Thoughts on Men's Fashion (Bloggers)

During these last days, I came in contact with more and more male fashion bloggers but only when I discovered Adam Gallagher's blog I really started thinking about men's presence in the world of fashion and about my view on men's fashion blogs. Until last week I haven't been actively following a single fashion blog written by men and if I did have a look at men's collections it was only because other (female) bloggers had been posting them. Even without having any statistics or reports, I'm pretty sure, that a lot of you girls could tell the same about your experience with male fashion, right?
But why is this so? First of all it may be because we think we won't get any inspiration on a men's fashion blog. This is the more superficial and apparent reason though because I think that a lot of us rather think that men and fashion don't really go together, that they are a minority which isn't worth being considered. However we can learn a lot from male fashion bloggers and I'm also going to tell you why: Because they speak up for what they do and put a lot of passion in their work. Being a female blogger is oh so simple because there is this mass of like-minded girls. Being a female fashion blogger is just like clapping your hands after a concert: it's easy, it's appropriate and everybody does it. Men however are a minority in this business and if they tell their friends or family that they will from now on write a fashion blog mostly the feedback won't be like "OMG, that's so cool!" but rather "Man, why are you doing this?".
Maybe another reason why we don't look at male fashion that much is because we have our boyfriends or boys we know and they have their own style which is often quite different from what we see in the fashion industry and so we don't really make the link to reality as much as we do when we see female fashion.
What I want to say with all of this is that male fashion is interesting, closer to reality than we may think and can be a source of inspiration for women as well. So let's all go a step towards gender equality and follow a men's fashion blog right now! Oh and if you don't believe in what I said and if you still think that male fashion is just women's clothes on androgynous men then I'm sure that Mr. Gallagher will convince you:

What do you think about male fashion bloggers? Are men's fashion collections something you follow or something you have never been interested in? Can you recommend another male fashion blogger who's definitely worth being considered?


  1. hey hun

    I just found your blog and I love it!
    it looks amazing!You look nice in your outfits!
    hope to see you soon on my blog!!
    keep in touch:)


  2. There's not enough of Men Bloggers. There should be more of them to reflect men's fashion, lifestyle and travels. Adam Gallagher looks so handsome and well dressed. I will check out his Blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am a male fashion blogger myself, so I guess I am naturally more interested in men's fashion blogs. I do like some of them, like Adam Gallagher's. To me a men's fashion blog is interesting when he either knows a lot about fashion or has a great eye and shares that with his readers (think The Sartorialist) or has a truly very nice style (Think Gallagher). I like it when male bloggers have an actual masculine style, something 'normal' men would also wear. That's probably why I don't like the big male fashion bloggers such as Bryanboy (who isn't afraid of wearing women's clothing and in the past even wore heels) and lots of lesser known male fashion bloggers who in some way try to emulate the Bryanboy-type-of-blogger-style that much. Maybe that's exactly how lots of women feel to. I mean, I like women when they look feminine, probably you girls feel the same about men looking masculine?

    As for my own blog. I don't do personal style, but I like to share my view. I write about menswear as well as womenswear and just try to show what I love. I share my favourite items from my favourite brands, review shows, share my favourite music, tv shows and films and write reports about events. I hope that my blog stands out because I am a man and therefore have another point of view.


  4. i always prefer the italians. they take pride in their dressing. at least most of them.

  5. I think male fashion bloggers are cool. I read a few, but I don't typically seek them out. One I read is http://www.katelovesme.net/. I'll have to check out Mr. Gallagher. He seems to have great style!

    Life of Mabel

  6. He got such a cool and great style indeed! I follow some male fashion bloggers and I think they also are really good and inspiring with it! Kisses! xo

  7. I like male fashion bloggers as I get some inspiration from them. They have a great way of showing clothing in a way that I may want to try for myself!


  8. AMAZING post dear:) so much eye candy It made my day haha

    Check out my new party post and have a great day:)

    LOVE Maria from inredningsvis.se

  9. Great post and good choise. HAve a nice weekend.


  10. I was waiting for this moment for so long, and finally even man can now have an interest in fashion without seeming homosexual or effeminate! Fashion for all :D
    (¯`·._.·Nymphashion FB·._.·´¯)

  11. Der Blog von Adam ist echt toll! Ich verfolge den Blog von The Sartorialist, der fotografiert ja alle möglichen Street Styles. Aber reiner Männer Fashion Blogs kannte ich bisher auch noch nicht so.

    Liebste Grüße



  12. Stylish pics!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely!!
    Angela Donava

  13. You gotta dig to find them, but they're there! Look out! I follow a few, right now the first that comes up to my mind is this spanish couple of guys with superb style. http://cupofcouple.blogspot.com.ar/

  14. I appreciate male fashion bloggers. I think they have nicer photos than most female fashion bloggers. I really adore Adam since then because he has a very cool style that makes me wish all guys were like him. hahaha :D

  15. Very nice post MY dear!


  16. He looks very stylish; I am going to have a look at his blog. I still prefer female fashion blogs though (just because I wouldn't wear men's clothes...)

  17. Wow! Da sollte mein Mann mal reinschauen! Was nicht heissen soll, dass er unmodisch ist :-D ich finde es klasse, wenn Männer stylish sind!

  18. Erm yes hottie alert?
    Haha, but I love this post - it is so true! I've only worked on women's mags so far but have always found the men's fashion industry so interesting. To me, fashion brands for men are seldom selling simply a trend - they are also selling a lifestyle and even a personality outlook/choice. I believe that a man will only look good in nice clothes if they are able to embody and personify it, whereas any (or most) girls will look good in nice clothes :)

    x Gi

  19. I don't know much about menswear but I can see the how stylish and dapper these looks are.

  20. Perfect style ! Very elegant ! I love his style :)

  21. Amazing men outfits!


  22. Great post! I really love this men outfits :D


  23. Wow! I like seeing men blog outfits. Thanks for sharing.
    Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate,

    Paris // www.CharcoalAlley.com

  24. This was really interesting to read, I'd like to see more men bloggers out there.


  25. I think that girls can actually learn some things from male bloggers and interpret their choices in clothes!


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