Beauty Empties: April

At this last day of April, let's take a look at all the beauty products I used up. I didn't really dislike any of the products but as always some were better and some were more moderate.


Manic(ure) Monday: All about OPI

Last Thursday my friend and I got together to watch Germany's Next Topmodel and to paint our nails. When rummaging through her nail polish collection I saw a bottle of OPI which I just had to try. I had never been able to test any OPI nail polish and also I really liked the reddish neon orange colour so my friend was kind enough to borrow me the bottle. On Thursday I immediately applied it to all my nails but then I saw one of the models from the show having a photo shoot with white nails plus an orange accent nail. I thought it looked super cool so I changed my manicure into an accent manicure yesterday. Also I couldn't resist looking through my own nail polish collection to see whether I have a similar orange or not and I indeed found one!


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One Closet, One Trend: Black and White

Welcome to the second "One Closet, One Trend" post. As a lot of you liked the first post last week I decided to continue the series. Today I tried to create the best possible black and white look with the help of clothes I already had at home. I really like the dress you will see on the following pictures, I got it in Paris back in February but so far I didn't have an opportunity to wear it. If the weather will be good I'll wear it next weekend to the baptism of my second cousin twins and probably combine it quite the same way I did today.


Beyoncé for H&M Summer 2013

You guys probably all heard about Beyoncé staring H&M's newest campaign for summer wear but have you already seen the pics? I just only found them and couldn't resist sharing them. Even if the presented clothes are not overwhelming (except for the lovely blue print dress) I really liked the fact that they took a "real" women like Beyoncé in order to present their swimwear instead of these skinny models that could also use tow hair ribbons as their bikini and still hide all they have.


OOTD: White and Green for Spring

As I told you I had a lovely girls night in with a good friend of mine and she was kind enough to take some pictures of my OOTD.


Inspiration: Food

Today we're having wonderful weather in Germany so me and my friend decided to cook some lovely dinner and eat it in my garden. Our dinner turned out to be crêpes, but hey, why not? Well, whoever is following me on Instagram know that I'm a secret foodie and I must admit that I've been collection food inspiration pics for years now! So I thought that when already I can't share my crêpes with you, I can at least share some real eye candy.


OOTD: Luxembourg City

On Sunday I went to Luxembourg City with my boyfriend who got a special certificate because he had one of the best results in his final exams (Yes, I am really proud of him!). The certificate was handed over by Luxembourg's Hereditary Grand Duke so we had to dress up a bit. After spending at least half an hour in front of my closet I decided to wear this precious H&M skirt I had already been wearing for a wedding last spring.


Manic(ure) Monday: Spring Reverse

When I saw a lovely reverse French manicure on Instagram yesterday, I knew it was time to get one on my nails asap, too. First I wanted to take the classic colours, white and nude, but then I thought of my new lilac nail polish from p2 and I wanted to see whether the manicure would look good with that colour, too. I started with a white base coat and then used reinforcement rings (I've used more of those for manicures than actually for sheets...) to create the half moon effect.


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One Closet, One Trend: Layering

outfit layering look blouse

There is a German tv show called "Shopping Queen" which I watch almost every weekend. It's about 5 girls getting 500€ and 4 hours time to shop the perfect look, matching a theme fixed by the German designer Guido Maria Kretschmer. The winner will be chosen shopping queen and gets 1000€. Now if you're wondering what this has got to the with the blog I can tell you that this show brought me to the idea for a new series of regular posts. Most of my regular posts are based on beauty like the "Manic(ure) Monday" or "Tried and Tested" posts but now I plan on doing new regular fashion posts where I show you how I would combine an outfit matching a recent trend with the clothes I already have at home. The trend at this week's "Shopping Queen" was layering and when I heard it I immediately knew what I could do:


FOTD: Catrice Absolute Nude

If you read yesterday's review you know that I got a nice nude eyeshadow palette from Catrice and you already heard what I think about it but in fact I totally forgot to show you a picture of me wearing it. That's why this morning I used all the make-up shown in yesterday's post, which also includes a Maybelline mascara and a Catrice concealer, and took some pictures of the ultimate result. Unfortunately make-up photography is one of my weak points but I hope you can get a good idea of the eyeshadow and mascara nevertheless.


Tried and Tested: Drugstore Products

Lately I got a lot of new beauty products, some I haven't even been able to show you, and it was definitely time for a new "Tried and Tested" post. One part of today's post will be about make-up and the other about face care products. Let's start off with a product you already saw on the blog an were quite interested in:

Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review


800 follower Giveaway!*

Some time ago I reached my 800 followers on GFC. Even if GFC will be removed soon it's still an important milestone for me as I have always been counting my followers with that tool. Thus I really wanted to make a giveaway and when I was contacted by preis.de some time ago I saw the perfect possibility to reward my readers. If you read yesterday's post you already know about preis.de and how I found the Casio watches (one for myself and one for my readers). Now you finally have the chance to win this lovely baby!


