Manic(ure) Monday: It's Your Turn

Two weeks ago I brought the readers' manicure competition into being and today I will finally present the first nail style created by a fellow blogger. Vendy was kind enough to share her "ring finger gold accent manicure" and to answer some questions on her manicure habits. Here is the result:


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Beauty Empties: August & September

1 Yves Rocher Foot Beauty Care effervescent tablet
Rebuy it? No. Why? It was fun to use this for once and it also had a lovely smell but it doesn't bring you any clear benefits. Read more about it here.


Isabel Marant for H&M: The Collection

During the last weeks it felt like we've been waiting for ages to see the first pics of the Isabel Marant for H&M collection but now they're finally here. It's less than 7 weeks until we'll finally be able to queue hoping to get the pieces of our desire. I must say that I was really curious to see what the collection will be like as I'm far away from being a Marant pro and as the collection has been praised to the skies right from the beginning. In my eyes this is yet again a collection that features a lot of pieces that are probably not worth the money but I must also say that the designs are really wearable and that there is the one or the other piece I would love to get my hands on. I don't know if the whole collection has already been released but I would have wished for more accessories (especially shoes). For now I'll simply let you take a look at the pictures from the lookbook and at my favorite pieces:


Prettiest Bar Carts

Do you remember the bar cart I got from Ikea? Today I read an interesting post about how to make bar carts the centrepiece of your home and really rock them with elegant decoration and supplies. I thought they could be an interior trend some more people might be interested in so I collected a few pics of filled bar carts and also browsed some shops where you can get your own bar cart from.


Disney inspires Twice as Nice

Twice as Nice is a jewellery shop I haven't bought anything from yet but you can find it quite a lot in Luxembourg. A few days ago I checked their web page by chance and I saw that at the moment they are selling a really special collection that I immediately fell for: a Disney inspired exclusive collection. While taking a closer look at the pieces I thought I should share them with you and if I find the time I will surely check out a Twice as Nice shop these days.


LFW Favourites

London Fashion Week is over and another bunch of really lovely and feminine looks have been presented. My favourites must be Burberry Prorsum and Daks but I also appreciate the flowery details of most other collections. As you can see pastels are the main colours in London as well so get ready to put away all your neon stuff from the last two years. What are your favourites from LFW? Do you enjoy the summer trends for 2014 so far?


Manic(ure) Monday: NYFW Nail Inspiration

As you might remember I've been looking for readers' manicures last week and a few ladies have entered the competition so far. In fact I had already chosen one to show you today but that manicure will have to wait until next week as I found something really interesting and newsworthy in my Essie press file (I had been talking to you about it here). In fact the people from Essie have been collecting nail art trends at NYFW and have now put together some lovely collages with the main nail inspirations for SS'14:


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Oktoberfest Special*

Bierfass pferd oktoberfest

It's that time of the year again! Today one of Germany's biggest cultural events kicks off: the Oktoberfest. You might remember that I went there last year and that I really liked the experience. Everything is decorated so nicely and you get to know lovely people from all over the world. Because of my internship I couldn't go this year but I was asked to write a post about it nevertheless. In this post I will talk a bit about finding the right outfit for the Oktoberfest, thus a Dirndl and all the belonging accessories. Therefore I was sent a perfect piece of jewellery to match a Dirndl, namely a pretzel necklace:


1st German Harper's Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar Germany 1st issue

When I read that Harper's Bazaar would launch a German version of the magazine I knew I had to read the very first issue which is available this month. I never read any international  Harper's Bazaar before but I quickly noticed that it could be compared with Vogue. Right from the beginning the audience is defined and it seems like this magazine shouldn't even be read by people who can't afford their pair of Louboutins. When it comes to the layout I found it way too puristic and it wasn't really a lot of fun to page through the magazine. The articles were partly quite interesting like the one that explains the history of the magazine but those matters I was particularly interested in weren't treated in detail (the fashion and beauty sections were a bit moderate). The magazine costs 6€ in Germany and a bit more in other European countries. All in all I'm probably not going to rebuy it but if you're looking for a new magazine and if you like Vogue you might want to read it nevertheless. For those who are curious: my favourite magazine at the moment is still Glamour but I'm always eager to discover new ones so don't hesitate to share your magazine favourites.


DIY: Bronze Up Your Life

Time for a new DIY! Some time ago I bought this cool bronze spray and I couldn't wait to try it. You can use it on so many things for example picture frames or figurines but I started off trying it on some jars which ended up being vases, brush holders and pen holders.


OOTD: Blue Tights

This weekend my parents celebrated their silver wedding anniversary so I had an occasion to dress up. I took advantage of the situation to wear this fabulous white dress I bought in Paris last winter. Unfortunately I didn't have any black tights but I like how the blue ones I took instead give a special touch to the outfit.


Manic(ure) Monday: Your Manicure Over Here!

