Beauty Empties: April

At this last day of April, let's take a look at all the beauty products I used up. I didn't really dislike any of the products but as always some were better and some were more moderate.

1 Sebamed Balm Deodorant for sensitive skin
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? The main reason why I use roll-on deodorants is because my skin is really sensitive after shaving and spray deodorants prick too much. What I really liked about the Sebamed one is that it is without preservatives, alcohol and aluminium salts and even if it is not proved that the latter cause breast cancer I can totally live without them.

2 Nivea Pearl & Beauty 24h antiperspirant
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? The description says that this deodorant makes your shaved armpits look even neater which I did indeed see to some extent. Also the Nivea is without alcohol and has a nice smell. However at the moment I will buy none of the two roll-ons as I´m currently using a deodorant stick which I like even better.

3 Schaebens Chocolate Face Mask
Rebuy it? Yes. Why? I have been using this one before and even if it doesn't really make any changes to my skin it is perfect for a relaxed wellness day as it smells like the most amazing melted chocolate. Furthermore you could even eat it, which however I didn't do.

4 Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor deep conditioner
Rebuy it? No. Why? When I bought this deep conditioner back in London I thought it would be the most amazing product ever as I heard lots of really good things about Aussie and as they are also selling the brand in Germany by now I knew I needed to try it. However I was a bit disappointed as I didn't see the effects I had wished for. Now don't get me wrong, this deep conditioner is full of amazing stuff like aloe vera or Australian balm mint and it smells like the amazing sour candies I ate when I was younger but when it comes to managing my hair, my normal conditioner is better. At this point I should add that for me "manageable hair" isn't hair that is easy to comb but it is hair that doesn't look like a fringed mop and doesn't need to be straightened. Maybe some of you made other experiences with Aussie? I would love to hear them then and I will also give the brand another chance when I'll need a new shampoo and conditioner and tell you what I think of their other products afterwards.

5 Lush Vanishing Cream
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? You know that I'm a huge Lush fan and this cream was indeed great when it came to fighting some pimples but it had the disadvantage that my skin sweated underneath like crazy (even if it is without parabens and all that bad stuff). I'm using a natural cosmetics cream at the moment which I like better and which is about 10 times cheaper! Also I didn't like about the Lush cream that it comes in this container and is thus a collecting point for bacteria.

6 Nivea Refining Clear-Up Strips
Rebuy it? Yes. Why? I have already rebought these like a hundred times and I still like to use them from time to time. However they don't work perfectly, the finer your pores, the less they will work so if you really want a good effect you should put your face over a bowl of hot water first and wait till it opens your pores a bit. The bad thing is that they are quite expensive so I don't use them quite as often anymore.

So these were this month's products. Which of these have you been testing or wanting to test? Please don't forget to share your Aussie experiences and tell me which of their products worked for you.


  1. I have always had good luck with Nivea products! great review! xo

  2. Hi Carmen, I appreciate your honesty in these reviews, I haven't tried most of them and would certainly follow your recommendation. Especially on the Aussie 3 minute miracle, I always wanted to try it but after reading this, I am quite skeptical. Would like to try the Nivea strips. P.S Thanks for letting me know about the tea.

  3. I'm curious abou lush vanishing cream dear


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  4. great review.

  5. Great products!!! I love NIVEA


  6. thank u for your lovely comment ;)
    wanna follow, let me now it ;) <3

  7. Hallo Carmen,

    Vielen lieben Dank! :)
    Zum einen lasse ich die Macarons 15-20 Minuten auf dem Backblech stehen bevor sie in den Ofen kommen, dann entwickelt sich vorher schonmal eine Art ,,Kruste". Den Ofen heize ich auf 150 Grad Umluft vor und backe die Macarons dann bei 145 Grad für 14 Minuten.

    Liebe Grüße,Melanie

  8. I've recently bought the seba med deo. Looking forward to trying it out.


  9. Very nice outfit, like it

  10. I like Aussie styling products for hair, but I'm not a big fan of it for shampoo and conditioner. The Nivea roll on deodorant is different. I haven't used a roll on in a long time! <3


  11. Thx so much for sharing this is awesome

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  12. Looks like some great products! xo


  13. love love love the lush vanishing cream!! one of my fav products from lush :D


  14. I haven't really tried any of these, I have used the pearl deodorant (n spray form) from Nivea though it wasn't my favorite and I didn't realize it was supposed to improve the appearance LOL so mustn't have worked for me!


  15. I love LUSH products!! Great post


  16. Thank you dear for visiting on my blog! Great selection!Nose strips seved my life few times:) Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin or FB?


  17. great review! im also using nivea products :)


  18. The chocolate mask made me very curious!


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