Manic(ure) Monday: It's Your Turn

Two weeks ago I brought the readers' manicure competition into being and today I will finally present the first nail style created by a fellow blogger. Vendy was kind enough to share her "ring finger gold accent manicure" and to answer some questions on her manicure habits. Here is the result:


1. When did you start painting your nails and why are you crazy about nail styles?

I started painting my nails at a very young age... When I was a little girl I loved red colours on my nails...and now that I'm a little woman I still love to paint my nails in red. I love perfect nails because I work all day in an office and manicured nails make me feel more sure of myself... Pull out the claws!!!

2. How did you create this manicure and which products did you use?

  For this manicure I used only Layla polishes, a taupe colour for all nails and a golden glitter polish for the accent. After one layer of Orly bonder base, I made 2 layers of polish on every nail, and one layer of Layla brilliant due top coat.

3. Are there any sources where you get your manicure inspirations from and what is your favourite nail trend of the season?

When I want some inspirations for my nail art, I check what the stylists use on their catwalks, what models wear, I check on the nail expertise blogs and on Tumblr...These are my sources of suction...
For this season I love the almond form on nails...I love this original silhouette.

4. Please share the link to your blog and tell us what you're blogging about.
The link to my blog is: www.simplelifeve.blogspot.it and I blog about trends, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, nails, and everything beautiful... Check it out!

Thanks a lot Vendy, for being the first one to dare to submit a manicure!

What I really like about the manicure is the neat application, the great colours and the gorgeous combination with several golden rings. I also really like that the taupe nail polish has a little glitter to it as well which makes this manicure even more classy.

What do you think about Vendy's manicure? In case you want to submit your manicure as well you can find the conditions over here.


  1. your nails look amazing, super chic :)

  2. oh my dear thanks for sharing my nail manicure...
    happy monday

    The simple life of rich people blog

    1. You´re welcome, thanks for submitting :)

  3. Love that gold accent :) Will definitely check out her blog. :)

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    Enter Sammydress X IamJenniya Giveaway HERE.

  4. I know Vendy, she is so great! Wow, what beautiful nails she did, love the effect, plus she got such a nice hand! Kisses Carmen! xo

  5. Perfect colors ! It is beautiful :)

  6. I like it and that gold is peeerfect color.


  7. Looks great with the one gold nail!

  8. That looks pretty. I've been visiting your blog on Manicure Mondays for so long that I actually got inspired and got something last monday. The only catch is I was lazy and chose loreal nail art stickers! See them here on my blog

  9. Awesome manicure dear ! loved the rings too !
    xoxo Shreya

  10. Beautiful manicure! I love the taupe shade :)

    // Inês Paúl //

  11. Hello dear,
    would you like to follow each other's blogs on facebook and bloglovin?
    I love your blog's design, so chic!

    Best wishes


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