Beauty Empties: July

Above you can see this month's beauty empties. To read the reviews and see whether I liked the products or not, simply scroll down (I'm sure you know the procedure by now, tee-hee...).

1 Bebe Young Care Holiday Skin self-tanning lotion
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? In fact this product isn't empty yet but I have opened it some years ago and as I recently read that self-tanning lotions can produce harming substances when they come in contact with heat and are older than 6 months I decided not to use it anymore. However I really liked this lotion as it gets you a really natural tan step by step so you will only see a clear result after 3 days or so but you can hardly do anything wrong. I don't even know if they still sell this very product but if I happen to see it in stores I might rebuy it.

2 Essence 24h hand protection balm winter edition (Apple Cinnamon Punch)
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? I bought this hand balm last winter together with the two other winter edition balms they had. I really loved the smell of this one and if I should happen to empty my other hand creams soon and if they have a similar winter edition this year I will rebuy it. What I also liked about this product is that it is really moisturizing and has a perfect texture for rough winter days. The first 3 ingredients of this balm are water, coconut oil and shea butter which should be another proof for its efficiency.

3 Manhattan Base Line Mascara Base & Eyebrow Gel
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? Another product I've been having for ages. I basically only used it as an eyebrow gel as I didn't like it as a mascara base. I will probably rebuy an eyebrow gel but I'm not sure whether it will be this one or another product (p2 are having an interesting looking one at the moment!).

4 Yves Rocher Pampering Scrub (with apricot kernels)
Rebuy it? Yes. Why? If there is one thing I like at Yves Rocher it's their scrubs! I have the most gorgeous body scrub from Y.R. and I was also satisfied with this face scrub. It leaves my skin palpably clean and as the kernels are quite small I don´t have to worry about skin damages.

5 Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair heat protection spray
Rebuy it? No! Why? I wasn't satisfied with this product at all. It didn't smell nice, was a mess to dispense and most of the spray ended on my shoulders or on the floor. I already bought a different hair protection product I like way better.

6 Balea shaving foam Buttermilk Lemon
Rebuy it? No! Why? First of all this shaving foam left my skin itching after the shaving which hadn´t been the case to such an extent with my old shaving foam. Furthermore it was empty so damn quickly! I had bought it because I wanted to try something else and because it was cheaper than similar products I had tried but it was totally not worth the money as I could only use it a few times.

What have you been using up lately? Have you been able to try any of these products and if yes, what are your opinions on them?


  1. the Pampering Scrub must have been your favorite, I like body scrubs too!

    Carla Cee

  2. I'm really curious about the scrub mask
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!

  3. Thank you for the review. YR really do have some wonderful things. As for Gliss Kur - I was a huge fan of their products once, but noticed a big difference in quality after moving countries. Shame, really. x

  4. I love empties posts (:
    I never tried any Yves Rocher scrub but that one sounds great.


  5. Hi Carmen, among the products you shared I used only the hands balm my Essence and I agree with you. Would love to try the scrub, need a new one! xo

  6. Also Essence hat die Cremes schon ein paar Jahre im Wintersortiment - die kommt sicher auch dieses Jahr rein! Hab' sie mir auch gekauft und finde sie toll :D Und das Augenbrauengel werde ich mir auch holen, aber wohl nicht von Manhattan sondern von einer billigeren Marke.

  7. I love scrubs with apricot!


  8. Great post :)


  9. Oh, I love Yves Rocher and Manhattan! The best mascara I ever had, by Manhattan! And Yves Rocher scrub must be very good! denisesplanet com

  10. Hi Carmen, I always appreciate your honesty in these reviews, I would like to try the essence lotion, the scent sounds amazing. The Yves Rocher scrub seems fantastic as well. Pity about the Gliss Hair Repair, I always see it in store and wonder whether its good, now I know :)

  11. liked the scrub, have to but one to myself!

  12. I would be interested in trying the YR scrubs, especially since you like them. Self-tanning lotions - not so much my thing... Great reviews as always!

  13. I use a really similar Gliss Kur product and I was disappointed too!


  14. i had the same hand cream and it was amazing for me :) smells like a winter to me xD lol xoxo

  15. Ooo I love empties posts! My fave. I love Yves Rocher, it's to die for!

    Love Em


  16. I used to to have the Manhattan eyebrow gel and I fricking loved that thing! :)


  17. OMG holiday skin! I used to use that ALL the time! Until they discontinued it here. Worst. Day. Ever.


  18. I used that Yves Rocher peeling too for a while and I definitely plan on buying again! I loved the smell of it, and I like how it's a bit rougher than most facial peelings.

  19. Nice review ! Yves Rocher scrub looks very good :)

  20. Sehr interessant, ich finde es echt gut wie du deine Erfahrungen zu den Produkten schilderst.

    Liebste Grüße




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