Beauty Empties: May

beauty empties may

 As always the end of the month comes with a review of my used up beauty products. I haven't been emptying that much stuff this month but there were some really interesting products nevertheless. Also I had promised to keep you updated on the Shiseido samples which I can do now that I tried them throughout (to get the history behind these samples you may want to read this post).


Throwback Travel Thursday: Zurich

Yaay, a new series of posts, I'm so excited, are you, too? (Wow 4 commas in one sentence, that can't be grammatically correct, haha!) Okay, back to what it's about! Of course I already travelled before I had this blog but you never got to see the pics, because I didn't have the blog (obviously...). That's why I thought that it would be nice to share some of my old pics with you and which day would be better to do so than on famous Throwback Thursday (gotta love a good alliteration!). I will start off the series with a few posts about my mini Europe trip I did after my final exams. And I say mini because it was only about 3 countries: Switzerland, Italy and Germany. We travelled by train with a backpack which was pretty cool. If you ever plan on doing such a trip in Europe by train I can only recommend the Interrail ticket we used. (Learn more about it here.)


Cooking Made Easy: Cakepops

Ok, right away I should clarify that the following recipe is not as easy as the title might procure. The reason why I decided to share my cakepop experience with you nevertheless is because I know that they are highly popular at the moment and that there might be the one or the other who always wanted to try them but never really dared. Even if you are not that much into baking you must admit that the cakepops you can find on the internet look really amazing, right?


New In: White Pants

If you read this post you know that I was desperately looking for white pants. On Sunday I saw a really nice pair on H&M.com but as I hate to order from their online shop and pay 5€ for the shipping, I decided to wait until Monday and see if they have the pants in my local H&M. Guess what, they had them! And I even saw another amazing pair which unfortunately wasn't my size. But for now I got the following:


Manic(ure) Monday: Kiko and Dots

A few days ago I saw a nail polish I really liked, it was some kind of purple/grey and I knew I needed to have it in my nail polish collection. Today when I tried to decide which nail polish to apply I saw that I already have the perfect purple/grey... Well, this story shows that I definitely have to many nail polishes! But let's go over to today's manicure: I did indeed use the purple/grey nail polish, mine is from Kiko, and decided to pair it with the copper nail art pen I got in France.


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...and that's who I am.

You surely all know the "and that's who I am" pictures and some time ago I decided to check out the associated tumblr. I really like how everybody can relate to the one or the other feature so I collected my favourite pics to share with you:


Tried and Tested: Manhattan Volcano Precise Mascara

Manhattan Volcano Precise volume definition mascara

From time to time the German drugstore dm needs people who try the products they want to sell and some weeks ago I was lucky enough to be among the people who got to try a new mascara by Manhattan. You know that I'm quite picky when it comes to mascaras so I was really excited to try this one. It's the Manhattan Volcano Precise Volume & Definition Mascara in 1010N black:


DIY Chain Bracelet (Part II)

As I'm having one week off from university I finally found the time to do another DIY. It's basically made of things I still had at home from my last DIY projects and you really don't need much to try it out. This is the second chain bracelet I'm doing (thus "part II") so if you want to see the first one you simply have to follow this link.


Inspiration: Famous Closets

The perfect walk in closet à la Carrie Bradshaw probably is a dream we all share. However not everybody will get the chance to have one but we shouldn't forget that there are other methods to store our clothes and accessories which are just as pretty but way cheaper. In this post I collected my favourite celebrity closets which can be a great source of inspiration to everybody who is in need of a new dream closet or just wants to rearrange the one or the other spot in her room.


Cooking Made Easy: Oreo Cupcakes

This weekend my sister made some Oreo cupcakes and they were beyond delicious. I'm neither an Oreo, nor a cupcake freak (I mean I like both but I would not die to eat them...) but the combination of both turned out to be one of the best desserts ever!


Manic(ure) Monday: Perle de Jade

In my weekly manicure posts it's not always just about nail art but I also try to introduce new shades and manicure accessories. Today I will be able to show you a L'Oréal nail polish I hadn't been trying before and an Essence base coat I really liked. Both aren't mine, a friend was kind enough to let me try them (the same friend who had the amazing orange OPI nail polish in her collection).


