Beauty Empties: October

As you can see I used up quite a few beauty products this month. The products are really variegated so there could be something interesting for all of you. Again I have products which I liked a lot (even a few favourites) but also products which I definitely won't buy again...but see for yourself:


Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are a member of the online fashion community Lookbook you probably know that they are hosting a Halloween costume contest each year. I always love to look through the entries and get some inspiration from these really creative ladies. The best part about most costumes is that they aren´t just ready bought ensembles but often enough the girls made some amazing Halloween outfits themselves or from clothes they could find in their wardrobe. Here are my top 10 entries with my personal favourite at the end:



Cooking Made Easy: Anne's Cherry Apple Crumble

After two posts about her (here and here) you probably all know who Anne is (in case you don't simply check out her blog). Last week me and my sister bought her cookbook and I had promised you to share the first recipe we would try. We decided to bake the Cherry Apple Crumble with Marzipan which was really yummy. Here are the recipe and the pics of our creation:


Manic(ure) Monday: 3 Halloween Nail Arts

If there is one time in the year where we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously then it's around Halloween (or carnival but that's another story). I think it's a great feast to simply have fun and enjoy childish things such as tons of sweets and jack-o'-lantern grimaces. If you don't need to go to work or any other serious place on thursday, why not indulge your nails in the fun? Here are three manicures that will show everybody that you're ready for a spooky day:


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DIY: Mini Pumpkin Painting

When I shared my DIY Halloween inspirations I wanted to try some of them on my own. Besides from ordering the Halloween cookie cutters I also wanted to decorate some pumpkins. I found these really cute mini pumpkins for 1€ each and as they are white they are perfect for various decoration methods. The three I tried are black paint, bronze spray and glitter.


OOTD: Wannabe Rockstar

You guys know that my style can't really be described as it changes from outfit post to outfit post but from all the possible descriptions I would have never said that any of my outfits was anything close to rock chic. I don't wear black all over that often anymore (I used to in primary school), I prefer anything girly and often also pastel and even though I would love to own a pair of ripped jeans, I'm really not a band shirt person. Today however my inner rocker piped up and absolutely wanted to wear that black sequin vest (which I last wore when I turned 18). I didn't dress up out of no reason as I'm going to a Passenger concert tonight and even if he isn't what you would call a typical rockstar, I found the occasion quite matching nevertheless and I must admit that I feel quite well in this bad girl all black outfit with my messy out of bed hairdo.


Anne's Kitchen: Book Presentation

If you are neither Luxembourgish nor from Great Britan, you might at least know Anne from my first post about her. She's a Luxembourgish journalist and now lives in London where she writes a food blog. By now she has her own TV show and today her first cookbook has been released. The book presentation was in Luxembourg so I went there with my sister to buy her book, get a signature and try some of her yummy food. We had the chance to have a little chat with Anne and she's just such a lovely person! I'm surely going to try the one or the other recipe from her book soon and of course share it with you. For now I just have some pics of the presentation and the cookbook.


Lush Winter Products

Last week I saw on their Facebook page that the German Lush shops were offering to individually familiarize you with their new winter and Christmas products so I took the chance and made an appointment for today. After participating in a "Lush VIP breakfast" and getting my hair dyed at their shop, my local Lush isn't unknown for me at all and I have been able to try many of their products (either at home or in their shop). However I was really intrigued by their winter products and wanted to learn more about them so I packed my camera (in order to be able to share my experience with you) and entered the flavoursome and colourful beauty heaven. Here are the products I was able to take a photo of, together with their name, a short explanation and the price:

1. Magic Wand, bubble bath which you can use several times by just spinning it around the water, 8,95€
2. Sunny Side, really glittery bubble bar that makes your bath water look like liquid gold, 6,45€


OOTD: Midi Round 2

Last week I already wore this midi skirt in an outfit post but I wanted to wear it again with a slightly different combination. I replaced the turtleneck and fake fur vest by a sheer pastel blouse and chose brown instead of black tights for a softer look. I don't really know why I hadn't been wearing this skirt last winter but what I don't like about it is that it looks quite antiquated with a coat on. Maybe one solution would be to wear heels but I'm not much of a heel person.


Manic(ure) Monday: It's Your Turn II

In September I showed you the first readers' manicure by Vendy and today I have another really talented participant: Inês Paúl. She will show us her Ruffian manicure and give us some information about how to create this nail style and about her nail polish habits:


Beauty Advent Calendars 2013

Some of you may have been a bit amazed reading the title of this post as the Advent will only begin 6 weeks from now. However beauty Advent calendars have become more and more popular over the last years and the best ones are always sold out really quickly. Already now it will be hard to find the one or the other so I thought I´d write this post quite early in order to give your the chance to make this Advent even more awesome than it already will be. Here are the best beauty Advent calendars I could find together with all the online shops where you can buy them. Some are only available in Germany but I tried to find as many internationally available ones as possible. I might update the list from time to time so if you know any other calendar one can buy online I would love for you to share it with me!

