My Hair Routine (Update)

If you read this post, you know that I got a hair analysis done at Karstadt last week. Besides my face, my hair is my biggest beauty matter and I always try to treat it as good as possible, especially now that I want it to grow. After the hair analysis I thought about my last hair routine post and about how much changed since then. I started to use silicone free shampoo and conditioner which was a step I should have taken way earlier. I heard a lot about silicone deprivation and about how it affected the hair of several ladies but my changeover was as neat as it could have been. No frizzy or frenetic hair, just pretty advantages. Of course it will depend on your hair how the changeover will look like, it may just as well be that you'll have many bad hair days before seeing positive results but I still think it's worth it. Here are the silicone free products I use but there are more brands you could go for like for example Alverde or Guhl (see a complete list of silicone free shampoos and conditioners available in Germany here):

Balea brown 1 minute deep conditioner, Balea repair + care shampoo, Balea repair hair oil, Balea brown conditioner

With these products I'm really satisfied and at the moment I can't imagine buying anything else. Whenever I use the conditioner and the hair oil I don't even need to straighten my hair because both products make it so smooth. I haven't tried the deep conditioner yet but I'm sure it's just as great as the conditioner. As you can see half of the products are for brown hair and the other half is to repair the hair. I use both because on the one hand I'm really proud of my hair colour and want it to shine but on the other hand I also need some repair when I want to let my hair grow.

 Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur total repair heat protect spray, Schwarzkopf 3 Wetter Taft volume hairspray

Two other products I use are from Schwarzkopf but they are rather random and I will definitely replace the heat protect soon as I don´t like the smell and it is quite unhandy.

And now you probably want to know what the result of the hair analysis was, right? Well I was told that I have quite healthy hair and that my scalp looks good as well but both are a bit dry and I need to take care to use the shampoo all over my head and not only on top where I can reach best. Also the lady was really pleased to hear that I use silicone free shampoo. As I result I will definitely keep on using silicone free shampoo only and take some more minutes when washing my hair. That day I was also shown a new hairbrush I really liked. It was a paddle brush that could also do massages but unfortunately it cost about 40€. Before buying it I decided to check my local drug store for a cheap version and I found the following amazing item:

Ebelin professional massage brush

 Now what is so special about this brush? First of all it's a XXL paddle brush and thus perfect for long and thick hair. It also has this massage function to stimulate the blood circulation and it contains the mineral powder tourmaline which will both help your scalp stay healthy and thus make your hair grow way better. The coated bristles have an antistatic and ionizing effect and will prevent split ends and flying hair. All in all I'm really satisfied with this brush and it was totally worth the 8€. Don't forget that a new brush from time to time is really important and when the bristles lose their coat you should definitely replace your old brush.

And now it's your turn. What do you do for healthy hair and have you dared to change over to silicone free shampoo?


  1. Hi Carmen, I actually had no idea about the silicon free based hair care products. I have to try one on my own. The paddle brush looks great for detangling. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your fashion opinions with me :)

  2. nice post!


  3. Great post and good products :)


  4. I have a few brushes from ebelin and I'm pretty satisfied...same goes for Balea conditioner. I don't use it often as my hair is not dry but when I do it really makes my hair silky.

  5. I want a massage brush like this! I will put it on my mental shopping list. Great that you take such good care of your hair.


  6. I think I use the same heat protector! So far satisfied with it! :)


  7. Great products! ♥
    Kisses, Berries

  8. great tips!! you are beautiful!

  9. your hair does look very healthy. i unfortunately cannot use any shampoo because i am allergic to most. so i just stick with the ones i have already tried and used.

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  10. I definitely dont have a silicone free shampoo! But I think its something Ill have to try out xxx


  11. lovly post!!
    love you so much dear♥♥
    new post now on my blog!!

  12. Ich benutze auch nur silikonfreie Shampoos und Spülungen. Die Repair+ Pflege Spülung von Balea ist mein Liebling und das Shampoo ist auch toll.



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