Ain't Louis without Marc?

If some years ago you would have asked me who my favorite designer is I wouldn't have known what to answer. I mean there are collections you like and collections you dislike but these vary from brand to brand and from season to season so having an all time favorite designer can be quite complicated. I also think that this notion should be accompanied by a sentiment for that person's personality because in fact I don't speak of my favorite hairdresser when she's an arrogant bitch just because she does a good job, right? Now to make a long story short: nowadays I can proudly claim that Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer. Besides from the good job he has been doing at Louis Vuitton (for example do you remember the Louis Vuitton Express from the Fall/Winter '12-'13 collection?) I also totally love the playful Marc by Marc Jacobs products (I never had more crushes for any other designer brand and I'm still craving for the famous mouse flats!). When it comes to him as a person I can't stop thinking about how cool he is! He doesn't take himself too seriously (the Spongebob tattoo and the pink dress say enough, right?), he seems to be really likeable (I think of the Coke light commercial), and let's not forget that this man looks really hot! If he weren't gay I would be in love by now, tee-hee.
Now what's the reason for my eulogy on Marc? In fact it's some news you may already have heard of: Marc Jacobs will be leaving Louis Vuitton. For some people this may be shocking news but I can't really complain. In fact I could never totally identify with the brand (for reasons which include many wannabe people with just as many Louis Vuitton monogram bags). Now you're probably wondering what else Marc Jacobs will be doing from now on, right? Well that's the really good part of the news because it says that he will be concentrating more on his own brand (which probably also includes my beloved MBMJ). So even if you think that there ain't Louis without Marc you can still hope for some amazing Marc Jacobs collections to come. (source of the news)

What else is left to share than Marc Jacobs' last collection for Louis Vuitton?

What do you think about Marc's departure and his last collection? Is there anybody else who couldn't imagine the fashion world without MBMJ?!

P.S.: If you want to see some highlights of Marc Jacobs' work for LV you shouldn't miss out on this gallery.


  1. really chic and bizzarre
    happy day


  2. I love the work Marc Jacobs did for Louis Vuitton! Fantastic unique pieces is what they were! I love that he not afraid to be himself although the pink dress was a bit much for me! LOL!


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  4. Not too impressed by this collection. I really like Marc Jacobs handbags but not so much Marc by Marc Jacobs.

  5. Amazing collection ! Black dresses are fabulous :)

  6. Is such a shame and I was very wondered when I read it. Asking who will take his place now! Btw, the collection was very cool, though isnt my fav, I really love his final work! Kisses Carmen! xo

  7. I admire Marc Jacobs too. He did a fantastic job at Louis Vuitton. But I am sure they will find another Creative Director for the brand and it will move on to be best hopefully like what happened to the Valentino brand.

  8. such an amazing collection, love!

    Kiki Simone

  9. amazing collection, I love Marc Jacobs


  10. Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment about my mom :) your blog is adorable and has two of my favorite things (clothes and cameras)! I'm looking forward to following your future posts.

  11. I agree, Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers and so I'm glad that he's going to focus on his own brand!
    The Lovely Memoir

  12. Very unique collection. The dress is stunning! xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  13. I am actually interested to see the route Louis Vuitton will be taking from now on, I wasn't enthralled by the last few collections so it will be exciting to see who gets a chance to live the legacy for a well. As for the amazing Marc, I think his own label is far more modern and wearable, particularly love the youthful vigor of MBMJ collections. Have a wonderful weekend doll!

  14. He's an amazing designer but I had no idea he has a SpongeBob tattoo!!!:D He's even cooler in my eyes now. And can I just add that he's hot? Hot hot.:)


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