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Monthly Must Haves: April

vintage fashion journal - Laurence King, bedclothes, pillows - H&M


Changing Rooms

 shorts, skirt - Topshop (not bought)


New In: London

As promised today I'm gonna show you the stuff I bought in London. It isn't that much I got even if London was full of amazing stuff I would have loved to bring back home. The problem is that I have been doing so much shopping over the last year that I completely lost the feeling for what I really need and what I don't. Also I got aware of the fact that there are so many things I buy but never wear/use which is a shame! I think I could really consider myself as a shopaholic and I kinda need to kick this heroine of mine. From now on I'm gonna try to only buy the important stuff like food and personal care products whilst trying to wear the millions of clothes I own and use up the too many cosmetics I collected. Who's in to support me? Let's found a Shopaholics Anonymous group (haha!).


London Day 3&4

On our 3rd day in London we first went to Madame Tussauds. After that we headed to Camden and ended the day at Harrods where we saw the magical Dior exhibition. On Sunday we only had the morning left where we went to Abbey Road to see the famous zebra crossing of the Beatles. After that we went to the Sherlock Holmes museum which is really nice to see.


London Day 1&2

As you might have noticed I'm back from London and ready to share my pictures and travel experiences. The weather was indeed quite bad as it was snowing a bit but I'm glad it wasn't raining and also it wasn't as cold as in Paris last month. We arrived in London on Thursday evening so there aren't too many pictures from that day so I'll just talk about the second day as well. On Friday we first went to see all the classic places of interest such as Piccadilly Circus, the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. After that we went to Covent Garden which is one of my favourite places in London (I'll explain why after the pics). We ended the day with some shopping in Oxford street and by visiting the rather new and really funny M&M's shop.


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H&M Conscious Exclusive

H&M's exclusive conscious party collection will be available from April 4th. Do you like the clothes and do you think you will find occasions to wear them in summer?

dress 99€, pumps 39€, bag 29€


Dior at Harrods

Before going to London I did a little research about the collaboration between Dior and Harrods. I really hope to be able to see the project with my own eyes but I already collected some pics for you. The project includes a café, an exhibition, window displays and a pop-up shop and took over 18 months to be set up. In case you're interested in seeing the Dior wonderland at Harrods you can still do so until April 14th.


OOTD: Off to London

As you may remember I told you that I would go to London in March and today is the big day! The weather over there seems to be quite cold and rainy so I don't know if I will be able to take some nice outfit pics but I don't want to keep today's outfit back from you. It's quite cosy so I'll be at ease on the plane.


Curelty-Free Cosmetics

As you probably know a lot of products such as cosmetics and medicine are being tested on animals, mostly on rats and mouses but also on fish, birds and bunnies. However animal testing is not only cruel but also completely useless as there are really good alternatives nowadays. Therefore organisations such as PETA tried hard to ban animal testing and also shops like Lush (which sells cruelty-free cosmetics) came up with a lot of demonstrations and tried to make their customers aware of the problem. Last week the EU finally prohibited the selling of cosmetics tested on animals. This means that from now on people in the EU don't need to be worried about the cosmetics they buy anymore.


How to reorganize your wardrobe

It may still be snowing in some countries but spring is near nevertheless. Therefore it is the perfect time for some spring-cleaning and this also applies to your wardrobe. Today I took the time to see through all of my clothes (from socks to evening dresses) and while I sorted out those clothes I will not wear anymore, I also reorganized the remaining stuff. This may be a great fun (depending on how good you are at saying goodbye to your old clothes) but most of all it's really helpful as you will see what clothes you actually have and what you still need to make your wardrobe complete for next summer. Sometimes it even happens to me that I find back clothes I had totally forgotten about... I will now start off with some notes on what you should actually sort out and then I will give you some tips on how to organize the remaining clothes.


Manic(ure) Monday: Copper Tips

A few weeks ago I have promised to show you some more manicures with my Agnès B. nail art pen. I thought it should be quite easy to make some kind of French manicure, accentuating the tips of my nails with the pen. I wanted a rather matching and girly manicure so I went for an old rose nail polish after filing my nails back to their normal shape (remember last week's post with sharp nails?).


New In: H&M

As I already told you on Thursday, H&M gives you 15% off in return for one bag of your old clothes they can recycle. I benefited from the campaign yesterday and got some new stuff:

 ombré sweater: 24,95€


Bye Bye GFC!... ?

