Tried and Tested: Ebelin Beautyblender

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By now you probably all heard of the original beautyblender which almost every beauty blogger has reviewed at some point or another. Personally I have never been using any sponge or brush to apply my liquid foundation so I wasn't ready to pay the full price for the original just to try it out. Luckily for me you can get a beautyblender dupe of which I read a lot of positive reviews: the Ebelin precision make-up egg (available at the German drug store dm). As I really hate having my liquid foundation all over my hands after applying it I decided to see what the blender hype was all about and here is what I experienced:

dm drogeriemarkt ebelin beauty blender dupe

- good price (2,45€)
- (almost) no dirty hands anymore
- easy to clean (with a brush cleaner for example)
- even result
- the sponge feels really soft on my skin
- can perfectly be used with a make-up mousse as well
- the sponge is latex free, antibacterial and vegan

beauty blender duper review H&M

- I need to use more of the liquid foundation than before
- for a good result I still need to put the liquid foundation in my hands before absorbing it with the blender
- I feel like the end result looks more mat when I apply the make-up with my fingers
- the blender needs to be cleaned from time to time (yup, I'm a lazy girl!)

All in all the experience of using a blender to apply my make-up was neither negative nor too overwhelmingly positve. I somehow think that I have a better feeling for my make-up when I apply it with my fingers but that may just be me. Finally I think that I won't rebuy the blender if this one should break (I heard that it gets chapped quite quickly...). But now I would love to know what your experiences with beauty blenders are! Which one(s) have you been trying, do you feel they are better to apply make-up or do they just annoy you?


  1. beautiful!:)

  2. I have it but I'm not able to use it well
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!

  3. I used to use sponges when applying my foundation but it gets dirty so fast and absorbs way too much of the product! I like using a brush better or my fingers when I want a natural look :) I'm following you now, hope you follow back!


  4. lovin this post and your bloggin-style! xx


  5. I heard about this sponge before though I must confess I'm a brush girl when it comes to applying foundation. :)

    xx, Sandra @ Blasfemmes

  6. I can't figure out what to do with one one these things. I've tried using foundation brushes, but I hate using them! It's so much easier just to blend with my fingertips!

    Life of Mabel

  7. I was curious to read your review, and I think if I will use it my opinion should be the same! Though I hate get my hands dirty with the foundation, apply it with them is still my fav way!:) Kisses! xo

  8. Interesting shape! Would love to try it; hope to find one like this.

  9. I have it too and I like it, even though I use more foundation...

    Bayberry Chic

  10. We don't have that product. but thank you for the marvelous review.
    Thanks for visiting my blog,Take me to Tarah

  11. Ganz genau vor diesem Teil stand ich heute auch im DM! Ist ja lustig. Da ich Foundation eigentlich nie benutze, hätte es aber nicht viel Sinn gemacht es zu kaufen. Aber es sah interessant aus und ich musste es mir doch mal anschauen.

    Liebste Grüße



  12. Seems perfect!

    Viele Grusse,

  13. Hi Carmen, I hadn't heard about this product before so it was really interesting for me to read your review. I haven't seen it here but wouldn't mind trying it out.Thanks so much for your kind thoughts on my last post :)

  14. I always apply my foundation with brushes and never tried the beauty blender yet... Need to try it..


  15. I don't use this, but it's a great idea!


  16. It looks so cute! I use a creme compact with comes with its own flat sponge applicator so that works for me!

  17. Oh yeah beauty blenders are great. I remember watching my mom using them as a kid and this was before they sold them in stores. She was an opera singer and used them at work and she discovered that they work much better then your fingers. So when I came of age I used them too!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  18. Great products ! Very nice review :)


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