5 Quick Tips to finally Love your Legs

Being women we all have our little problems with this or that part of our body. I am not a skinny girl and even if I learned to live with and sometimes even like my curves I have one part about my body I'm always at loggerheads with: my legs. During the time I collected 5 little tips that made me feel more at ease with my problem area, which I want to share with you.

#1 Get Used to your Legs

Now this may sound a little strange to you as we're all using our legs every day and should be used to our body more than to anything else. However we tend to hide the part of our body we don't like in wide, long clothes. Wearing long pants all year and then suddenly switching to a bikini must be a little shock for our self-confidence! Therefor my first advice would be to wear shorts whenever you can. This may only be at home or only in your free time but the more you see your bare legs in situations where you really don't need to care about them, the more you will get used to seeing them in every other situation as well. Personally I love my legs in shorts as long as I'm at home, I even stop and mirrors and think "Why, your legs don't look that bad after all!" but as soon as I leave the house I want to hide them under tables or behind huge bags. So I'm still working on this advice myself, haha!

#2 Do Something against Cellulite

Now this is indeed easier said than done but I'll share my tip nevertheless. I feel this is the advice that helps me most because it's the one where I see results most quickly. What I do to get rid of my cellulite as far as possible is to use two products: a massage sponge and the Garnier Body Tonic lotion. I use the massage sponge in the shower and it makes my skin incredibly soft. Then I try to use the Body Tonic on a daily basis. Usually my skin looks firmer after a few days.

#3 Detox

There are some drinks that claim to be able to detox your body and remove excess fat. Even if these effects haven't been proven I'm sure that detoxing won't harm (as long as you still keep up a healthy diet!). My favourite detox drink is known as the Master Cleanser. You can find some more information about it here, however I drink a simplified version which may not achieve that much but which tastes good and matches my lifestyle. I simply take a big lemon and squeeze its juice into a 1,5l water bottle. Then I add almost a teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper and drink it during the day together with other liquids like a cup of tea in the morning, a cup of coffee in the evening and some glasses of normal water during lunch. Even if it isn't for the detox, drinking enough water is a huge step towards getting rid of cellulite and excess fat. Also green tea has a purging effect and you should drink it before and after each meal.

#4 Train your Legs

Not everybody is into sports, I surely am not. I loved to dance but since I went to university I haven't found a good dance group anymore. Therefor I go to the gym but sometimes I'm just not motivated enough to do the whole training schedule. On these days I just train my legs on a fitness device I like. If you're not doing any sport so far why don't you just go to your local gym and ask for a training schedule adapted to your problem area? Or you look for other sports that are especially good for training your legs like dancing or aerobics.

#5 Tan your Legs

Tanned legs look slimmer, no doubt. Of course we don´t always have the possibility to go outside and get a natural tan but luckily there are self-tanning lotions. If you are not that good at using them I would recommend to start off with a light, diluted lotion like the ones from Bebe Young Care. If you get the occasion to bathe in the sun please don't forget the suncream! You get special ones that will boost the natural tanning process like for example the Nivea protect & bronze. Also don't stay in the sun for too long because matured skin is not what we want to get pretty legs. (I think I don't need to explain why the sunbed is NOT an option, right?) Whether you legs are tanned or not, a decent glitter body lotion will give them a lovely glow.

Was this post able to bring you any new insight? What is your problem area and what do you do to get in shape?


  1. Great and useful post!!!
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  2. Hi! So great!!! Thank you for your advices!!!
    Have a nice day!!!
    Angela Donava

  3. Can you get me 5 tips about how to like my arms??? My problem area is my arms. I have no muscle at all, they're just blobs hanging from my torso lol.

    I've given up on trying to get rid of cellulite. Does that lemon/cayenne drink really help?

    Life of Mabel

  4. really interesting advice dear

    NEW POST!!!

  5. Hi Carmen, thanks for the tips, they are really good, I usually try to walk more possible during the day! Kisses! xo

  6. Really great tips Carmen!


  7. My problem area is actually my butt, because I have to sit all through work, but I also found out that those firming creams actually work and you can see some difference after just few days. And tanning (via sun or cream), a good tan makes everything look better.:)

  8. Very useful advice! I keep my legs in shape through running and weights.

  9. I need to work on step 5 :)

    Do these self tanners work well all over your body, please reply on my blog! :)


  10. What a great post.

    I found many helpful tips .


  11. Thank you for the great tips! Luckily I will have 2 holidays after few days, so I am definitely going to treat my legs & sunbathe too! mm :)


  12. Very nice tips!

    My legs are also the part of my body and dislike the most.



  13. Great post !


  14. Thanks for this great post Carmen, I think so many of us have issues with us and your tips and advice was really helpful!It was great hearing your trend insight on my last post...Happy End Of The Week!

  15. Thank you! A few years ago, I hated my ridiculously short legs. All I wanted were long (photoshopped) legs seen in the magazines. But I finally found my leg love:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  16. not the biggest fan of my legs too! hahaha! but, i do agree.. tanned legs look so good than pale ones. hahaha! :D

    Click me for my BLOG!

  17. Echt tolle Tipps! Ich habe inzwischen auch kein so großes Problem mehr mit meinen Beinen. Da wir hier in Deutschland ja nun eine Woche Zeit hatten Sommerbräune zu bekommen habe ich die genutzt um ein bisschen Farbe abzubekommen. Gebräunte Beine in bunten Shorts sind einfach das tollste *___*
    Vielen Dank übrigens für deinen Kommentar! Ich finde auch, die Verpackungen sehen total yummi aus xD Gut gemacht, Essence, das Verpackungsdesign ist diesmal wirklich gelungen.

  18. Great tips :-) I like my legs, but I don't love them yet.

  19. Ja es war wirklich ein tolles Wochenende : ) Richtig schöner Post, ich hab auch ein Riesenproblem mit meinen Beinen, geht wahrscheinlich jedem zweiten Mädchen so.

    Liebe Grüße


  20. This is good advice! I feel this way about my arms, and I felt like I was missing out on some clothes or cooling off. My arms are quite heavy, but I started to wear tank tops when I exercise or when I take the dog for a walk and it builds my confidence! Putting sunless tanning on my arms helps a lot!


  21. Great post, training and water really helps


  22. Useful tips, I would love to love my legs, I mean I love them in the morning, but I sufer from water retention and during the day they are so swollen and weird-looking. I've tried everything- from special diets without salt with more exercises, even less water...it just won't work.

    Have an amazing weekend,
    Mary x

  23. These are really great advices :) #1 is so me :D I can´t used to my legs but last year I started to wear skirts and dresses almost every day and I´m better about legs now :) I need sun to get tan finally! :D

  24. Love these advices.. I hate my legs so I always use trousers, literally never use skirts or tights but I'd try to love them a little bit more now x


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