Blogger's Secret: Trying to Get Famous (3 Advices)

Being a blogger isn't always easy. I mean in fact it should be. It should be fun and easy and you should enjoy doing it. Depending on why you started blogging however, you set yourself goals which may be more or less realistic. Maybe you started your blog as a purely aimless hobby, to do something fun in your free time but then in the course of blogging you saw what is possible and what other people have reached with the help of their blog. Suddenly you start to compare yourself to others and all at once you start wondering why you haven't had cooperation partners or why you haven't been attending a single blogger meet up. There are a lot of bloggers who have reached a certain level of celebrity but nowadays there are just too many blogs in order to make all of us little starlets.
If you enjoy your blog just the way it is, have fun writing it all the time and are purely happy about your status as a blogger then that's fine and you're really enviable no matter how many followers you have. If however you feel like you haven't reached what you wanted to reach as a blogger and if you have times where you feel that you should blog and not that you can blog whenever you want to, then you're just like me. I'm a really ambitious person when it comes to certain things and I haven't always been thankful enough about what I've reached so far. Therefore this post is not just for you, but it´s also for me as most of the tips I'll now be sharing are some that I need to consider as well.

First of all I tried to find some reasons why we shouldn't be too sad about not being like Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, Andy Torres and all of the other designer muses:

1. Being famous can be really hard at some points. People want to know everything about your private life and don't you ever dare to break up with your boyfriend or otherwise there will be hundreds of girls who will officially hate you for letting that hottie go (I just say Chiara Ferragni and Richardo Pozzoli).
2. The more successful you are, the more haters show up. This is a really sad truth but that's just how it is, not only in the blogging business. How can you ever truly enjoy your success when there are thousands of bad karma comments on your blog and social media profiles each day?
3. Being much sought-after must be a horribly stressful job. Heading from one fashion week show to the other, visiting 20 countries in one year and doing the splits between store openings and photo shoots can't be good for your health (and we're not even talking about the consequences on your social life!)

However seeing the bad aspects won't let us forget the good ones, right? Invitations to every fashion week show, birthday presents from Louis Vuitton, freebies from your favourite brands, endless magazine articles, amazing welcome pastries in the world´s best hotels, millions of pages views every day, 10.000 followers in one year,... And yet complaining won´t bring us any further. Let's all try to be a bit more positive about what we do and try the following tips in order to reach our goals, no matter how small or big they are.

1. Your problem: You haven't had any cooperation partner so far. The possible solution: First of all let me say that having cooperation partners is not the measure of all things. At the beginning I thought it is but then I learned that cooperations aren´t always positive, that I shouldn't sell myself at less than fair value and that not all the things people offer me match my style or even my blog. Cooperation offers will come quicker than you think but if you can't wait all you have to do is reach out to potential brands yourself. This can be quite sobering when you contact random or too successful brands, though. The best thing would be to start off contacting brands you have seen cooperating with other bloggers that are on your level. Just take a look at the sidebars of some local blogs and you will see which brands they have teamed up with.

2. Your problem: You haven't been to any blogger event or meet up. The possible solution: Blogger events can be really gorgeous as they were specially made for people like you. Blogger meet ups are a great way to find some blogging friends which can be more important than you may think. If you're all alone out there, life as a blogger can be hard but if you have some friends who always come back to your blog, mention your blog from time to time or help you to get great projects going, your traffic will surely rise. Blogrolls can play an important role as well and even if I still haven't got one myself I have been thinking about getting one, now that there are more and more bloggers I know in real life. This kind of networking could also be the solution to your blogger event problem. Simply keep asking fellow bloggers about the latest events and about how they got their invitation. Sometimes it´s all about asking and being persistent. There was a great blogging event around your place this year but you weren't invited? No problem! Simply save the date for next year and make early researches concerning the event and conditions. Even though this sounds good in theory I haven't been to any blogger event so far myself. I could have gone to one last month but I was too shy, too lazy and too resigned so it's my fault. Don't make the same mistakes as I did, be flexible and dare to get in contact!

3. Your problem: Your blog is totally unknown and you have never been featured anywhere. The possible solution: There are so many bloggers who have been featured in newspaper or magazine articles which is definitely one of the aspects about blogging I envy most. If you take a closer look at these interviews smaller bloggers have been giving, then you see a lot of local media going on. I mean you can't expect to be featured in Glamour UK if you live in Switzerland. If you want to advise the journalists of your blog you should thus start with smaller local magazines or newspapers that have a lifestyle or even fashion/beauty column. If you don't want to impose yourselves there are still many other ways to make a first step towards a press presence. First of all you can try to be featured on other blogs. There are always bloggers who do blog presentations and they are a first attempt to call attention to your blog. A next possibility would be to check the web pages of some fashion/beauty/lifestyle magazines as they sometimes give the possibility to be part of their community and thus give you the chance to be featured. For example the German magazines Glamour and Jolie give you the opportunity to upload your outfit for a chance to be featured in their next issue and the magazine Joy even has a special online column for bloggers where they can write articles about stuff they like.