OOTD: Casual Prep*

Little time ago I was contacted by a German web page called preis.de. What they do is to show you the different prices you can get your favourite items for in different online stores. Preis.de were kind enough to offer me a generous 70€ voucher to spend in the web store of my choice. When browsing preis.de for interesting stuff I found an item I had been lusting after for ages: a lovely golden Casio watch. The last time I wanted to buy a Casio I could only find one for about 70€ and now I saw this perfect little watch for only about 30€! See me wearing it in today's outfit:


Manic(ure) Monday: Sand Style

As promised last week I will now show you the second p2 nail polish I got. It's a glittery blue from the Sand Style collection which means that the finish is supposed to look like some glittery sand. Let's take a look at it:


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Inspiration: Coachella

"The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (commonly known as Coachella, Coachellafest, or Coachella Festival) is an annual three-day music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California in the Inland Empire's Coachella Valley. The event features many music genres, including rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic music, as well as sculpture. Across the grounds, several stages continuously host live music. The main stages are: Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, and the Sahara Tent."


Sneak Peek of my Room

When I stayed at my parents' house during semester break I thought it would be funny to take some pics of my room and bathroom and share them with you. I quite like my room because of the large space but if I could have new furniture I would definitely go for white. I also wanted to show you some pics of my student digs but here I don't have a good lightning so I'll have to see how I can make good pics of it. But let's start off with my childhood bedroom:


New In: Scratchmap

scratchmap world scratch map

Today's post is a bit special as it's about a single product which is neither a fashion nor a beauty item. However I think that you will like it nevertheless as it is a scratchmap! For those of you who don't know what a scratchmap is: it as a map where you can scratch the countries you've been visiting so far. I didn't know such a great thing existed until I saw one on Anouk's blog some weeks ago. I had to order one immediately and now here it is!


New In: Drugstore

As I already told you yesterday I did some drugstore shopping and of course I don't want to keep my purchases back from you. It's mainly nail polish and make-up and I already tried most of the products but I think I will make a review with some more products these next days so you'll have to wait for my opinion about these products.


Manic(ure) Monday: Confetti

I have been looking for this special top coat since I first saw it on a blog but it was always sold out when I went to the drug store. Today I wasn't even looking for it anymore when I saw the very last bottle. Of course I had to take it home! I also bought some other stuff which I will probably show you tomorrow and the lilac nail polish I will now be using as a base coat is also a new one. I wasn't sure whether it would be a huge difference to my Barry M Berry nail polish and it probably isn't but now it's too late for that insight.


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Michelle Harper in Elle Mexico

Today only some eye candy for you, found at Fashion Gone Rouge. Let's enjoy the flowery vibes until spring finally reaches us in real life!


Inspiration: Black and White

While it was florals, neon and colour blocking over the last seasons I went over to a less colourful but yet really cool trend: black and white. Be it black and white flats, the perfect LBD, a white dress with black embellishments,... I can't stop buying these two "colours" just as I can't stop looking at other bloggers' interpretations of the look. Want to get inspired, too? Take a look at these bloggers' and lookbookers' outfits:


Cooking Made Easy: Porridge

Porridge or oatmeal is a dish that has become more and more popular over the last years. My mum made it for me and my siblings when we were younger but it was only through some UK bloggers that it came back to my life and turned out to be a great breakfast option. When I tried some porridge with raisins and honey a few months ago I liked it so much that it has been my number 1 breakfast since then. I simply can't get enough of it and as there are so many possibilities to pair it with it never gets boring. For those of you who have never eaten porridge or who haven't seen its potential as a healthy and filling dish I will now share my recipe and the combinations I tried so far:


Beauty Empties: February & March

Last month I didn't have enough items but now I can finally do another "Beauty Empties" post. I used up quite a various range of products and some are even rebuys from stuff I had used up before. Let's take a closer look at the products:


OOTD: Glitter Sweater #3

It seems like I can't get enough of glittery sweaters so today I present you the newcomer of my collection. I wasn't sure whether I should get it or not because it's something I would rather wear for Christmas but my mum was like: "You can wear it this Easter!", which is exactly what I did. I paired it with my new ballet flats and my all time favourite pair of black jeans.


Manic(ure) Monday: Transparent Stripes

Inspired by a manicure I saw lately I wanted to do some nail style with white and transparent details. In fact I had planned to create a French manicure with a small additional stripe but if you have nothing but sticky tape and scissors you can't do everything that comes to your mind. That's why I decided to make some French manicure including a reverse French manicure. In order to do this you have two possibilities (depending on your facilities) which I will both explain at the end of the post. Let's first take a look at the result of today's manicure:

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