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Last week I wrote a post about inspirational blog headers and today I found another article about designing your own blog logo on ifb. I had already started creating a new blog header a while ago but wasn't sure about the font. Also I absolutely wanted to add some fashion illustrations and luckily Cecilia from Shit Bloggers Wear allowed me to use hers. Now you can see the finished result up here on the blog. Some of you may think that the old header was better because it included the Chanel sign in a creative way but I didn´t want to use it anymore because of possible legal consequences. The new header still contains the Nikon 1 being one of the cameras I use and the Hermès Birkin bag, being the bag of my dreams. The illustration of the nail polish represents a big part of this blog, namely the Manic(ure) Monday posts and the Valentino studded heels represent a current crush but may be replaced by other illustrations whenever I feel like there's something that matches my taste better. And now just for the comparison my new and old header:


Inspiration: Back to School

When it comes to fashion my favourite season definitely is autumn. This season always requickens my inner prep with all the college and university inspired "back to school" ad campaigns. And when I say prep you say Tommy Hilfiger, right? However there's yet another brand that makes me wish for school uniforms: Fay. Instead of telling you why both the recent Tommy Hilfiger and Fay campaigns make me wanna go to any british private school I'll simply show you the pics:



OOTD: Colourful*

Last week I got my new Chicnova freebie which is the pretty yellow top I'm wearing. I think the cut and bow detail look really interesting but unfortunately it was a bit too cold yesterday evening to wear it without a jacket. I decided to pair the bright colour of the top with more bright colours on my jacket, shoes and lips. Do you like the combination? What else do you think would look good with this elegant top?


DIY Personalized Pillows

diy pillows ikea cloth

I haven't been doing a bigger DIY in a while but I promise you'll like this one. My sister and me have been working on this project for almost a year (shame on us) because the crayoning was such a longsome job but here we are, ready to show our result. Doing personalized pillows is super fun and also quite easy. You can either get a nice cloth and simply turn it into a pillow case, or you buy a cloth that can be coloured in like this Ikea one.


3 "It" Items That Will Outlast Summer

We all know that every season brings new "it" items almost every fashion blogger wears. This summer there have been some, too and today I'm mainly gonna talk about the Valentino studded heels, the Zara skort and the football shirts. The reason why I'm talking about these at the end of the summer is because even though they're summer accessories I'm pretty sure that they will outlast this season and thus be seen a lot in autumn and maybe also in winter. Let's take a look at how these items could work on colder days, too:

#1 Valentino Studded Heels

These were THE shoes of the season and everybody who couldn't afford them got a copycat on eBay. Independent of the price these shoes will keep being worn because they are just too awesome and I don't know how about you but I can't see enough of them. Compared to other summer shoes they also have the huge benefit, that they are closed in the front so wearing tights in these won't be a problem. The following look would be a nice idea of how you could combine you studded heels in autumn and in case you haven't got our own pair, make sure to check out the links below.


Manic(ure) Monday: Dots and Colours

After a week of blank nails I wanted a trendy manicure today. I combined two of my all time favourite nail polishes and added the confetti top coat for more fun. What have you been wearing on your nails lately? Are you still into summer colours or has autmn reached your nails already? I mean it's still August but the weather wasn't that good over here and I feel like cardigans and sweaters won't be far away...


Blogger's Secret: 10 Inspirational Bog Headers

In this Blogger's Secret post I talked about things your blog needs and a representative blog header was my number 2. In fact most of us spent a lot of time finding the perfect header when we started blogging but since then didn't necessarily think about designing a new one or still haven't found the best possible one. Even though I quite like my header I have been thinking about designing a new one for quite a while because I wanted something that represents me a bit better than the Chanel sign (because even if Chanel is one of my favourite designer brands I don't own a single Chanel piece!). In case you want a new header as well or still haven't found one you like you can get inspired by some of my favourites. I also tried to categorize them a bit and tell what I like about them.

1. The simple ones

Sometimes simple can be better. If you want a simple and yet interesting header, all you need is a really cute font. What I like about Betty's font is that it looks like it has been written with lipstick or a crayon. The cute idea about the "Blasfemmes" header is of course the girly cords.


