DIY: Halloween Special

Even though it seems to me like October has only just begun, we're rushing towards its last day: Halloween. I've always loved this festivity and while I stayed up late to watch Halloween special cartoons when I was a kid, I threw a super cool Halloween party with my friends last year. This year I'm still not sure what I'm going to do, maybe I'll rather come back to my childhood habits than organize another party. That's why I will probably not get really creative at Halloween decoration and DIYs myself but I saw a few awesome tutorials which I wanted to share with you, just in case you want to turn this year's Halloween into something really big:

1. Chic No-Carve Pumpkins via Brit+Co.
Aren't these just too pretty?! I'm intrigued by both versions, especially the black and white one would be gorgeous for pumpkins that don't look as good anymore.

2. Ghost Milkshakes via A Beautiful Mess
I love the idea of using chocolate to decorate jars from the inside. I've used this method for my Oreo milkshakes here.

3. Halloween Paper Bags via Titatoni
Trick or Treat, anyone? Even if in your country there won't be any kids knocking at your door, this would be a nice gift for Halloween party guests.

4. Halloween Cookies via Julias Backstube
Since I have been together with my boyfriend, we had this urge to bake cookies around Halloween every single year (and we've been together for almost 5 years now!). I don't know why we always start thinking about our Christmas cookies in October but we always had the problem that we don't have any cookie cutters for Halloween and we didn't already want to start with stars and Christmas tree shapes. That's why this year I finally ordered Halloween cookie cutters (a pumpkin, a cat and a bat) and as soon as I get them, I will try to make the cookies below as they look just too cute!

5. Swan Dress Costume via A Beautiful Mess
While Halloween costumes aren't a big matter where I live, I know that they play a huge role at US Halloween parties. If you dare to sew a costume yourself then I'm sure you will impress everybody with this swan dress!

6. LED Headbands via Brit+Co.
What's better than LEDs at a cool party? Halloween LED headbands of course! I want the cat ears, please.

7. Halloween Printables via A Beautiful Mess
Make your Halloween party even more unique with these free printables for bottles and cupcakes!

What are your plans for Halloween? Do you know any other spooky DIY tutorials?


  1. The milkshakes and the cookies are so cute! Even though Im Italian I always enjoy this festivity too! xo

  2. amazing ideas! I love Halloween because is my bday hehe
    giveaway on our blog, hope that you can join it :)


  3. Great Halloween inspiration!

  4. Loving these DIY ideas Carmen! Halloween is my favorite holiday:)!

  5. Such a lovely photos!

    xx Mounia

  6. You've got such an amazing blog! UGH!
    Love it!

    Ru|Glitter & Blush

  7. I've never been a huge Halloween girl but these are some awesome decor ideas :) Especially loving the milkshakes!


  8. Halloween, ach, ich finds SO schade, dass das fast niemand bei uns kennt/ feiert! Ich will mich unbedingt verkleiden, habe aber noch keine richtige Idee.. Super DIY's, die Pumpkins vor allem!

  9. We don't celebrate Halloween here in Safrica, but these ideas are too cute to pass up, who knew Bjork's swan dress would become a costume! Striped and bedazzled pumpkins! Now I have seen it all. Thanks for your kind visit ... Happy Friday Doll!

  10. Wow, creative ideas. Swan dress and Halloween cookies are great.

  11. thanks for sharing, i really need an idea atm xx

  12. Ist das alles so cool! Tolle Inspirationen.

  13. I love Halloween ! Great inspirations sweetie ! :)
    Have a lovely weekend :)

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  15. I love the black and white pumpkins! Not a traditional looks but very elegant. Oh, and the bat cookies!


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