Beauty Empties: July

Above you can see this month's beauty empties. To read the reviews and see whether I liked the products or not, simply scroll down (I'm sure you know the procedure by now, tee-hee...).

1 Bebe Young Care Holiday Skin self-tanning lotion
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? In fact this product isn't empty yet but I have opened it some years ago and as I recently read that self-tanning lotions can produce harming substances when they come in contact with heat and are older than 6 months I decided not to use it anymore. However I really liked this lotion as it gets you a really natural tan step by step so you will only see a clear result after 3 days or so but you can hardly do anything wrong. I don't even know if they still sell this very product but if I happen to see it in stores I might rebuy it.


OOTD: Glitter in Summer*

Some weeks ago I was contacted by Chicnova and kindly offered a 30$ voucher. I chose this top I had been wanting to buy at H&M last season but then didn't do. I will probably wear it more in autumn or winter but combined it for summer in this post. As it is quite wide I chose to combine it with black shorts (I had also tried it on with a high-low orange neon skirt and beige harem pants but both combinations looked strange). What would you wear this top with during summer or during winter?


Manic(ure) Monday: Summer Frame Mani

After using the Essie Tart Deco last week I totally fell in love with the colour again and so I also wanted to use it for this week's manicure. On the Essie Instagram account I had seen a video of a triple frame manicure with blue and silver, which looked quite cool. I might try that manicure as well but for this week I decided to make a simple frame manicure and to combine my Tart Deco orange with an awesome neon pink.


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Cooking Made Easy: Pasta with Salmon Cream Sauce

Today I will share a really special recipe. Now you're probably wondering why it should be so special, right? Well first of all it is a really quick and easy recipe but then again probably one a lot of people will like. It can be cooked during the week for your family as it is a pasta recipe (and everybody loves pasta) or on Sundays when meeting the parents-in-law as the lemon juice can be replaced by white wine. Because of the fish and lemon it's also a really fresh recipe that´s perfect for summer. But the main reason why this recipe is so special to me is that it's just my favourite dish ever! And as I'm a major foodie that´s bound to mean something. So what are you waiting for? This recipe needs to be tried! (P.S.: Before serving this to your parents-in-law make sure they don't have a seafood allergy...).


Kate and the Must Haves

Kate Middleton Prince William prince George birth

William and Kate probably are the most perfect couple we can currently admire in public life. They always appear so happy and likeable and I totally wish them all the best they can have. While William is of course the prince charming par excellence, Kate has an impeccable style and already turned the one or the other piece into a must have. When looking at the pictures of the couple showing their baby, a lot of women immediately noticed the cute dress she was wearing. The dress was a special customization for that day so buying this very piece is impossible for us. However the designer, Jenny Packham, has some really similar pieces in her current summer collection. As the brand probably isn't that available for us normal girls I just browsed the web for some cute alternatives, just in case you want to make a blue polka dot dress the centrepiece of your summer wardrobe:


Ombré Hair

Ombré...I've been talking about doing it a lot, the last time in this post. Yesterday I was so bored (even though I should have been learning...) that I decided to go to the hairdresser and to finally get the ombré look for my hair. I didn't want to get it done at the hairdresser where I normally just go to get my bangs cut but a more elegantly looking hairdresser right around were I live came back to my mind. I had never entered this hairdresser's shop as it looked quite expensive but when I took a closer look at it yesterday there was one thing that immediately caught my eye: they are a Redken salon having Redken certified hair colorists working over there. Jackpot!


Chiara Ferragni for Louis Vuitton

Chiara Ferragni Louis Vuitton Neverful

Whenever I need a little inspiration for my blog I browse Bloglovin to see what my fellow bloggers are up to. Today that's how I found a new photoshoot Chiara Ferragni had put on her blog. I immediately fell in love with the pics as they are a perfect summer inspiration, being a little retro and held in maritime colours. At first I just wanted to save some of them on my laptop for outfit inspirations but then I knew I shouldn't keep them away from you! So here are the photos by Andrew Arthur featuring Chiara and her Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Ebene bag:


New In: Colour Sensational Shocking Coral

Colour Sensational Vivid lipsticks Maybelline swatch

Today is the day that I kissed my table. Wait, what? Okay let's start at the beginning... A few weeks ago me and my friend saw a girl that wore to most bright and awesome lipstick ever and we knew we needed to have a similar one as soon as possible. Always reading tons of beauty blogs I knew that there were these Colour Sensational Vivid lipsticks from Maybelline and so after checking a Youtube video showing all the available swatches I decided to give them a try. Yesterday I went to my local drug store and as a recompense for my hard learning (well, it wasn't that hard but hey...) I got myself the Shocking Coral lipstick. As I am such a fan of the bright colour and the packaging of the lipstick I decided not only to make a normal "New In" post but to make a little photo shooting with my new baby. The part about me kissing my kitchen table should be explained in the later shots... (No make-up, food or furniture were harmed in the making of these pics!)