OOTD: Flower Blouse*

Thanks to my semester break I have some time to meet old friends which I did yesterday. Also I almost finished to write my homeworks so I really hope to be able to relax a bit during the next weeks. Anyway what do you think about my new blouse and how I combined it? So far it's definitely my favourite freebie from PersunMall...although the white blazer is a great pieces, too!


Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection

star sign loafers charlotte olympia cosmic collection

By now some of you may already have heard of Charlotte Olympia's capsule collection featuring flats and box clutches with the twelve star signs. Personally I think it's a really lovely idea to combine fashion and astrology as individual accessories are the result. Also the realization is of course fantastic and I think that especially the shoes are real gems! The only disadvantage for me is that yet again the realization of my star sign, the Scorpio, is one of the less interesting ones as I'm not that much into the chosen colour. However it may be a blessing that I'm not into "my" accessories that much, as I wouldn't be able to afford them anyway, haha! If you haven't been able to take a closer look at the collection you can do so now:


New In: Freebies and a Giveaway Prize

Again I had a really lucky week, getting my next PersunMall freebie and also being the winner of a lovely blog giveaway. The prize was even better than I had imagined and I especially fell in love with the featured necklace, which I already had to share on Instagram. When it comes to my PersunMall freebie I can't wait to show you an enitre outfit but that one will have to wait a few days as I'm currently writing my last homework. So for now you'll just get the pics of my new stuff:


Manic(ure) Monday: Bad Nail Polishes

Today I won't be showing you a manicure but we will have to discuss a more serious matter. We all know that nail polishes are none of the harmless cosmetics, which is also the reason why you won't find nail polishes in shops such as Lush or in natural cosmetics stores.
A few days ago I read a really interesting article in a German magazine which made a nail polish inspection in an approved laboratory. I already knew that not all nail polishes would only contain harmless substances but reading it in black and white really opened my eyes. Mainly there are 3 nail polish ingredients they warned you about:


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Inspiration: Home Interior

When I had to rent an apartment in order to be able to study in Germany, I wanted to make my new home look as splendidly as possible. Of course back then I didn't have much money so I only bought the furniture I could afford and at the end my apartment was still far away from my dream home. Therefor I've been collecting interior inspiration pics for quite a while and by now I managed to figure out what my taste comes closest to and what pieces are a must in my future house. From the above pictures you can figure out that my favourite colour scheme is something between black/white and bold colours and cream/gold tones with a lot of pink. I really hope I'll be able to make all my home wishes come true in a few years but until then I will keep collecting lovely inspirations. What does your design taste look like? Have you managed to furnish your dream house yet?


Cooking Made Easy: Oreo Milkshake

oreo milkshake drink homemade recipe

Oreo cookies are a trend which only reached my country quite late but better late than never, right? Therefor all the things we do with Oreos probably have already all been tried out in the States but that won't keep us from being creative with Oreos nevertheless. Today my sister and I decided to try an Oreo milkshake and here is how we proceeded:


OOTD: Boyfriend Jeans

When I first heard of the boyfriend look I thought it was an awesome trend and I knew I needed to have boyfriend jeans as well. So I've been having these for quite a while but as far as I can remember never showed them to you. Recently I kind of rediscovered the trend for myself even though I think that it was never really out. There were still so many stylish girls who kept wearing their boyfriend jeans over the years with super elegant heels and sandals (the perfect combination indeed!). Something else that goes really well with boyfriend jeans are blazers, another love of mine, so I decided to pair all these things to celebrate my personal comeback of boyfriend jeans.


Tried and Tested: Drugstore Hair Care

During the last months I bought some new hair products, mostly because my now partly blond hair needs special care. As some of you already asked about the straightening cream when I showed it to you in a "New In" post, I decided to make a review featuring the other products as well. I bought all of them at the German drugstore dm so not all of the products will be available for you but at least the John Frieda Sheer Blonde deep conditioner should be available in most of the countries.


Outfit Details

Even though it seems to me like 2013 has only just began, the year is already half over. Therefor it might be the perfect time to take a look back at this year's outfits so far and share my favourites. When it comes to my style I'm really diversified and even though at times I wish I had a style that clearly represents my personality and can easily be defined, I'm also happy to be able to wear anything I like and try different things. As the part I like best about outfit posts are the detail shots I will now concentrate on them and who knows, maybe you'll be able to find a paradigm in my outfits.


