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Ombré...I've been talking about doing it a lot, the last time in this post. Yesterday I was so bored (even though I should have been learning...) that I decided to go to the hairdresser and to finally get the ombré look for my hair. I didn't want to get it done at the hairdresser where I normally just go to get my bangs cut but a more elegantly looking hairdresser right around were I live came back to my mind. I had never entered this hairdresser's shop as it looked quite expensive but when I took a closer look at it yesterday there was one thing that immediately caught my eye: they are a Redken salon having Redken certified hair colorists working over there. Jackpot!
I entered to see if I would need an appointment and to ask if they could even do the ombré style. I got an appointment for the other day and the answer to my question: "If we can't do the ombré look, who can?". That was clear so this morning at 8:30 I went back there and got the treatment of my life. I spent 4 hours in this salon, only had kind and good-humoured hairdressers, got a good consultation, was supplied with a drink and fashion magazines and everybody tried to make my stay as comfortable and cheerful as possible. Also the lady who dyed my hair asked a lot about my hair routine and even made me promise to perfectly care for my hair (which I've always been doing but okay). She even solved my silicone-sulphate problem by telling me that one should definitely abstain from silicones but that it's totally okay to use shampoo with sulphates in order to get the hair properly clean.
Now let's finally come to the result...During my 4 hour stay my thoughts constantly alternated between "OMG, it's getting way to blond!" and "Oh, I can't even see a clear result" but at the end I truly loved the colour and I think it's the perfect shade for this purpose. The only thing I dislike is that she put the colour line quite high so at the moment it's more blond than brown and not really that ombré like. However in a few months when my hair has grown some more it will look perfect and that's what I'm really looking forward to. Oh and another loss in the double meaning was the price: 180€, ouch!

I got some Redken hair care samples from the hairdresser but as I'm not sure if I will buy their products after trying the samples I got some cheaper alternatives at the drug store: Balea Oil Repair Shampoo, Balea blond conditioner, John Frieda sheer blonde deep conditioner.

Now what do you think of the result? Would you even consider it as an ombré look or rather not? If you want to get the ombré style but still aren't sure about the hairdresser then I can really recommend going to a Redken salon (find your nearest one here).


  1. The ombre hairstyle suits you very well! I did it ten years ago and loved it. Glad you took the plunge! xo


  2. Dear Carmen you're lovely & this hairstyle is very stylish M-C

  3. Beautiful result ! It is perfect on you sweetie :)

  4. you look SO GOOD with ombre!! i love how the blonde tips lighten up your face, it looks awesome!

    xo marlen
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  5. your hair is soooo shinnyyy!!

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  6. ohhhh exciting - I saw your picture on instagram this afternoon :)
    really like the shade of blonde that they used... it looks great! xx

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  7. Amazing hair ;)


  8. Oh, you look lovely! I loved your hair! I do think it looks ombre! Ouch, the rice is expensive, but it's what it costs every time we go to the hairdresser, and it is normal to be once a month - but yes, it's expensive anyway! I loved the style! I would consider that, it's inspiring!

  9. Carmen, I really love how they made your hair! Really cool! Plus, you have such a sweet face, the color pop up your eyes!:) You know that I didnt come to a hairdresser from ages, always had bad experiences, plus are pretty expensive. Have to consider this chain now, thanks for sharing!:) Kisses! xo

  10. really cute!! http://exality.blogspot.com/

  11. Love it! It looks beautiful on u :)



  12. wow carmen you're beautiful..love your color...great result..

  13. The salon sounds really fantastic and I like that they care! You ombre hair looks so beautiful and very healthy! Expensive but looks wonderful!


  14. So cute xx

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!:)


  15. I really love it! I love how she did your bangs, as well. The blonde may give you a chance to experiment with hair chalk in case you wanted some color for a day :)


  16. Hi Carmen, the salon sounds like an amazing place to be pampered at. Oh my gosh about this price, when I convert it to my currency its double the amount that we would pay here! You look lovely with this lighter shade, really suits you beautifully and the best part about ombre (eventhough its higher now) is that it grows out so it will always look maintained. Thanks for sharing your beauty views with me :) Happy Friday!

  17. love the tips!! :D love the full fringe too!! oh man, i need a haircut.. this post just reminded me of that! hahaha!

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  18. I love this new look lovely! There's all different kinds of definitions of ombre and this is very much one of them! It reminds me of my first ombre do a few years ago!


  19. I love it! The Redken people did very well!

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  20. You look so lovely with the new look, thanks for always great tips.



  21. Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar. Ich kenne in dieser Weise nur das Haarschutzspray von Sun Ozon, welches ja die Haare von der Sonne schützen soll. Ein Spray, was die Haare vorm Glätten und Föhnen schützt und gut ist, ist das Balea Trend It Up! Beschützendes Spray (falls du so was eher suchst).
    Liebe Grüße,

  22. Deine Haaren sehen sehr schön aus, toller Glanz!

    Liebste Grüße



  23. Looks good! And the bangs look great on you as well.

  24. Hey Liebes,
    also ich habe meinen Ombrelook ja jetzt gut seit einem Monat und bin immer noch total beigeistert. Dieser Verlauf ist einfach wunderschön! Bei deinem Schnitt wirkt das richtig gut und gekonnt, sieht einfach klasse aus! Falls dir deine Haare zu gelb erscheinen sollten, empfehle ich dir Die Antigelb-Spülung von Guhl. Ist so ne lila Tube und wirklich klasse! Aber dein Ergebnis sieht ja auch schon bombe aus, da muss man ja gar nicht mehr machen! Steht dir ausgezeichnet. Kann mir auch vorstellen, dass es mit leichten Wellen/Locken herrlich sommerlich aussieht!

    ein wunderschönes Wochenende wünsche ich dir :)

  25. I am not an ombre expert, therefore I can't really say whether your result matches this look. All I can say is that it looks very good to me! I wouldn't try such style as my hair is really jet black and I tried once to go blonde and it turned out orange. I find it easier to just maintain the hair colour that I have even though it's boring at times.

  26. Oh my goodness, I LOVE IT!!! It looks so nice and really compliments your skin tone and eyes. I'm so glad you did it! My motto is just try stuff you want to do with your hair, it will always grow out, trust me, I know!!!

    I've always had a somewhat ombre look to my hair because I always have roots and some other color at the ends lol. I'm pretty bad about doing my roots.

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