Manic(ure) Monday: Tart Deco

While my last two post where about my new Essie nail polishes, this one will be about a shade I've been having for quite a while but rediscovered for myself as I have seen a lot of people wearing it lately. It's the lovely Essie Tart Deco which is just such a unique shade, looking like pastel orange under bright light and like a neon orange when it gets darker. Even though I like my nail styles simple these days, I thought it would make a perfect summer manicure adding some white and dots.


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Cooking Made Easy: A Berry Good Smoothie

With this heat we're having at the moment, nobody really is into cooking and even eating can be too exhausting (#sadstory) but luckily enough there is one thing you can't have enough of this summer: a cool and fresh smoothie! I must admit that I only recently discovered my love for homemade smoothies but therefore I will now be doing them as often as I can. Today I want to share one of my favourites: a berry smoothie with some coconut milk. (Okay it isn't really a smoothie in the original definition of the word when you add coconut milk but let's not be fussy.)


Blogger's Secret: 10 Blog Must Haves

As I got a lot of positive feedback on my blogging tips series and as I also really enjoy writing these posts, I decided to keep them going. Last week I had been talking about 10 Blogging Faux Pas thus 10 things a blogger should not do in order not to put his/her readers off. Today I will be talking about the contrary and show you 10 things your blog should have in order to look more professional or appealing.



In this post I had already shortly mentioned the new blogger community called MyStyleHit. Basically it's a German web page for everybody interested in fashion, beauty and lifestyle but since the beginning of this year it has elaborated a gorgeous Blogger VIP program. What you can do as a blogger is to upload your outfits or beauty and lifestyle pics or interact with other bloggers. For your effort of being active on MyStyleHit you will be rewarded in several ways. By achieving the level of a bronze blogger you will get an individual surprise package and you'll be able to benefit from other advantages like gift coupons, blog stats or blog hosting on MyStyleHit. The higher your level the more benefits you'll get. Something we're all eagerly waiting for is the placement of blog cooperations that will go online soon. I really couldn't be more happy to have signed up to MSH as it introduced me to some blogs I didn't know yet but am now eagerly following. Also the forum makes it possible to answer all the question a blogger may have but could never ask. Yesterday my much sought-after surprise package arrived and I can't wait to share what I got:


OOTD: Blouse? Check!*

Yesterday I already introduced you to my new blouse from Persun Mall and today I will show you the outfit in which I combined it. For the pictures I wore this blue skirt but later I changed to white shorts as I was not sure about the combination. I still can't decide which style I like better but I think it'll just depend on the occasion.


New In: Checked Blouse

Today just a little new in for you guys. My collaboration with Persun Mall continues with this checked blouse, the outfit pics will probably be online by tomorrow. I must say that I quite like the concept of the blouse even if two things are a bit strange: 1. It isn't blue and white as you might guess from my pictures and also from the picture they put on their web page but it's rather blue and some kind of mustard yellow. 2. It has this pocket detail on the right side which isn't really a pocket but rather looks like excess cloth they had to somehow sew in... Really weird but it seems like that's really how the blouse was meant to be.


Manic(ure) Monday: Miss Fancy Pants

Last week I already told you about the Essie VIP Blogger program and the two Essie nail polishes I won. Today it's time to take a closer look at the second shade: Miss Fancy Pants. It has a perfect taupe colour and is thus another nail polish shade that has been on my wish list for ages. On the pictures I'm wearing two layers of the nail polish:


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OOTD: Festival Shirt*

From all the collaborations I did so far I've always preferred the ones with more unknown but therefor really creative shops. Today I'm presenting you the brand edelbunt by a German designer. She contacted me and offered to send me one of her shirts and I chose what I consider as the perfect festival shirt! It says "Mucke, Meute, Matsche" which is colloquial German and means something like "music, crowd, mud" and is thus the perfect statement for festival addicts.


Inspiration: Ombré Hair

You know that I wanted to have ombré hair since I first saw it one someone else. The problem was that back then I had really short and straight hair so I have been letting it grow for two years now! During that time I collected some ombré inspirations I really liked so I could show them to my hairdresser when I would finally decided to take this big step. I think that by now my hair is long enough to get an ombré style but as it's still straight I will probably have to find a really good hairdress, which can be quite hard when you don't even have time to go to any old hairdresser to get your bangs cut (examination stress is bad for my look, haha!). So until the day I finally find the time to go the hairdresser you and I will have to wait in order to see how ombré looks on me and admire these successful hairstyles:


Blogger's Secret: Top 10 Blogging Faux Pas

Since the very beginning this blog has been about sharing my knowledge about fashion and beauty. By now I accumulated other skills I feel the urge to share: those about the act of blogging itself. Ain't it funny how everything ends in a self-reflection? During the last weeks I've been doing so much research on better blogging, SEO and blog design that I absolutely feel I should share all the amazing things I learned! That's why I will start a new post series of which I don't know how it will develop yet: the Blogger's Secrets (please excuse the obvious play on words, being a would-be philologist has it's side effects, too...ahem!). As I don't want to knock you down with all the complicated stuff I learned (and believe me, blogging optimization is among the most complicated things I had to deal with so far!), I will just start off with a post that every blogger will be able to easily benefit from: a list with blogging faux pas. Before beginning I should tell you how the list came about: A few weeks ago I discovered an amazing blogger network and if you're a blogger living in the German-speaking area you should just leave my blog right now and sign up for My Style Hit! I will talk about the network at a later time but the reason I mention it already now is that all the blogging faux pas I will list were put together by bloggers in a forum on that very web page. I think that's important to mention because it should show you that the following are points a lot of people agree on and that they're not just my humble opinion. Let's start off:


