Tried and Tested: p2

A lot of you asked me to make a review about my new p2 products which I introduced here. Yesterday I also told you that I am testing another product of this brand which I bought some time ago and which will be reviewed in this post as well.

1. p2 "I feel pretty" all dressed up eyebrow kit (010 handsome)

As you might remember from my "New In" post, this eyebrow kit wasn't expensiveve at all. I had been looking for a good product for my eyebrows for ages and when I saw that p2 would launch a limited edition ("I feel pretty") with an eyebrow kit for only 3,65€ I knew I had to get it. As you can see it comes with two different shades and an applicator. It is easily possible mixing the two powders when one is too bright and one is too dark which is just what I did. I applied the dark powder in the middle of my brows and the light one at the ends where my brows aren't that close by.

2. p2 "I feel pretty" beyond beauty eye primer pencil (010 flawless)

I never applied much eye shadow but when I started wearing it more often I also got aware of the existence of eye primers so again p2's limited edition came just on time. This product costs 2,85€ and is almost invisible on your skin. I found out that it doesn't only help to make your eyeshadow last longer but also to make it look more intense. 

3. p2 "Perfect Face" makeup fixing spray (010 stay pretty)

Yet another product I have never tried before but which turned out to be quite useful. Worth 2,15€ and smelling of grapefruit it can be used over powder or any other form of make-up. The description on the back of the bottle says that this product is supposed to be mattifying which I couldn't really see but it definitely made my make-up last longer, especially the rouge kept staying in place. It probably isn't the product of the year but I will keep on using it.

4. p2 Moisturizing Ultra Gel

Now let's go over to the only product I got for my nails. As it bought it some time ago I forgot about the price which should however be around 2-3€ as well. I truly started using the gel on Friday and I took some before/after pictures to show you the result:


Of course the result is not overwhelming but my nails became much stronger and didn't break since then. I feel they can grow better when I apply the gel regularly and they also look more healthy right after using it.

All in all I was quite satisfied with the products and I will keep on using them and keep you updated if there is the one or the other thing to add about them. Maybe I'll also make another "FOTD" post where you will be able to see better pics of the effect of the eyebrow kit. How about you? Have you been testing one of these products or what are your experiences with similar products? Do you think that make-up fixing sprays and eyeshadow primers are useful at all?


  1. Wow the moisturizing gel for nails looks great! I've never heard of p2 before, but I do use a makeup setting spray: Urban Decay's "All Nighter." I spray it on after work but before yoga to make sure my makeup doesn't melt off in the studio!

  2. I didnt see that brand but the make up look great for the eyes. I really like it and would like to try. Have a great day.


  3. hello, dear! really like your blog
    so useful and inspiring!
    maybe follow each other? just let me know!

  4. thanks for sharing!

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  5. i love that nail product! Yours look amazing. Mine are brittle, I may have to try



  6. I like the brow colors! I recently started using a brow pencil for my eyebrows and it makes such a difference after you do all of your make up. And that nail strengthener looks like it worked pretty well! <3


  7. This is the first time that I hear about an eye primer pencil. I'm very conservative when it comes to my make-up routine (same for years and years) but it's always interesting to learn about new products and even consider trying them out.


  8. Great post, I really like the manner that you wrote and photographed everything for this, so useful!!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  9. Great post!! i think i might use the nail thingy coz my nails are really bad ..

  10. Hi Carmen, the eyebrow kit inspires me a lot, so cool! I never used this brand, I've knewn it through the blogs and it seems very good! kisses! xo

  11. Great post, loving the eyebrow kit. Never heard of this brand before but when I get to Europe in August will keep an eye out!


  12. Great review!
    I wanted to buy this eyebrow kit; it looks lovely, I have dark brows so I'd definitely need a darker kit

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  13. Its cool!


  14. Thanks for the heads up on this nail gel my nails are terrible they ALWAYS break. Hopefully it is available in the states!

    Ali of


  15. отличный пост!



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