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Beauty Empties: June

In June I didn't empty too many interesting stuff, most of these are even rebuys. Some of the products may be worth talking about nevertheless so I'll just quickly share my opinions with you.


5 Quick Tips to finally Love your Legs

Being women we all have our little problems with this or that part of our body. I am not a skinny girl and even if I learned to live with and sometimes even like my curves I have one part about my body I'm always at loggerheads with: my legs. During the time I collected 5 little tips that made me feel more at ease with my problem area, which I want to share with you.


New In: Beauty and Candles

Lately I was in need of some basic beauty products but I also purchased my first Yankee candle. I had found out that you can actually buy those in Germany and they even were on sale!


OOTD: White Blazer*

Just as many other bloggers, I was contacted to work with Persun Mall as well. Normally they have a list of items among which you can choose but as I didn't like the ones and saw problems with the size of others I already ticked the collaboration off. However I was contacted again and when I told the reason why I didn't want to do the collaborations I was offered to choose any other item from the Free Shipping Area worth between 30$ and 50$. At first I felt a bit impudent asking for something other bloggers won't be offered but then it came to my mind that the brands we're working with will get way more out of this collaboration than just a piece of clothing. How many bloggers have been talking about Persun Mall, Oasap and Sheinside and how many people have been ordering over there afterwards? Of course it's great to get free stuff but why should you order something you don't even like, advertising a brand that doesn't sell you size? Please girls, don't let people take you for a fool! Ask for your size and ask for clothes you like and when you can't get them then have the courage to say no to a collaboration! As I was kindly offered to choose something I really like I also ordered something at Persun Mall and agreed the collaboration so here you can see my great new blazer which does indeed fit perfectly. I have been wanting to get a white blazer for ages but never saw myself spending money on it so when ordering it at Persun Mall I really made the collaboration worth it for me. Even if like me you do the blogging because of the fun and not because of money or freebies you can still try to get the most out of the collaborations.


Manic(ure) Monday: OPI Nude and Glitter

Yesterday I went to the Swap in the City event in Cologne. I will be doing a separate post about the event this week but if you already want to know what it is you can read last year's post here. Anyway I had the possibility to get my nails done over there by the Senzera team. I think it was the first time that I got a professional manicure and as it was for free I was quite a happy girl! Among their OPI nail polishes they used I chose a nude pink of which I unfortunately don´t know the name. Back home I decided to add some glitter in order to make the manicure worth showing in this post. Here's how it turned out:


My Week on Instagram

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You can also find my Instagram pictures on my Facebook or Twitter account.


Tried and Tested: Body Shop Hair Care

As promised in the corresponding "New In" post I have been trying The Body Shop Rainforest hair care products for a while and will now review them. To keep the post as clear as possible I will first talk about the general characteristics of the products, then do a pros and cons list and give a general conclusion at the end. Let's start off:


Festival Outfit Guide

Festival season has begun! It's the time of the year when we spend most of our time outside, the time when everything seems way easier. However choosing the right festival outfit can be quite tough. While in some countries shorts and sandals are just fine, you will be really lucky if you don't need your rubber boots in other countries. As festival outfits really excite me and as I will also go to the one or other festival this year I prepared some matching outfits for any weather:


Throwback Travel Thursday: Munich and Frankfurt

First of all let me tell you that I'm really happy to be able to write this post right now because we just had a terrible thunderstorm with torrential rain, hail and power blackout which means that I didn't have Internet and almost no possibility to communicate with the outside world. At least I benefited from the spare time to do my Latin homework, haha! But now let's go over to more delectable things. This is my last "Throwback Travel Thursday" post for now as we reached the last two stops of my Interrail trip: Munich and Frankfurt. Both are really big and well known German cities and we mainly went there to get some information about the universities because back at that time me and my friend where thinking about studying in one of those cities. Of course the following pictures aren't as interesting as the ones I took in Venice or Milan but maybe they'll inspire you nevertheless:



Tried and Tested: Kiko Face Brush

Last week I went to Cologne only to get this brush from the Kiko store and now I want to share with you why it was worth the journey. The reason why I wanted to have the brush is because a Shiseido sales assistant had told me that the 3€ face brushes from the drugstore are way to stiff to be beneficial for the skin. The Shiseido brushes however cost about 20€ which in my opinion is way too much. When searching the internet for cheaper alternatives I found a blog post where this Kiko brush and the Shiseido one were compared and the blogger came to the conclusion that both are almost the same while the Kiko is way cheaper (5,90€).


News: Designer Collaborations + Giveaway Winner!

