Beauty Empties: February & March

Last month I didn't have enough items but now I can finally do another "Beauty Empties" post. I used up quite a various range of products and some are even rebuys from stuff I had used up before. Let's take a closer look at the products:

1 L'ORÉAL Studio HotStraight Thermo-Straightening Cream
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? I really liked this straightening cream as I felt it protected my hair better than some straightening sprays. However I would like to try some other products as well but if I can´t find a good spray (the 2 I tested so far both had their faults) I will come back to this product.

2 GIVENCHY Very Irresistible
Rebuy it? No. Why? This was my very first favourite perfume and as you can see I almost managed to use it up completely. The problem is that the perfume went bad and I can't keep on using it. I would not rebuy it though because I found so many other lovely smells and I want to keep on discovering more perfumes so it's not about rebuying all of them.

3 RITUALS Fujiyama Mandarin & Mint foaming shower gel sensation
Rebuy it? Yes. Why? This was my first Rituals product, I got it as a sample in a goodie bag. I really liked this product as it smelled so amazingly fresh and I loved the fact that it is a foam.

4 WELEDA Wild Rose smoothing moisturizer and night care
Rebut it? Maybe. Why? This is another sample from the goodie bag and I liked the fact that this was the first cream that didn't seal my pores. However it left a greasy touch on my skin and I would only rebuy it if I won't manage to find another satisfying face cream.

5 NIVEA Double Effect Shower and Shave
 Rebuy it? No. Why? Attentive readers of my blog know that Nivea and I are no best friends at all. 99% of their products I own are leftovers from times when I didn't care about my skin or products my mum got me. This one belongs to the latter category and even if you can't really hate a shower gel you can have your reasons not to rebuy it. Mine are that it is a 2 in 1 product that isn't good for any of the two promised purposes. When it comes to shaving I definitely prefer a good foam (like number 6) and when it comes to soaping I want... well the same. This product is just gluey and doesn't smell that good either. Anyway buying 2 in 1 products is never the best idea.

6 GILLETTE Satin Care Pure & Delicate shaving gel
Rebuy it? Yes. Why? I already used up so many of these and they're just the best when it comes to shaving. Also I'm crazy for some good foam (as you might have found out under point 3 and 5).

7 LACURA Aqua-Complete eye fluid
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? This is a product from the German discounter Aldi and I got it because I wanted to have a cream for my eyes but as I'm still quite young I didn't see any sense in spending a fortune one a high end brand. I will rebuy it if I don't find any other cheap alternative.

8 BIOCURA make-up removing wet wipes
Rebuy it? No. Why? Another product from Aldi but this time it's the Belgian store (see the similar names Lacura and Biocura?). The reason why I won't rebuy these is that I don't use wet wipes for my face, I prefer liquid make-up removers from the bottle and cotton pads. These aren't even used up completely but the tissues dried out so I couldn't use them as meant to anyway. If however you are a fan of wet wipes or similar make-up removing methods I can indeed recommend Aldi as they also have really nice cotton pads that are already moisted with make-up remover liquid.

9 GARNIER bodytonic hydrating lotion
Rebuy it? Yes! Why? Same reason as in this post: Works and is one of the cheapest of it's kind. I have already been using 3 or 4 of these.

10 LUSH Tea Tree Water facial toner
Rebuy it? Yes. Why? I might not rebuy it immediately as I'm always looking for new facial products but this is definitely the best facial toner I had so far so if I'll need a new one later it will be the Tea Tree Water.

Puh, now that was a longer post, right? Anyway I hope I could either inspire you to find your new favourite product or protect your from your next mispurchase. Have you seen any products you're using as well and what is your opinion about them? Have you been trying products lately you want to tell us of because you either liked or disliked them?


  1. I also use Lush Tea Tree Water.
    Love that stuff!


  2. I LOVE that you actually use the whole product before recommending (or not recommending). Such a great blog doll! Definitely taking your advice.


  3. nice product pics!
    Kisses from Miami,

  4. cool products )
    want to try so much )

    Angela Donava

  5. Those all look like great products!

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  6. ohh!! looks like ur another product junkie like me!!!!


  7. Wow, you got through a lot of items (even for two months)!


  8. IT would probably take me a year to go through some of these items LOL. And Nivea is always a must rebuy. All hail Nivea, the life saver!


  9. I use Garnier body tonic and it is amazing, I love that it drys quickly and is not sticky x


  10. I love love your post! I think as women, it's our duty to let others know about the best products out there! I use the same shave gel and love it also!



  11. I thought girls from different countries are using different beauty brands. But seeing from this post, we are sharing the same brands. I am also using the Loreal products.


  12. Perfect!

  13. I really like these kind of posts, I love hearing true opinion about products! So thanks for the review! :)


  14. I have Givenchy's Very Irresistible too. I can't believe it went bad, I've had mine for ages and it still smells amazing. Thanks for the tip on Garnier's bodytonic, I've been looking for something moisturizing!;)

  15. Very interesting post :)


    Coline ♡


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