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P.S.: Would you like me to post the recipe for the Oreo cupcakes on the blog next week?


One Closet, One Trend: Tropical

Lately I saw a lot of outfits with tropical prints, especially on clutches and pants. I really love these prints and if you combine them with some light basics you're ready for summer. Unfortunately I haven't got that much tropical stuff yet, the only piece I have is these shorts I bought at H&M last year. I really like that they are so comfy and almost look like a skirt. So far I always combined them with a tight white tank top but now that I have this loose Gina Tricot top with the sexy back I found my new favourite outfit for a day at the beach. I'll simply put my favourite bikini under the top and thus create a really relaxed style.


Giveaway Winner + New Giveaway!*

I have good news for you guys! My Casio giveaway is over and even if there could only be one winner I already have the next awesome prize for you. Now first let's all congratulate Mel who won the watch! And now you're probably curious to hear what the next giveaway will be about, right? Well some weeks ago I was contacted by Stylefruits, a German web page where you can put your own outfits together and of course also buy the products you chose. I was offered a really generous 50€ voucher to spend on Stylefruits.de and I was able to get 3 lovely prizes for you, two beauty items and a fashion accessory. Let me tell you that I'm quite jealous of you, I wish I would be able to keep the stuff but the following is all for you:


Changing Rooms

Lately I haven't done as much clothes shopping anymore because I'm having this feeling of "you have more clothes than you can ever wear" since the beginning of the year. It is quite frustrating even if it makes me save a lot of money. The only thing I would really like to spend money on are white pants and I saw a lot I liked but most of them didn't fit properly, now that is really frustrating. However this doesn't keep me from entering the stores over and over again and taking changing room pics which I can now show you. I didn't buy any of the shown items, except for a Gina Tricot top of which you can see some better photos at the end of the post.

 pants, skirt & skort - Zara


New In: The Body Shop

You probably remember my hair routine post which I only posted a few days ago. I wrote about how happy I was with my silicone free shampoo and conditioner but while searching for a silicone free shampoo I totally forgot about the bad effect of sulfates. While silicone simply covers your hair like a film of plastic or so, sulfates really dry your hair out and may also cause an itching scalp and other bad effects. So remembered of this other bad ingredient I went looking for silicone and sulfate free shampoo and what I found was the rainforest series by The Body Shop.


Manic(ure) Monday: Black and White Frame

Do you guys remember my last frame manicure? It was with gold and green but I thought that a black and white frame manicure would look pretty gorgeous, too. Here is the result:


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One Closet, One Trend: Geisha Glam

That "Black and White" or "Stripes" are huge this season should be clear by now but only a few fashionistas have dared to wear another important trend of the moment: the oriental one. You only see it very sporadically and most ladies let this trend speak through a modern day kimono. In my eyes this is the best method to encounter the oriental trend as kimonos are really versatile and from casual to sexy almost everything is possible. I bought my kimono at H&M about one year ago and I´m curious to hear what you think about my version of "Geisha Glam":


Inspiration: Stripes

Not so long ago I collected all my favourite "black and white" inspirations from other bloggers and lookbookers (see the post here). However when you say "black and white" you will also have to say "stripes" as these are two trends that absolutely go together this season. Again I browsed some blogs to bring you the best ideas on how to style this trend:

First of all there is the possibility to get your favourite striped shirt and combine it in a casual and classy way. With a pair of jeans and heels you can't do anything wrong, can you?


OOTD: Another Party

Today we celebrated my aunt's 50th birthday and I just quickly wanted to share a few outfit pics with you.


Cooking Made Easy: Shea's Amazing Skinny Bites

I have been following Shea Marie on Instagram for months but I never really noticed that her blog is really amazing and definitely worth a visit, too. When I checked it out a few days ago there was one post that caught my attention, namely a recipe post for "rosemary lemon salmon". I really liked that the recipe was so easy and that the meal looked so simple and yet really delicious. I went through her other cooking posts and what I found were lots of easy recipes for creating healthy dishes, so just what we're all looking for, right? I really liked the fact that I learned some new things about reducing fat and calories even if I always considered myself as a pro when it comes to that subject. As you can guess, I'm totally in love with her cooking posts which is why I decided to share some of them with you and hopefully make you fall in love as well:

Rosemary Lemon Salmon

Click here for the recipe!