Some of you may already have heard the rumors: GFC is retiring... again! About one year ago, the bad news spread like wildfire and it took us bloggers some time to understand that GFC would only stay for the .blogspot.com people. However now it seems like a blogger.com blog isn't safe either (even if I couldn't find any official statement from Google or Blogger). The only reliable source is Bloglovin which says: "Google Reader is shutting down July 1st. Make sure that your blog readers know that they'll still be able to follow your blog through bloglovin.". When I read this two questions came to my mind: 1. Is Google Reader the same thing as GFC and will both disappear alike? and 2. Will it be for Blogger.com people as well or is it just a bad joke again?


Olivia Palermo in Marie Claire Spain

From time to time I really like to search Fashion Gone Rouge for some new inspiring editorials and campaigns. Today I found a great cover shoot featuring Olivia Palermo who looks just gorgeous in between flowers, balloons and cupcakes.


Let's talk about teeth, baby!

Whatever I do, lately I seem to be confronted with teeth all the time. Be it a commercial about a new toothpaste on TV, care advices in my favourite styling and beauty books or a 4 page article about white and healthy teeth in the newest issue of German glamour... dental hygiene is a big matter lately. And also for me the subject became important when I decided to be less lazy when it comes to caring for these little white mates in my mouth. Here are some tips I collected for those of you who agree that healthy teeth are just as important as make-up and a nice hairdo:


Cooking Made Easy: Cupcakes

As some of you saw on Instagram, I got my sister a cupcake maker for her birthday. We couldn't but try it the same day and I was really surprised by how easy it was making good cupcakes. I decided to share my experience with you and even if you don't want to buy a cupcake maker you can try the recipe in the oven with regular paper baking pans.


Manic(ure) Monday: The Other Shape

Today I decided not to play with designs but with the shape of my nails. I have seen some pics of ultra pointed nails and so I tried it on my own nails.


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Animal Jewellery

When looking at my jewellery, I noticed that I have quite a few pieces of jewellery with animal design. I think they are a great alternative to the everlasting skull and cross bangles, necklaces and rings. At the moment I'm really fond of a cute elephant necklace which I wear as a bracelet. That's why I thought it would be quite nice to browse the shops for some more inspirations for you. Want your own jewellery farm?


& other Stories

Today is the official launch of the new shop "& other Stories". It belongs to the H&M group so you can expect some more great Swedish styles over there. As I had signed up to their newsletter I already got early access yesterday and I chose some must have items from the new shop that make it worth a visit:


New In: Paris and more

As you know from this post, I also did some shopping in Paris. The Champs Élysées is a great place to do so even if not all the stores will be in your price range. Right after returning from Paris I also went to Germany where I bought the Zara shoes that were on my wish list and the lovely Clothingloves earrings had been waiting for me in my mail box.


Paris Day 5

Today I can share with you the pictures of my fifth and last day in Paris. We only had the morning left to do something and so we decided to go and see the Pont Alexandre III by day. We had only seen it by night on our second day but I wanted some more pretty picutres. Also on our last day we finally decided to get some macarons for breakfast and they were delicious (even if they were not the expensive ones from Ladurée...).


Paris Day 4

After another break for my regular posts, I'm back with the second last part of my Paris pictures. We spent the fourth and by far coldest day in Paris at Versailles and after a little stop at Notre-Dame we had dinner near the Moulin Rouge. Furthermore we discovered a must see shop/café of which I will talk at the end of the post.


Manic(ure) Monday: Green Geometry

As I'm still loving the dark red nail polish I got in Paris and didn't want anything else on my nails, I decided to use my display sticks for another manicure today. I somehow felt like using green and blue and here is the result:


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OOTD: Fashion Show in Luxembourg

Yesterday I went to a little fashion show in Luxembourg. It was nothing special, just a few models showing the clothes of a local shopping centre. However my sister and I still had fun and the food we got was really delicious. I decided to wear my H&M grandpa pants together with my new Clothingloves earrings. Let me tell you that they are just amazing! Except from statement earrings being totally en vogue, these are just the prettiest babes I every had on my ears. I almost gave up looking for the perfect earrings when I was contacted by Clothingloves and found these in their online shop. And the best part about them is probably that they aren't heavy at all so you can wear them all night long without the urge to remove them. Okay now you probably think that I'm telling you all this because I got them for free but I really am in love. Take a look at them for yourselves:


Paris Day 3

After a little break, here comes the next part of my Paris posts. We spent our third day at the Louvre Museum which is just huge. As we had to decide which part of the museum we would like to see we obviously went for the part with the Mona Lisa. In the evening we climbed up the Eiffel Tower, but only up to the first level as it was too freezing cold to go to the top.

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