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Last week I saw on their Facebook page that the German Lush shops were offering to individually familiarize you with their new winter and Christmas products so I took the chance and made an appointment for today. After participating in a "Lush VIP breakfast" and getting my hair dyed at their shop, my local Lush isn't unknown for me at all and I have been able to try many of their products (either at home or in their shop). However I was really intrigued by their winter products and wanted to learn more about them so I packed my camera (in order to be able to share my experience with you) and entered the flavoursome and colourful beauty heaven. Here are the products I was able to take a photo of, together with their name, a short explanation and the price:

1. Magic Wand, bubble bath which you can use several times by just spinning it around the water, 8,95€
2. Sunny Side, really glittery bubble bar that makes your bath water look like liquid gold, 6,45€

 3. Melting Snowman, bath melt and if you ask me cutest Lush product ever, 3,95€

 4. The Christmas Penguin, a bubble bath so popular that there were only 4 left in store, 5,45€

 5. Shoot for the Stars, most colourful bath bomb that makes you feel like bathing in a work of art, 5,95€

 6. Golden Wonder, bath bomb with a surprise inside..., 5,95€

 7. Rudolph, fresh face mask with a red nose to put on your nose, haha!, 10,45€

8. Angel's Delight, soap with glitter, 5,95€/100g
9. Snow Globe, soap with an incredibly fresh and lemony smell, 5,95€/100g

 10. Snow Fairy, an all time favourite and extremely sweet shower gel, 6,95€/1000ml

 11. Ponche, a Tequila inspired shower gel (but don't try to drink it, tee-hee), 8,95€/100ml

 12. Snow Fairy Sparkle, a really rich massage bar which made my skin look moisturized immediately and even contains some glitter (what do we want more?), 8,95€

 13. Santa´s Lip Scrub, who doesn't love lips scrubs you can eat after using them? This one is the Christmas edition, 9,95€

 14. Sandy Santa, another favourite in appearance and guess what? The lovely shop assistant gave me one for free so I can try it at home!, 7,95€

I think the concept of the Sandy Santa is just brilliant as it's both body butter and sugar scrub. Scrub and rich care have always been my favourite beauty combinations but none of the products I tried so far looked as cute as this one. This year the Sandy Santa newly contains coconut oil which I really appreciate as coconut oil is one of the best oils you can use for your skin. The smell is a bit sweet but in fact rather decent which is totally okay as well. I'm primary going to use this one for my hands but I won´t miss out on a whole body scrub either.

So that was it for the winter products I got to know but there are many more to discover so just head to your local Lush store or check the new products online. (In case you aren't in the mood for Christmas yet, they also have fun Halloween products to discover.) Which are your Lush favourites? Are there products you wish they would sell all year? I haven´t decided which winter product I like best but I'm probably going to get the Melting Snowman as it´s just too cute and not too expensive.


  1. Good choice, nice inspiration.

  2. LOVE Lush products - they're seriously the best! I really should go down and check out their holiday collections - these look amazing!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. i think lush is an amazing brand...i always do christmas gifts there

  4. Their winter stuff is just to die for, I want to grap everything! How nice that the shop assistant gave you a Sandy Santa, is the thing I loved most! xo

  5. Oooh wie toll, jetzt hast du es geschafft mich zum Geld ausgeben anzustiften - ich muss unbedingt demnächst mal wieder ins Lush gehen!!

    Liebste Grüße

    Andrea von andysparkles
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  6. So adorable ! I love those original products, I must to try it :)

  7. I haven't shopped at Lush for ages!
    If I was free tomorrow, I would have stopped by Belle Etoile, but unfortunately I'm not. Hope you'll write a post about it and share pics!

  8. Lush always releases great xmas collections! I want the melting snowman... looks so cute... and enjoy your Sandy Santa! ;) xx

  9. I could go to this store and leave bankrupt, everything is so adorable! How cute are those penguins! The glitter bar looks so lovely too. Thanks for your visit...I am currently away and will be back to blogging on Friday.

  10. These products look so unique and adorable. It must be a fun place to shop.

  11. I've never used anything by Lush, we don't get the brand in my country unfortunately. But maybe that's a good thing because if I walked into their store, I might get carried away and start eating all these things, everything looks so delicious!:D That colorful bath bomb must be heaven... And I'd definitely get that tequila shower gel!!!


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