My Hair Routine (Update)

If you read this post, you know that I got a hair analysis done at Karstadt last week. Besides my face, my hair is my biggest beauty matter and I always try to treat it as good as possible, especially now that I want it to grow. After the hair analysis I thought about my last hair routine post and about how much changed since then. I started to use silicone free shampoo and conditioner which was a step I should have taken way earlier. I heard a lot about silicone deprivation and about how it affected the hair of several ladies but my changeover was as neat as it could have been. No frizzy or frenetic hair, just pretty advantages. Of course it will depend on your hair how the changeover will look like, it may just as well be that you'll have many bad hair days before seeing positive results but I still think it's worth it. Here are the silicone free products I use but there are more brands you could go for like for example Alverde or Guhl (see a complete list of silicone free shampoos and conditioners available in Germany here):

Balea brown 1 minute deep conditioner, Balea repair + care shampoo, Balea repair hair oil, Balea brown conditioner


Manic(ure) Monday: Furry Nails

If you read this post about the Ciaté manicure inventions you know that I'm a huge fan of caviar and velvet manicure. Thanks to Essence I got the possibility to try both of them for little money. First they released their own fish egg manicure alternative which you can see here and now they are also selling a nail effect powder which comes really close to the Ciaté velvet one. When I saw it on a blog I knew I had to try it and so I searched three drug stores until I finally found my own powder. They only had it in green and pink which was a bit sad because I don't like green nail polish that much and I also don't use pink too often but I really like the result nevertheless.


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OOTD: Zara Kitten Heels

Today I went to the baptism of my twin cousins and as the weather was really nice I finally had an occasion to wear my new Zara heels. They were a bit uncomfortable so I changed into my black and white H&M flats during the day. We had a really great time with our family and it was so lovely to see my boyfriend with the babies. As baptism goodies we got champagne, soap and macarons!


Event: Ladies Night at Karstadt

Yesterday evening I went to Karstadt, one of Germany's major department stores (when I say major I mean that it is known all over Germany and not that it is especially large or has especially interesting shops...). I already went to that event last year but unforutnately some things changed since then. While last year make-up and manicure were for free you had to pay 5€ for each this year. However that was not the only thing that disappointed me but also the harsh behaviour of one of the consultants. Besides make-up and manicure you could also get various consultations like hair and skin analysis which I both tried. While the lady at the hair analysis was super friendly, the lady from Shiseido, which was responsible for the skin analysis, clearly showed that she entirely disapproved the way me and my friend treat our skin. That would still be okay if she'd simply shown us the "right way" in a friendly tone but one saw clearly that her only goal was to sell some Shiseido products. For example she accused my friend of using the sunbed just because she saw that my friend has dyed blonde hair (the one has nothing to do with the other right?). Furthermore she asked me how I clean my skin and when I spoke of the face brush I use to massage my skin she clearly showed that it was the most stupid thing I could ever do. She asked me what that brush did to my skin and I honestly answered that it made my skin feel softer but she insisted on the fact that the brush would have caused pimples in my face (I was totally pimple-free that evening...). To set and end to this sad story I must say that the Shiseido brush she showed me was indeed much softer and the lady also gave me some samples of face cream which I will try before judging Shiseido but if the products work the same way as the consultants do then they are really aggressive, haha! Now I have never tried Shiseido products before and I don't want to get a bad view on them just because of this lady so I would be really glad if you could tell me if you use and like the products or not. I will definitely keep you updated on the samples I got and on whether I will buy their 21€ face brush or not. 


OOTD: I have been a sporty girl!

Yesterday I went to the movies to see "Side Effects". I must admit that it was mainly the fact that Channing Tatum (still remember him in "Step Up"?) played one of the leading parts that finally convinced me to see the movie. The film was quite okay, the beginning was rather long and boring but at the end it became really thrilling and I also liked the "happy end". However I'm not going to write a blog about movies but I want to show you what I've been wearing yesterday:


Monthly Must Haves: May

1 H&M Home table runner
2 Furla Candy via Fashionette
3 Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse espadrille flats via Nordstrom
4 Sophia Webster sandals via Net-a-Porter
5 Adidas Neo tote
6 Adidas Neo swimsuit
7 JCP print shorts

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