Cooking Made Easy: Pasta with Salmon Cream Sauce

Today I will share a really special recipe. Now you're probably wondering why it should be so special, right? Well first of all it is a really quick and easy recipe but then again probably one a lot of people will like. It can be cooked during the week for your family as it is a pasta recipe (and everybody loves pasta) or on Sundays when meeting the parents-in-law as the lemon juice can be replaced by white wine. Because of the fish and lemon it's also a really fresh recipe that´s perfect for summer. But the main reason why this recipe is so special to me is that it's just my favourite dish ever! And as I'm a major foodie that´s bound to mean something. So what are you waiting for? This recipe needs to be tried! (P.S.: Before serving this to your parents-in-law make sure they don't have a seafood allergy...).

(ingredients for 2 servings)

 How to proceed:

1. Cut the defrosted or fresh fish in little cubes and pan-fry them while you also prepare the pasta.
2. Put the fish on a plate and put the cut garlic and onion in the pan. 
3. Pour as much cream and lemon juice (or white wine) as you like and flavour with salt and pepper. Add some chives or other herbs that go well with fish.
4. Blend the fish and pasta, put everything on nice plates, decorate with some more chives and serve immediately.
5. Enjoy!

What do you think about this recipe, does it sound good to you? In fact you can get me with any dish that contains lemon juice, I could literally add it to everything! What are your favourite pasta or fish recipes for summer?


  1. OO, I like that post. looks yummy. Have a grezat weekend.


  2. Just wow this looks soooooo amazing, and delicious. I could so eat this right now xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  3. Pasta is my staple diet and I have actually never tired it with salmon before, thanks for this great suggestion and wonderful recipe, Yum!

  4. omg yum! i love salmon and pasta so this is perfect!

  5. Salmon! Omg sounds amazing x

  6. It looks delicious!!! nam nam nam :D


  7. Looks great! My boyfriend would love this :-)

  8. beautiful!!!!:)

  9. I have a similar recipe and I just love it! I eat pasta with salmon every other week because it is so delicious :)

  10. I love pasta and I love salmon; this is the perfect combination!

  11. Delicious, I love pasta ! :)

  12. Das sieht sehr lecker aus, ich esse sowas auch total gerne!

    Liebste Grüße



  13. Wow, die Fotos sind unglaublich cool geworden!! Schaut total lecker aus!



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