The day a lot of you have been waiting for has come: Today I will announce the winner of my Stylefruits Giveaway which was the most popular giveaway on my blog so far (no wonder with prizes such as a YSL lip balm...Still wish I could keep it!). The lucky lady already got an e-mail and it is... Sílvia! Congrats dear! Of course you're all invited to keep following my blog as there will be other lovely giveaways for sure.
Now let's go over to other news that will affect all of you (as far as you're interested in fashion or beauty). Over the last weeks some news about interesting collaborations reached me and I didn't want to deprive you of the following:

1. Isabel Marant pour H&M


Manic(ure) Monday: The Right Direction

After last week's break my nails had enough time to recover from the glitter top coat damages. It's really incredible how well they grow if you leave them a bit of nail polish free time! However I had a manicure in mind I absolutely wanted to try and as it comes without glitter I reopened my "manicure saloon" this morning:


My Week on Instagram

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OOTD: Shopping in Cologne

On Tuesday I went to Cologne with my neighbour. In fact I only needed the face brush from the Kiko store which you could see in yesterday's "New In" post and our trip turned out to be more of a touristic tour than a shopping tour but we had a lot of fun. In order to show you the city I took some pics of the shops I liked and of the town´s landmark: the Cologne Cathedral. As we were already taking pics my friend was also kind enough to shoot my outfit. I wore something rather casual but I have rediscovered this bag for myself (I had already bought it last summer) and made it the centrepiece of my look.


New In: Random

Lately I've been collection some random new ins to show you. As you can see I'm more into buying accessories than clothes these days.

cupcake bath bomb

bath bomb - 2,75€


Throwback Travel Thursday: Venice

Off to the next stop in Italy: Venice. I've been there twice so far and would go back at any time. What I really like about this city is that you have beach holidays and city trip altogether.


OOTD: Flowers for Mother's Day

In Luxembourg Mother's Day and Father's Day are on other dates than in most countries. So Mother's Day was this Sunday and we spent it at the restaurant with my grandma, her children and grandchildren. For me it was the perfect occasion to wear my second pair of white pants. (Today I saw that they are 50% off at H&M already... I should have waited just two more weeks before buying them!)


White Pants Guide

Lately I've absolutely fallen for white pants and they are also the best thing to wear on cooler summer days. I already own 3 pairs and constantly see more I like. In order to make you understand my addiction and to help you find your perfect pair of white pants (every girl needs one this season!) I made this post. I will start off with some pairs you can currently get online and then give the tips on how to easily combine them:

1. The Flowery Ones


Manic(ure) Monday: Glitter and its Damages

I had not removed last week's glitter manicure yet when I already knew I wanted to have some more glittery nails this week. Unfortunately my nails turned out to be quite damaged and the XXL glitter dots had left some ugly traces. That's why I decided to leave my nails blank for at least this week and create the wanted manicure on my display sticks. If your nails look as damaged as mine you might rather like to read the care tips at the end of the post.


My Week on Instagram

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OOTD: Ombré Sweater

This week we had really awesome weather in Germany and even if I could already have worn shorts I just had to wear my new H&M pants first. Remember I was thinking about getting these? Well now I did and I love them. When asking myself how to combine them this blue ombré sweater I had bought a few months ago came to my mind. I haven't been wearing it before but I totally love this very combination. What I really like about the sweater is that it is so light and thus perfect for spring (it looks best with a white bottom anyway!). If it won't be too hot this weekend I'll show you my other white pants in outfit as well so stay curious. Oh and just in case you haven't found your perfect white pants yet: I will be doing a white pants guide very soon!


Throwback Travel Thursday: Milan

Last week I talked about the first stop of the Interrail trip I did two years ago. From Zurich we took the train to Milan which is a city I had been wanting to see for quite a while. If you should ever happen to travel from Switzerland to Milan you just need to do so by train as the view we had was amazing! I don't know where it was nor what it was but we saw hills and water flows like straight out of a Disney movie. I was so fascinated by what I saw that I didn´t even think of taking a picture until it was too late. I wish I knew where it was there we saw this miracle of nature because I would travel there just to see it again.


DIY: Box of Rings

Today I had a little spare time and so I used it to show you another DIY. This one is really easy and so quick! All you need is:


Me & My Ice Cream

A yummy ice cream on a hot summer day, is there anything better? While the hot summer days are still quite rare over here we can get plenty of ice cream in July where Essence will be launching the "Me & My Ice Cream" trend edition. "Soft sorbet shades like beige, vanilla, apricot, pink, lavender and mint as well as awesome products in a cool retro look will melt your heart". Sounds great, right? And the products also look great, almost to pretty to actually use:


Manic(ure) Monday: XXL Glitter Dots

It's time for another really girly manicure. I've been wanting to use my golden glitter polish for ages and I found a quite lovely way to do so. Again you will need reinforcement rings for the manicure so make sure to use a base colour that dries very well.


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Monthly Must Haves: June

Seems like my shopping mania is back, I have so much stuff I like this month! There are a lot of summery clothes and accessories so let's hope it's getting hotter these days.

1 earrings 2 shorts 3 jumper 4 pillow 5 bath towel
all H&M

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