Let's talk about teeth, baby!

Whatever I do, lately I seem to be confronted with teeth all the time. Be it a commercial about a new toothpaste on TV, care advices in my favourite styling and beauty books or a 4 page article about white and healthy teeth in the newest issue of German glamour... dental hygiene is a big matter lately. And also for me the subject became important when I decided to be less lazy when it comes to caring for these little white mates in my mouth. Here are some tips I collected for those of you who agree that healthy teeth are just as important as make-up and a nice hairdo:

1. Wash you teeth twice a day, more won't be helpful but damaging.
2. Electric toothbrushes really give a better result.
3. Go to the dentist twice a year.
4. Don't forget the cleaning in between your teeth with the help of interdental brushes or dental floss.
5. Coffee, red wine, tomato sauce such as black and green tea may change the colour of your teeth so try not to eat/drink them too often. Also bananas, kiwis, oranges and spinach contain acids which may roughen your teeth if you clean them right after eating those foods. In that case better rinse your mouth with water before washing your teeth.
6. As we all know, smoking gives your teeth an ugly yellow colour.
 (source: German Glamour March 2013)

What about you? Do you care for your teeth and how often a day did you wash them so far? Do you consider your teeth as part of your look or rather as a part of your health? Also feel free to share your dental hygiene techniques!


  1. Thanks for these really useful ideas, I try really hard to maintain a twice-to-thrice a year visit to the dentist and stay away from candies and toffees. Good advice!

  2. Thanks for your tips, I care about my teeth a lot, though I am a huge coffee/tea drinker so they arent pure white at all! I usually wash them 3 times a day, and I so scare abouth dentists:P kisses! xo

  3. Agreed and great tips, it's really a matter which needed to be debated, great idea!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  4. Great post. Have a nice day.


  5. ...the daily routine is very important for health of theeth...
    great post dear...
    kiss and happy day

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  6. Totally agree - having clean and healthy teeth requires a daily routine! I brush twice daily, and floss before bed.

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  7. Oh, I can't live without few cups of coffee per day. Luckily, I have good genes, because I have phobia from the sound of the dentist's drill :D

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  9. Definitely agree with your tips!

  10. I agree with your routine and I follow it too. Electric toothbrush included!


  11. nice post!

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  12. when it comes to teeth, I'm all about flossing and brushing them. hahaha! :D when i drink tea or coffee, i really try and use a straw to avoid the stains, teehee!!

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  13. Unfortunately I have to go to dentist more often. It's a nightmare!
    But great advices!

  14. Cant do anything about the coffee stains…Having coffee with straw is better..I have lately started taking care..
    Thanks for the tips.


  15. Pearly whites are a must!

  16. I brush twice a day, every single day! I really don't understand how some people can "forget" to brush their teeth and then happen to breathe all over you. Pheeew!

  17. So einen ähnlichen Post hab ich auch schon mal gemacht, allerdings sind meine Zähne nicht ganz so schön ;)
    Gerade und saubere Zähne find ich superwichtig, allerdings müssen sie nicht strahleweiß sein und Zahnlücken sind auch sehr süß!

    Liebste Grüße an dich <3

  18. I have a problem: coffee. I'm addicted, I love portuguese coffee (you can only have outrageously good coffee in 2 countries: Portugal and Italy).
    And I don't plan on giving up on coffee (espresso) anytime soon. So, that's kind of a struggle to keep my teeth white.

    xx, Sandra @ Blasfemmes


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