Bye Bye GFC!... ?

Some of you may already have heard the rumors: GFC is retiring... again! About one year ago, the bad news spread like wildfire and it took us bloggers some time to understand that GFC would only stay for the .blogspot.com people. However now it seems like a blogger.com blog isn't safe either (even if I couldn't find any official statement from Google or Blogger). The only reliable source is Bloglovin which says: "Google Reader is shutting down July 1st. Make sure that your blog readers know that they'll still be able to follow your blog through bloglovin.". When I read this two questions came to my mind: 1. Is Google Reader the same thing as GFC and will both disappear alike? and 2. Will it be for Blogger.com people as well or is it just a bad joke again?
Even if I couldn't find the answers to my question so far, I have the bad feeling that we'll all have to prepare to lose our GFC readers within less than 3 months. Now what can we do? The only possibility is to chose another main following tool and kindly ask our readers to follow us over there, but let's be honest... at least 50% off our readers won't care about following us elsewhere as they lost their interest in our blog months or years ago. Despite this fact we still need another following tool and I don't know how about you but I will NOT trust Google+ either. I can't imagine that it is so much more successful and just imagine this thing shutting down in 2 years as well! The best alternative in my eyes seems to be Bloglovin and for those of you who don't use it yet or who use it but don't know all the possibilities I will explain the web page a bit:

1. Bloglovin holds all blogs, also your blog even if you never signed up for the site.
2. If you sign up and "claim" your blog you can administrate your blog on Bloglovin.
3. Bloglovin used to be anonymous but recently you can add your personal profile and people will see when you follow them. This can also be edited and you can choose which blogs you follow "privately".
4. You can add the blogs you follow to a certain group which will help you to overview the blogs you are following.
5. Bloglovin gives you the possibility to "import" your blogs from GFC so you won't lose your favourite blogs.
6. Bloglovin allows you to see the rank of your blog, either in your country or compared to all the blogs in the world.
7. Find answers to all your further questions here.

I really hope that this post was somehow helpful. We bloggers must stick together as we're all going through hard times (haha)! Now I would be really glad if you could tell me whether you are using Bloglovin or not, whether you will try to use it now and what will be your number 1 following tool when GFC has disappeared. Also it would be nice if those of you who know a bit more about the whole GFC disappearing could share their knowledge with us.
If you guys like my blog or just want to stay in contact with me, if you don't want to miss my Manic(ure) Monday posts or simply if you want to do me a favour: Please follow me on Bloglovin here. Thank you so much and be sure that I won't forget about my faithful readers and favourite blogs either!


  1. really ???? it's not possible...
    kiss and happy week end dear

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  2. I heard about this but it doesn't affect me as I don't use GFC with my blog. I have just been using bloglovin since I started. I feel bad for anyone that is affected! :(


  3. So crazy!! Lucky for me I always used BlogLovin and never actually used GFC.

    Have a great weekend!

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  4. This is such terrible news, I find it so much easier to follow my favorite blogs via GFC. I wish they would reconsider.

  5. I've just heard it and dont know whats going honestly! I can tell you btw, that I follow you already on bloglovin since I find it very good and easy!:) Kisses! xo

  6. lovely blog :)

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  7. really..?is not possible...
    and now..???

  8. I know seriously ;(
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  9. I use only Bloglovin and I really like it.. It is not good only because you didnt see, who unfollow you.. But I like it. Have a great weekend.


  10. Thanks for sharing lovely, this news is frustrating, I don't know why they would ever want to get rid of this!

    Elizabeth Daisy xo


  11. So annoyed about GFC! Thans for telling :)


  12. omg i had not heard about this!! :(

  13. I'm already following you via Bloglovin'! Scheine Weekend. xo


  14. Yeah I heard about it and think it´s true. Of course I´m not affected by this cos we never had Gfc. I think I follow you on google + though. I followed you on Bloglovin now. I would be really mad if I would lose my followers just like that :)



  15. It will be sad to loose GFC as we all worked hard to have all our Readers there. I will follow your blog now on Bloglovin. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Hello Carmen, I am doing some research about this issue and this is what I found about GFC:

    I guess for now we should encourage our readers to follow on Google+, Bloglovin and Facebook. What do you think? Let us know when you have more information. I hope you will follow my blog too in Google+and Bloglovin.

  17. Thanks for sharing, that was useful info I did not know any of that:)


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