Tried and Tested: Ebelin Beautyblender

review beauty blender dupe

By now you probably all heard of the original beautyblender which almost every beauty blogger has reviewed at some point or another. Personally I have never been using any sponge or brush to apply my liquid foundation so I wasn't ready to pay the full price for the original just to try it out. Luckily for me you can get a beautyblender dupe of which I read a lot of positive reviews: the Ebelin precision make-up egg (available at the German drug store dm). As I really hate having my liquid foundation all over my hands after applying it I decided to see what the blender hype was all about and here is what I experienced:


OOTD: Just a Floral Dress

As it's finally getting hotter over here as well I could wear this light summer dress last weekend. In fact I wore nice ethnic earrings and a yellow flower bag with the outfit but somehow they didn't make it to the pictures (that's what happens when you take the pictures in the evening and not right in the morning before leaving the house...). However I hope you'll like the outfit nevertheless and if you'd like to see how I combined this dress last year you could check this post.


Manic(ure) Monday: Essie VIP Blogger

Subscribing to the newsletter of your favourite brands has a lot of advantages. For example the last newsletter I got from Essie introduced a new program for bloggers interested in nail art. Unfortunately I don't know if such a program exists in other countries as well but in the German-speaking region it does and is about press releases and nail art contests. The first 100 bloggers entering the program were promised an Essie present and as I was lucky enough to read the newsletter quite early I found a little parcel waiting for me when I came home yesterday. As a present I got the nail polishes Recessionista and Miss Fancy Pants and a glass nail file.


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Thoughts on Men's Fashion (Bloggers)

During these last days, I came in contact with more and more male fashion bloggers but only when I discovered Adam Gallagher's blog I really started thinking about men's presence in the world of fashion and about my view on men's fashion blogs. Until last week I haven't been actively following a single fashion blog written by men and if I did have a look at men's collections it was only because other (female) bloggers had been posting them. Even without having any statistics or reports, I'm pretty sure, that a lot of you girls could tell the same about your experience with male fashion, right?


OOTD: The New Bag

As promised yesterday I am posting an outfit with my new bag. The wedges I'm wearing are new to my collection as well, my aunt handed them down to me as they weren't really her size (#luckygirl!). Oh and speaking of outfit posts: What do you think is the ideal number of outfit pics? I'm asking you this because lately I've read a lot of articles on better blogging and bringing a blog to a more professional level and one article I read on IFB said that 3 outfit pics should be totally enough as they already show all you need to see. While this is of course true I always like to see more outfit pics because I think that any form of fashion photography (be it as unprofessional and humble as it wants) can be fascinating! Of course I don't want to scroll down all day either but I somehow expect an outfit post to contain at least 5, 6 or rather even 7 photos. What do you think on this subject?


New In: The Perfect Tote Bag

Last week my boyfriend went to Brussels and brought me the most perfect souvenir. I had been looking for a nice tote bag for ages but never found one or hesitated to buy the ones I liked because after all I already own more bags than I can wear, haha! What I needed was indeed a bag that I can take to university, thus a really large one to put all my stuff inside, and a bag for travelling which has just the size to put my camera and articles of value inside. Now the bag my boyfriend brought me is indeed an amazing tote, I'm in love with the shape and size!, but contains another small bag perfect for travelling.

I'm in love! With my boyfriend, of course, what did you think...? No but seriously this is probably one of the most useful bags I own and I'm sure that this one won't collect dust on my bag rack. Have you found your perfect bag yet? Size, brand, colour, tell me more about it!

P.S.: Tomorrow I will be posting and OOTD with my new baby.


Event: Swap in the City

Last week I already shortly mentioned that I went to the Swap in the City event in Cologne. As I had planned several other posts and wanted to wait for the pictures that were posted on the event's fan page I had to wait with the post about it until today. Yet I'm really excited to finally tell you about it, as it definitely is a great event I will hopefully attend many more times. First off all: What is Swap in the City? Well, it is an event where you bring some old clothes and exchange them against other women's second hand pieces. After dispensing your clothes you have to wait a few hours so they can be arranged by size. During this time you have the possibility to get pampered on the countless beauty booths. When the "swap boutique" opens its doors, you can use the chips you got for your old clothes to "buy" some new ones.


Monthly Must Haves: July

As you can see this month's wish list is quite motley. I added the links to the shops under the collages as the one or other store might not be that familiar. What is on your wish list in July? Any special collections you're looking forward to?


Manic(ure) Monday: Glitter Ombré

As I spared my nails these last weeks and made them grow to a length they didn't reach in a long time, I thought it was time for a more elaborated nail art again, featuring glitter and blue, two of my favourite manicure elements! Blue glitter ombré manicure, anyone? Look at the following pics to get a step by step tutorial:

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