Beauty Empties: June

In June I didn't empty too many interesting stuff, most of these are even rebuys. Some of the products may be worth talking about nevertheless so I'll just quickly share my opinions with you.

1 Nivea doubla effect 48h deodorant/antiperspirant 2 Nivea pure&natural action 24h deodorant
Rebuy them? Maybe. Why? Even if both products are quite different, the one being an antiperspirant, the other a simple deodorant, I didn't see much differences. The first one claims to keep you axles neat for a longer time and is without alcohol. What I liked is that it didn´t burn as much after shaving as the 2nd one did. Therefor number 2 is free from aluminium salts and parabens which I think is important, too. Nivea deodorants are indeed some of my favourites but recently I bought a Sebamed deodorant which is free from alcohol and aluminum salts at the same time, which I think is even better.

3 Gillette Satin Care shaving foam
Rebuy it? Yes! Why? I have used these since I started to do hair removal and I've always been satisfied. When this one was empty and I needed a new shaving foam I thought that I could at last try another brand so I got a cheaper version at the drugstore. However this new version, which I will review as soon as it's empty, leaves my legs itching which I absolutely can't stand. So next time I'll get another Gilette product!

4 Diadermine Bi-Phase Express eye make-up remover
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? In fact there was nothing to say against this product as it worked fine but the closure head broke after a few days so I couldn't carry it around anymore. That's why I think that I´ll rather stick to my favourite eye make-up remover, the Maybelline Cils Demasq, which I had reviewed here.

5 Schwarzkopf 3 Wetter taft volume hair spray
Rebuy it? No. Why? I got this hair spray as a sample and there is nothing to say against it but lately I bought a hair spray by the same brand which is without silicone and perfume and should thus be better for my hair than a regular hair spray. 

So that was it for this month. Did you spot any products you´ve been using as well? What have you been using up this month?


  1. Thanks for reviews...I also like using the Nivea body products, they are quite good. I appreciate your honesty on the hairspray.

  2. They don't sell any of this stuff in the US except for the shave cream, which I also love. They also don't sell the Garnier Tonic lotion :( I can probably get some on Amazon.

    I've been using tons of Phyto products on my super damaged hair and they've helped so much. Also been using tons of BB creams!

    Life of Mabel

  3. Very interesting dear xoxo M-C

  4. Awesome post! Great beauty must haves!
    Kisses from Miami,

  5. I have never tried any of these products. Great info regarding the Nivea deodorant; I will bear this in mind.

  6. Hi Carmen, have bought the Nivea deodorant, they smell nice and are lasting but you know, they got dirty my clothes!:/ Kisses! xo

  7. Very nice review ! Love Nivea products :)

  8. It's great that you are paying attention to the ingredients! I should start doing that too!


  9. Nice :D


  10. Great post and interesting stuff; love the Nivea deo sprays, they always smell so "clean" and fresh.


    My Bathroom Is My Castle – Beauty Blog

  11. cool products thanks for your advice for the hair volume spray, I'm looking for the perfect one!!

  12. Nice products :-)

  13. The number 3 looks like a great product!

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