1. Benefit Countdown to Love
via Benefit (available from October 21st) or via Amazon.com (73€ upwards) or via Sephora.com (about 50€)


Eatzy Bitzy or How to be the Coolest Mum!

Eatzy Bitzy is a very special food blog (edit: blog no longer exists) I only discovered quite recently. And when I say special, I mean special because food isn't just food for the blogger Samantha Lee, but it's a fun kind of art. The reason why she creates the most lovely rice Hello Kittys and sandwich cows is that she wants her two daughters to have fun eating independently. So there's no weird wannabe artist stuff going on over there but it's just a mum who loves her children and decided to share her sickly sweet meals with us. Even though not everybody can be that creative, I think food is still one of the best ways to show your affection and one of my best childhood memories are the sandwiches in the shape of hearts and stars my mum packed me for school. If you want to be the coolest mum ever or just surprise your boyfriend or guests you should definitely take a look at Samantha's blog, where she shares the secrets behind her works of art. For more regular updates I recommend following her on Instagram. Here are my favourite creations I will definitely keep in mind for the time when I will have children myself.


DIY: Halloween Special

Even though it seems to me like October has only just begun, we're rushing towards its last day: Halloween. I've always loved this festivity and while I stayed up late to watch Halloween special cartoons when I was a kid, I threw a super cool Halloween party with my friends last year. This year I'm still not sure what I'm going to do, maybe I'll rather come back to my childhood habits than organize another party. That's why I will probably not get really creative at Halloween decoration and DIYs myself but I saw a few awesome tutorials which I wanted to share with you, just in case you want to turn this year's Halloween into something really big:

1. Chic No-Carve Pumpkins via Brit+Co.
Aren't these just too pretty?! I'm intrigued by both versions, especially the black and white one would be gorgeous for pumpkins that don't look as good anymore.


OOTD: Veni, Midi, Vici*

After 3 months summer break is over and a new term at university has begun. This was my back to school outfit, except for the bag, which is of course to small to carry my university stuff. The reason why I picked it up for the photos is that I got it as a freebie from PersunMall and they got impatient and kept asking me to finally show it in an outfit post. That is definitely a part I don't like about these blogger cooperations, they often make blog posts so posed and inflexible (another reason why having cooperation partners isn't the measure of all things as I said in yesterday's Blogger's Secret post). I'll have to see if I continue the cooperation or not (maybe they also kick me out of their Fashion Blogger Program after I wrote this, haha). What do you think about this kind of cooperation? But most importantly what do you think about my outfit?


Blogger's Secret: Trying to Get Famous (3 Advices)

Being a blogger isn't always easy. I mean in fact it should be. It should be fun and easy and you should enjoy doing it. Depending on why you started blogging however, you set yourself goals which may be more or less realistic. Maybe you started your blog as a purely aimless hobby, to do something fun in your free time but then in the course of blogging you saw what is possible and what other people have reached with the help of their blog. Suddenly you start to compare yourself to others and all at once you start wondering why you haven't had cooperation partners or why you haven't been attending a single blogger meet up. There are a lot of bloggers who have reached a certain level of celebrity but nowadays there are just too many blogs in order to make all of us little starlets.


Manic(ure) Monday: Pinky and the Brown

Do you remember the lovely pink shades from the L'Oréal Travel Collection I wrote about here? Well today I wanted to use one of those nail polishes to paint my nails but as they are quite vibrant summery shades I wanted to find a combination that made them more appropriate for autumn. That's why I took the lightest shade, this Barbie-pink, and combined it with some brown glitter nail polish (of which you can see more here). The final result somehow reminds me of yummy cupcakes... What do you think? Do you like the colour combination?


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Cooking Made Easy: Pear Tart

Birnentorte Rezept

In my last "New In" post I had already shortly introduced my new cookbook by Luxembourgish chef Max Kuborn. The book has the slightly strange title "Kache bei all Wieder" (Cooking at any weather) which however denotes that it's full of of seasonal recipes. It reminds me a lot of another cookbook I own, namely Jamie Oliver's "Jamie at Home". A lot of the recipes are traditional Luxembourgish ones but with a modern or international twist. Tarts are really traditional pastries as well and I couldn't count how many tarts my grandmas have been baking during their lives. The original recipe was for an apple/pear tart but my mom had lots of pears that needed to be used up so I replaced the 3 apples from the recipe by another 3 pears. Here is the recipe and my result:


Tartan? Check!

Tartan or other checked cloths are super hot this season again and I must admit that I adore this trend. I have already showed you my favourite tartan piece and a way of combining it in my last OOTD post. In order to inspire you a little further I collected some pics of gorgeous ladies showing off the tartan trend as well. In case you haven't found the right tartan piece for yourself you should take a look at the end of this post where I collected my favourite checked pieces you can currently buy online.