Besides these advices there is one really important thing you should consider all the time: try to give your best! Don't post in order to post but try to create high quality content your readers could be interested in. Don't write anything you wouldn't want to read yourself. Be sure that you still stand by your posts after everybody has forgotten about them (I know that's a hard point and I'm still working on that one myself).
Last but not least let's not forget that blogging should be fun, that it should be about ourselves and what we like so don't let anything ruin your mindset, enjoy what you do and celebrate the little achievements!

I know this was a lot of writing but if you managed to read through all of it I would love to hear your opinion. What have you been doing to become a little more famous? What are your blogging goals? What do you think is the magic ingredient that makes a blog successful nowadays?


  1. Nice nice post! I have learned something. :) Thank you.

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

  2. Hi Carmen, Ive enjoyed your thoughts about blogging and you find me agreed with you. When I started last year I honestly didnt know how to do or what really want to aim it (well still now lol) but I learnt so much from blogging and from other blogger-colleagues. I think the point is always doing if only if it makes you feel happy and have fun, sometimes events or meet up are expensive to partecipate and not everyone could afford it (you think I live in an island and should take a plane to reach all the cities where actually events take place, my city is still so far from the blog mentality). Btw, I enjoy your posts and blogs, I think you are doing a great job over here and you have to feel really proud of it:) Kisses! xo

  3. Interesting. Great day.


  4. I agree about the cooperation! It doesn't hurt to send an email :)


  5. Omfg... This topic... It's a pain in my butt. I don't want to be famous, in fact I hate the idea, I'd just really really like to one day be able to live off my writing (or my blogging), that's why I have to stress about followers and blogger meet ups and social media and all the bullshit I couldn't really care less about. But.:) I've been thinking a lot lately about the 3rd problem you presented - how do blogs get featured in media??? I'm 99,5 % sure the bloggers themselves contact the magazines and sites, a lot of small blogs have appeared in Slovene media recently and I'm like how the fuck that happened?! But the thought of imposing myself... I'd rather shoot myself in the knee.:) I don't know, I just fucking hate this shit and you know what? I hate comments like the one above mine too. For fucks sake!

    On another note, have a lovely day, sweetie.:D

    1. Two comments above mine, I wrote mine for so long, Absolutely Average posted her first.:)

  6. hello carmen that interesting post ... I just started more than a year, and I did not know and do not know where I'm going , but every day I learn so many new things , my style and way of dressing changes always wearing what pleases me .. I know many people think that during the fashion week in an emerging designer gave me during a press day a purse of more than 1000 euro , I was surprised , I did not know that for many it was the norm, and then I made some fottografo photo with a professional ... that I can not wait to show you ... so many things have happened that I never expected , should always continue to improve so i do not know but it is a wonderful experience !

  7. I loved reading your encouraging article. I know some people get discouraged with blogging as it isn't turning out the way they imagined. Great that you listed the pros and cons on being a famous blogger. I really love to blog and really never compare myself to others as we are all different and unique!


  8. excellent tips dear, you write very well! these are precious advice

  9. Auf nem Blogger Event war ich noch nie, das wäre mal ne coole Sache!

  10. wow.. such an in-depth post! thanks for sharing this. :D

    Animated Confessions

  11. love the way you write.... amazing tips dear!
    Kisses from Miami,

  12. Ich finde es super, dass du so einen Post geschrieben hast. Als ich damals angefangen habe zu bloggen, hatte ich gar keine Ahnung, wie man soetwas erreicht. Zum Glück kam das alles irgendwie von alleine ;)
    Super geschrieben! xo


  13. Yes Carmen you get it as always!! Very nice to read you :)

  14. beautiful my dear!!!


  15. hi carmen...really great advices...love blogging...and every day I learn something more to make a good job...
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!

  16. Great post ! I don't want to be famous, my blog is just a place to share my passion ! :)

  17. Hallo liebe Carmen,
    sehr schöner Post! Finde ich gut, dass dich mit solchen Fragen auseinandersetzt! Und wie schade, dass schon wieder eine Chance vergeht, dass wir uns in echt kennenlernen!

    Ich finde es auch wichtig, dass man nach einer gewissen Zeit des Bloggens für sich festlegt, wo man damit eigentlich hin will. Ab wann ist ein Hobby kein Hobby mehr? Ab wann ist man nicht mehr authentisch? Das spielt da ja alles mit rein. Für mich stellte sich diese Frage, als plötzlich die ersten Anfragen für Kooperationen kamen. Da habe ich festgelegt (und das war mir auch vorher schon klar gewesen): Mein Blog ist ein Hobby und damit mache ich kein Geld. Also schalte ich auch keine Werbung in Form von Bannern oder so. Ich denke, meine ehrliche Meinung in den einzelnen Posts, in denen ich die Produkte oder Firmen dann ja auch verlinke, sind viel aussagekräftiger als ein Werbebanner, der - wenn es Überhand nimmt - auch den Blick für das Wesentliche auf dem Blog versperrt.

    Liebe Grüße und weiter so!

  18. Schöner Post : D Ich freue mich sehr über meine Follower aber möchte natürlich auch mehr haben : ) Es ist schön, dass du auch mal die negativen Details aufgezählt hast : ) Die übersieht man ja meist und ist traurig, dass man so tolle Sachen nicht machen kann, weil man so unsichtbar ist.


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