Manic(ure) Monday: Flower Power

Last week my sister asked me to make her nails and she chose to use a nail art set I got some time ago but never managed to try out. Some of the nail art units are a bit cheesy but my sister opted for some cute flower sequins which we accented with pastel nail polish. Unfortunately the sequins are a bit too bulky so the first ones started to drop off the other day eventhough we fixed them with the attached glue which seemed to work quite well. Luckily it wasn't too hard to apply the sequins though so I would consider giving them another try.


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What I'd Like to Wear Right Now

Some of you might remember, that I'm registered on MyStyleHit where you cannot only show your latest outfits and get in contact with other bloggers but also arrange virtual outfits. Of course that's a fun spare time job and by now I've collected some styles I think are perfect for summer. I thought it would be fun sharing these collages with you as they feature some awesome must haves and some really cute summer accessories.


Blogger's Secret: 5 Easy Blog Improvements

Last month I started off with the Blogger's Secret series with the posts about blogging faux pas and blog must haves. Today I will talk about the more technical aspects of blogging and thus when I say improvements I mean some easy tutorials you can use to make your blog look more professional. As I have a blogger.com blog the tutorials I collected may not work for other blogs but some of the improvements could nevertheless be needful on other blogs, too. Also I'm far away from being a HTML expert so whenever a tutorial is needed I will simply put the link to the genious blogger who shared it.


OOTD: Snake Bracelet

On Tuesday I went to a café with a friend to have some chitchat. Before going home I asked her if she could take some pics of my OOTD, which really reminded me of our schooldays. Back then my friend and I went to a photography class where we constantly had to take photos of each other and we often went to that very park to take the pics.


Cooking Made Easy: Watermelon Lemonade

Yesterday my mum bought a large watermelon and I knew I had to make some kind of juice out of it. When browsing the Internet for a nice recipe I found a post about agua frescas which seem to be beverages made from fresh fruits. I thought the recipe was ideal because when making an agua fresca you add some water and and you'll get a drink which is really light and low in calories. Here is what you'll need:


OOTD: High-Low Skirt*

On Sunday I had lunch with my boyfriend's family. The pics were taken near his place on an observatin deck from where you can see the whole valley and the old castle.
I have been wearing the high-low skirt from H&M I got last summer and my new PersunMall clutch. In fact I'm not a huge fan of such small bags but I really liked this one so from now on I will use it as the most pretty pen and pencil case.


Manic(ure) Monday: L'Oréal Travel Collection

L'Oréal 408 Exquisite Scarlet 210 Shocking Pink 208 So Chic Pink 209 Ingenuous Rose

When my sister went to Greece 2 weeks ago, she bought some nail polish on the plane and as you could probably have guessed I needed to give it a try, especially as it is from L'Oréal. So far I have only used L'Oréal nail polish once (see here) and eventhough I liked the resistance, I wasn't totally satisfied with the application. With these however, the application was as smooth as it could be and thus really agreeable and easy. The difference may come from the gel which is inside these polishes from the Travel Collection. When it comes to the colours I'm totally overwhelmed, too. I haven't been a huge fan of reddish nail polish colours for a long time but this summer I'm totally into pink, coral, orange and even red if it's a bright and vivid shade.


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New In: Souvenirs and Freebies

This week I have been a really lucky girl when it comes to getting presents. First I got my newest PersunMall freebie a few days ago and then my sister came home with some nice souvenirs from her trip to Greece yesterday (plus she also brought me the shampoo from her hotel room as she knows I'm collecting this stuff, tee-hee).

PersunMall clutch


Inspiration: Tattoos

Lately I noticed that I haven't been doing an inspiration post about tattoos in a while. I love to look at a nice tattoo even if I still haven't got one for myself. Maybe it's good that I never took the plunge as a lot of tattoos I used to love, don't appeal to me anymore (like for example blowball tattoos...). At the moment I'm really into clover and anchor tattoos but who knows how long this bias will hold up.


Monthly Must Haves: August

1 Oasap 2 Forever 21 3 Asos 4 H&M 5 H&M

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