Event: Swap in the City

Last week I already shortly mentioned that I went to the Swap in the City event in Cologne. As I had planned several other posts and wanted to wait for the pictures that were posted on the event's fan page I had to wait with the post about it until today. Yet I'm really excited to finally tell you about it, as it definitely is a great event I will hopefully attend many more times. First off all: What is Swap in the City? Well, it is an event where you bring some old clothes and exchange them against other women's second hand pieces. After dispensing your clothes you have to wait a few hours so they can be arranged by size. During this time you have the possibility to get pampered on the countless beauty booths. When the "swap boutique" opens its doors, you can use the chips you got for your old clothes to "buy" some new ones.
As you might remember I already went to this event last year (see the post here), but this year was just so much better! We got a manicure done at the Senzera booth, got free Dunkin' Donuts, Häagen-Dazs ice cream and champagne, met a German tv actress, were asked to take pictures with the band Titanmoon and got autographs, got a hand massage at the Rituals booth, got a goodie bag full of amazing stuff, took funny pictures at the BeeDees both and got a neck massage from a personal trainer. The whole thing is not completely for free, the tickets cost us 15€ but I think that it was totally worth the money and I'm already looking forward to going there again in autumn. Now let me share the pics of the event, the goodie bag and my swapped clothes (the pictures marked with "Swap in the City" and the picture with the band were taken from the SitC Facebook page):

(Can you spot me in the crowd? Haha!)

Content of the goodie bag + some samples we got at the different beauty booths: Gliss Kur Hair Repair deep conditioner, Gliss Kur Hair Repair colour shampoo, Tiroler Nussöl after sun, Weleda Wild Rose shower cream, Weleda Citrus body lotion, Weleda refreshing cleanser, Rituals T'ai Chi foaming shower gel (I love it!), Lush Fun (green), BeYu Beauty Queen volume mascara

clothes and accessories I swapped:

jelly flats - Laik Moda

boots - Deichmann

 blouse - H&M

 blouse - Zara

 sheer dress - Vero Moda

 lace dress - Steps

Phew, now that was a long post, wasn't it? If you read through it all you deserve my sincere respect! And if you still haven't got enough you can furthermore watch the video of the event:

There are no words to describe how amazing this day was and I really want to thank my two friends who came along with me and shared the funny and gorgeous moments. And now it's your turn to speak: Have you been to a similar event? Are there swapping events where you live? And do you know the band Titanmoon? The guys have been so friendly and humble and I would love to hear that they are already known around the world!


  1. Oaaahh.. :) ich liebe soche Events!! :D

  2. WOW! It looks like such a wonderful event :D


  3. Nice post and like I see it was a perfect event. Have a great day.


  4. Looks like a super fun event! would you like to follow each other? xx


  5. That sounds like a really fun event. There has never been and probably never will be an event like that in my town! I guess I need to move to Europe. I haven't heard of that band :)

    Life of Mabel

  6. How cool! Must have been very funny! I never partecipated to a similar event but I would love too!:) Kisses! xo

  7. Seems like a cool event!



  8. What a cool event. Unfortunately I have never had the chance to attend one. The doughnuts look amazing!

    So if I ever think it's you that I see at CineBelval, it probably is and I will come and say hi.

  9. Salute
    Le vernis Or est super !
    Bonne soirée

  10. How fun! Any place with good donuts is the place to be!
    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola

  11. Heeeyyy!!
    A free TOPSHOP giveaway on my blog!!!! :*


  12. Cool, I guess you had a great time:) and I love your new clothes

  13. Love those blue boots. It's a great idea for an event!


  14. The ballerinas are my favorite!

  15. Great post. The donuts look so delicious. I like your blog. Maybe you can visit my blog and follow me on gfc and bloglovin.

  16. Great event


  17. looks a lot of fun, Ich hab nicht gewusst, that German makes so kind of parties. awesome http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/

  18. Super gut, gefällt mir! <3

    Allerliebste Grüße,


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