Right from the beginning my Monday manicure posts were an important component of this blog. Creating a new manicure every week was a lot of fun but I thought it would be time to defer to you. I don't know if this will be interesting for you but I thought that it would be fun to let you submit your own manicures and to feature a new manicure and a new blog every week. In case no one wants to submit I will continue posting my own manicures but in case a lot of you participate, this would allow me to get some new and fresh inspirations over here. So if you're interested here is what you'll have to do:


Anne's Kitchen


As most of you might know by now I come from the small European country Luxembourg. Luxembourg is not famous for as many things as other countries but I must admit that we have some quite good and also sometimes famous chefs. Living between France and Germany our national cuisine features some of the best European meals, which might be the reason why so many people over here like to cook and bake. One of those people is Anne. She is a journalist living in London but her hobby is to create delicious meals. Besides her blog she will soon release a cookbook and will also get her own TV show this autumn. I didn't know her blog before but now that she becomes more and more famous over here I checked it out and I love it. The food pics are gorgeous and even though I haven't tried any I'm sure the recipes are super delicious. From this September her blog will also feature some London tips which I can't wait to read. So if you're into cooking, baking and London, this is the blog you should check out!


NYFW Favourites Part II

Now that NYFW is over it's time for the second part of my favourite creations (see part I here). Now what can we expect for Spring/Summer 2014? First of all there will be a lot of white and blue which I totally love! Then I also saw quite a few embroideries which I fell in love with this summer so I wouldn't want to miss them next year. Our beloved minimal high-heeled sandals will of course reappear as well. A thing that was a bit strange to notice but still appealed to me where the many looks that rather remind of autumn than of spring (see the second set below). I mean we're all used to autumn creations which already provoke shivering while looking at them but summer outfits with boots, sweaters and jackets? Oh and speaking of autumn: checks will be back in spring as well!


Inspiration: Make-Up

I found these pics by photographer Jeff Tse on Fashion Gone Rogue and I loved the candy inspired make-ups. They are not really suitable for daily use but I would love to recreate them. However you can also use them as inspirations for a more natural make-up, for example the blue lashes and the combination of coral lipstick and blue eyeshadow. At the moment I don't have time for an elaborated make-up as I have to get up really early in the morning already because I'm doing an internship in a publishing house. What is your favourite make-up style at the moment?


NYFW Favourites Part I

NYFW is in full swing but I didn't want to wait until it's over to show you some of my current favourites. As far as I can see there's a lot of girly and light outfits which I really appreciate but I miss a bit of the sporty neon from this year. We'll have to wait for what is yet to come.


New In: Ikea

Last weekend I finally went to IKEA again. In fact I didn't need anything special but going to IKEA always inspires me and I like the food they sell. Of course I couldn't come home with empty hands anyway so here is what I got:

IKEA haul


Manic(ure) Monday: Ciaté Wow Kits

When it comes to manicure innovations, Ciaté has always been a great source of inspiration. Both the velvet and the caviar manicure were a huge success and copied by many brands. This year Ciaté has released some new kits of which I want to show you the three most creative ones:

1. Chalkboard Manicure

The chalkboard manicure consists of three steps. First you put the chalkboard nail polish on your nail, then you apply the mattnificent matte top coat and at the end you can get crazy with the coloured chalk pens. Learn more about the kit here and buy it here.


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Cooking Made Easy: Cronuts

After my cakepop and Oreo cupcake recipes it was only a question of time when I would be posting a Cronut recipe. When I first heard of Cronuts a few weeks ago I knew it was the perfect thing to try out and share with you and today my sister and I finally had the time to spring in action. Here is the result of our Cronut adventure:


Beauté des Pieds - Pampering my Feet

Beauté des Pieds is a range by Yves Rocher and has been created to pamper your feet with organic lavender. I´ve bought all of these products some time ago and I already reviewed the scrub here, but today I used them altogether for a nice pedicure sensation. First I put the effervescent tablet in a bowl and put my feet inside, then I used the scrub and at the end applied the ice gel. The effervescent tablet smells incredibly good and gives the water a nice lilac colour. The scrub is a bit more grained and rough than normal body scrubs and thus perfect for the feet. The ice gel doesn't smell quite as good as the other products but is perfect on hot days where your feet feel really hot and burdened. All in all using these products was a lovely and really refreshing experience and I really appreciate the fact that Yves Rocher has these special and useful products.


One-Day Vacation

Due to 2 written homeworks and an upcoming internship I didn't have time to go on holiday this year. I'm really craving for the beach and up to this day my skin didn't even know the word tan. Luckily I had the possibility to get a tiny one-day vacation today, spent in my favourite Luxembourgish hotel: Hotel Leweck. I went there quite often this year, mostly for their spa and cocktails but they also have a lovely outdoor area with a swimming pool and sun loungers. Here are a few of the pics I took with my phone in order to share the lovely experience:


Monthly Must Haves: September

 1 necklace - Anthropologie 2 top - Zalando 3 rug - Anthropologie 4 sandals - Anthropologie 5 shorts - Chicnova


Manic(ure) Monday: Having Fun with Black and White

In fact I had already used the confetti top coat last week and didn't necessarily want to use it again but then I saw a lovely black and white manicure that inspired me to do my own. It featured dots but instead of struggling with a toothpick, I simply used the topcoat which is a great replacement for dots when your manicure is kept in black and white anyway! Also I didn't think about the cracking top coat at first but then it caught my eye while I was looking for the black and white nail polishes. All of these together makes a really fun and vaired manicure which I hope you like as much as I do:


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