Inspiration: Hong Kong Lookbook

My favourite source of inspiration, Fashion Gone Rouge, has now published the lookbook of a shop I didn't know so far: Revolve Clothing. The pics have been taken in Hong Kong and feature some great outfit inspirations.


New In: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Today just a quick post with another few new ins. The bag is my next PersunMall collaboration freebie and I hope to be able to wear it in an outfit post soon. The book is a Luxembourgish cooking book I got to know during my internship at the publishing house. I think the author is a really likeable person and the recipes are a great mixture of traditional Luxembourgish and popular international recipes. I added the link as it's written in German so some of you might want to order it. I'm also really thrilled to try some of the recipes so if you're interested in seeing the result just tell me. The toner you can see in the last picture is a whole new product to me as I never shopped at Sephora. I got it because I had a 20% off voucher to spend at Sephora and so far I'm really satisfied with the product. What do you think about the Sephora collection products? And what have you been getting lately?

bag - PersunMall


OOTD: Green Tartan

When I bought this tartan shirt some weeks ago I knew there would be endless ways of combining it. I already wore it for the second time this weekend and chose to pair it with a simple black skirt. As the pattern on the shirt features some grey stripes I thought it would be nice to wear grey tights as well (Okay, let's be honest...it was because of my lack of black tights, haha). The first time I wore the skirt some weeks ago I had paired it with black pants and a white fake fur vest and I must admit that I preferred that way of wearing it but unfortunately I couldn't take pics back then. How do you combine your favourite tartan piece? What colours would you recommend me wearing with mine?


Manic(ure) Monday: Hot Stone

The leaves start falling from the trees and it's getting colder: autumn has begun. I already told you that the current season is my favourite when it comes to fashion but it's also great for warm toned manicures. As I was totally in the mood for an autumn manicure but didn't want to use the classical autumn colours like orange and yellow, I went for a mixture of brown and elegant greys. The Kiko dove grey I used on my forefinger and ring finger is definitely one of my favourite shades and I'm sure it will be matching lots of my autumn and winter outfits.


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Cooking Made Easy: Mini Gugl (Ring Cakes)

Every country has some trendy pastries which we immediately connect with that very country. The French have macarons, the British have cupcakes, the American have donuts,... But what pastry do we have in the German-speaking area that is worth to trigger off a new hype? If you ask me it's the mini Gugl which are ring cakes in the size of chocolates. With a special baking set it's really easy to make these little cakes at home but if you're not into baking or first want to see how these pastries taste you can simply order them at DERGUGL (only for Europe). The ring cakes come in really cute boxes and are available in the most special flavours you'll ever taste! If you want to make the mini Gugl for your beloved ones you can buy the special baking sets over here. If you don't have Gugl cake pans and if these aren't available for you, why don't you simply try the following recipe in cupcake pans? For our first Gugl adventure my sister and I chose the "Stracciatella" flavour:


Ain't Louis without Marc?

If some years ago you would have asked me who my favorite designer is I wouldn't have known what to answer. I mean there are collections you like and collections you dislike but these vary from brand to brand and from season to season so having an all time favorite designer can be quite complicated. I also think that this notion should be accompanied by a sentiment for that person's personality because in fact I don't speak of my favorite hairdresser when she's an arrogant bitch just because she does a good job, right? Now to make a long story short: nowadays I can proudly claim that Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer. Besides from the good job he has been doing at Louis Vuitton (for example do you remember the Louis Vuitton Express from the Fall/Winter '12-'13 collection?) I also totally love the playful Marc by Marc Jacobs products (I never had more crushes for any other designer brand and I'm still craving for the famous mouse flats!). When it comes to him as a person I can't stop thinking about how cool he is! He doesn't take himself too seriously (the Spongebob tattoo and the pink dress say enough, right?), he seems to be really likeable (I think of the Coke light commercial), and let's not forget that this man looks really hot! If he weren't gay I would be in love by now, tee-hee.
Now what's the reason for my eulogy on Marc? In fact it's some news you may already have heard of: Marc Jacobs will be leaving Louis Vuitton. For some people this may be shocking news but I can't really complain. In fact I could never totally identify with the brand (for reasons which include many wannabe people with just as many Louis Vuitton monogram bags). Now you're probably wondering what else Marc Jacobs will be doing from now on, right? Well that's the really good part of the news because it says that he will be concentrating more on his own brand (which probably also includes my beloved MBMJ). So even if you think that there ain't Louis without Marc you can still hope for some amazing Marc Jacobs collections to come. (source of the news)

What else is left to share than Marc Jacobs' last collection for Louis Vuitton?


Monthly Must Haves: October

1 H&M - Don't you think the embroideries look fantastic?
2 H&M - I've wanted a fake leather skirt for ages, maybe this season I will finally get one...
3 H&M - This belt is a dream! If I happen to find it in a store I'm so gonna try it!
4 H&M - I need new boots and these knee-high babies are just so sexy and versatile!

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