Anne's Kitchen: Book Presentation

If you are neither Luxembourgish nor from Great Britan, you might at least know Anne from my first post about her. She's a Luxembourgish journalist and now lives in London where she writes a food blog. By now she has her own TV show and today her first cookbook has been released. The book presentation was in Luxembourg so I went there with my sister to buy her book, get a signature and try some of her yummy food. We had the chance to have a little chat with Anne and she's just such a lovely person! I'm surely going to try the one or the other recipe from her book soon and of course share it with you. For now I just have some pics of the presentation and the cookbook.

If you want to know more about Anne, try some of her recipes, watch her TV show episodes (in Luxembourgish) or even buy her cookbook (available in English and German) I can only recommend to take a look at her lovely blog. Oh and if you do so don't forget to tell me which is your favourite recipe so that I know which one I should try first!


  1. Such a great event: the food looks yummylicious! Would have been great to meet her and learn about her experience as a blogger!

  2. That looks like a perfect event.


  3. Ahhh this looks like such an amazing event ! Looks like tons of fun (and deliciousness!)


  4. such a cool event.... she looks COMPLETELY different in the book's pictures than in the pictures you took of her on the event though...
    the food looks delish

  5. Wish I could go to that presentation, everything seems so lovely!

  6. I remember her from your post Carmen, glad you managed to go to the presentation. Seems it was very nice and full of fummy treats! xo

  7. I love the sound of her book, I like collecting recipe books and this one seems adorable!

  8. Aww her style is adorable - I'll check out her book. You're so lucky you got to go to such a fun event!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes


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