London Day 3&4

On our 3rd day in London we first went to Madame Tussauds. After that we headed to Camden and ended the day at Harrods where we saw the magical Dior exhibition. On Sunday we only had the morning left where we went to Abbey Road to see the famous zebra crossing of the Beatles. After that we went to the Sherlock Holmes museum which is really nice to see.

My tips for your trip to London:

- Madame Tussauds is a nice place to visit but you may have to wait up to 3 hours before you can enter so make sure it's worth it for you!
- Camden Town is a must for all the creative and alternative people among you. There you can get clothes like nowhere else, interesting stuff and handcrafted goods and you can even have a fish pedicure done.
- Harrods is a department store where you may not be able to afford many things but it's so fun to see all the crazily overpriced stuff such as a whole range of exclusive clothes for dogs. Plus if you go there until April 14th you will be able to see the lovely and really interesting Dior exhibition or go to the exclusive Dior café.
- If you are a Beatles fan or if you simply want to send greetings back home to your family make sure to got to Abbey Road and see the studios or use the zebra crossing which is being filmed. You can have a look at all the people taking funny pictures on the crossing here.
- The Sherlock Holmes museum is not only great for fans of the detective but also gives you a good idea of how people lived at his time.

What do you think? Which places will you visit on your next trip to London? And regarding my posts about Paris, which city do you prefer? Stay tuned for my new ins from London tomorrow.


  1. Wow, you so lucky to be there, visiting London is one of my biggest dreams! Thank you so much for the insights and incredible photos, it's so amazing you got to see Dior at Harrods!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  2. Beautiful photos!! I visited London last summer and these photos bring me back... especially the little motorbike seats at Camden Market! I have photos eating delicious curry on one of those :)



  3. Really perfect pics and you had amazing trip. Have a nice day.


  4. Awesome! It looks like you had a blast! I love Camden, very retro and funky vintage finds :>


  5. woah, i havent been to madame tussauds for ages, this looks so fun! :D


  6. Beautiful pictures! London looks amazing, I really want to go back now..

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug

  7. Oh wow your trip looks soooooo fun! I am so jealous : )

    Ali of


  8. I haven't been to Madame Tussauds for so many years! The Dior exhibition looks so beautiful; wish I could have seen that. Paris vs London - London without a doubt!


  9. I'd love to vist the Sherlock Holmes museum too! Also the Dior's exhibition at Hrrod's. Great photos Carmen! Kisses! xo

  10. Great pictures!!! looks like London is so much fun

  11. Loving your London snaps! And the snow shots! Beautiful!


  12. Now I miss London! The Dior at Harrods must be fabulous to visit. I would enjoy going there to London again. Always so much to discover.

  13. You have to wait 3 hours to visit Madame Tussauds. No way. The Sherlock Holmes museum is definitely on my lust see list :-)



  14. My great wish is to visit London some day ahh...
    I love your pics, glad to know that you had a great time and those wax figures are crazy :))
    I am your follower number 804 and I would love it if you could visit my blog and let me know what you think :))



  15. Great pictures! I would love to go to Madame Tussauds so much! Audrey looks amazing <3


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