally get one...
3 H&M - This belt is a dream! If I happen to find it in a store I'm so gonna try it!
4 H&M - I need new boots and these knee-high babies are just so sexy and versatile!

5 Deichmann - I really like this Timberland style. These are the perfect cheap alternative... and even on sale!
6 Deichmann - I bet these go perfectly with your favourite Isabel Marant for H&M piece!
7 H&M - I totally adore the colour and clasp detail of these.

8 H&M - This one is just too cute... If I didn't already own two white fake fur vests I would totally buy this one!
9 H&M - I totally adore these preppy vests, I just wish they were a bit cheaper...
10 H&M - Bomber jackets are totally popular right now and this quilted version is even cooler!
11 H&M - Even better than the quilted bomber jacket: the quilted skirt! It must be so cosy and warm...

12 H&M - Really elegant with a fun fringe detail. Unfortunately you need a perfect body for this dress...
13 H&M - I've wanted to have a fake fur like this for years but it's not really wearable in my everyday life...
14 H&M - This little jacket doesn't really match the other autumn stuff but I found it on sale and I thought it was pretty cool nevertheless!

15 H&M - I'm a sucker for nice blazers and I totally adore these cute details on the shoulders.
16 H&M - This has got to be my new dream bag! It totally reminds me of Proenza Schouler bags and if it weren't that expensive I would immediately get it!
17 Zalando - I quite like the sheer detail of these boots but unfortunately they are a bit too bold for my style.

It looks like all you need to get me this season is black, white and H&M. In fact I prefer brown, red and other warm colours for autumn but these pieces are just too gorgeous to resist either. What is on your wish list at the beginning of this new season? Is there any piece you discovered over here and now need to check out?


  1. I want everything, especially all the items from the first set. Kisses! xo

  2. I am in love with that 1st jacket as well! Maybe I should get it afterall!


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  4. Yes, I sure did!:D I have to check out that leather skirt and the white tassel dress. I was just in H&M and I haven't seen either, damn it! But I did get the cropped black top with long sleeves, I think it has endless potential. Or at least I hope so.:)

  5. Da hast du echt schöne Sachen ausgesucht, ich mag vor allem die schwarzen Boots von H&M!

    Liebste Grüße

    Andrea von andysparkles
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  6. I love all of them especially that blazer with the intricate detailing on the shoulders!
    The Lovely Memoir

  7. Nice, especially the dress!


  8. I like the black h&m boots! Currently looking for a pair.

  9. The belt is so awesome and fun! definitely a statement piece!

  10. I saw that fake leather skirt in H&M and it's gorgeous :) xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  11. I want long boots for Automn ! Your selection is perfect, first jacket is beautiful :)

  12. love the black high knee boots... totally sexy!! ;) xx


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