Rihanna for River Island: The Collection

After waiting for this collection for weeks, a lot of fans and experts have been disappointed. The international press is full of critiques and nasty rumors (like Rihanna didn't even design the collection). Now what to say about what was presented a few days ago? In my opinion the collection is Rihanna and it is River Island but it isn't Fashion Week. But did it claim to be a high fashion prodigy being on the same level as Burberry and co.? Well... no. In fact this is just a normal cooperation between a star and a normal clothing store and maybe it was just the fact that the collection should be presented during Fashion Week that made everybody go mad. Whatever the reason for the bad critique may be, I think that, apart from some pieces, the collection isn't that bad as it is just what 90% of all the Lookbookers and bloggers would wear. It is a 90ies revival with jumpsuits, stripes, high-low elements and net tops and the only thing that I have been missing is a more elaborated combination of the outfits and the one or the other jacket or top (as the models have indeed been quite naked). Take a look at it for yourselves:


The funny thing is that the best outfit from that evening wasn't worn by any of the models but by Rihanna herself:

I mean don't get me wrong, I don't think that these pieces are overwhelming and there is nothing that made me think "OMG I need this, now!". Furthermore the outfits are hot right now, which means that they were hot last summer as none of them can be worn right now, but I don't think that these are the outfits we will still be wearing next summer or at least we won't be getting our 25th high-low dress but instead we will be buying stuff that is really new (even if nothing in fashion is ever really new). What do you think? Are you disappointed or excited? Will you be getting the one or the other piece?


  1. Love it!!!

    Baci e buona giornata!


  2. Not really my style. I like the dress she is wearing best.


  3. I was surpised to really like her collection. I think so many of the pieces can be worn by different styles and body types for a personalized unique look.

    Have a great week :)


  4. There are wearable pieces. This collection is sooo Rihanna but not so many can pull this off. I'm okay with it but not excited about it.


  5. I mean the collection was okay!!! i did like few pieces in the collection..

  6. Interesting -- I've been hearing about this but I'm definitely not a supporter of Rihanna so I didn't check it out. I do like those floral pants though!

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  7. I like that jumpsuit. Is so nice. Have a great day.


  8. I get your point Carmen and I agree with you. For me isnt a collection that has to be presented during the fashion week and so with other high fashion brands, as you said well just a normal collaboration, though the pieces are very nice and wearable. I see myself craving for some of these clothes too:) Lol you are right, she was the best dressed!! Kisses! xo

  9. I haven't really looked into this but form what I can see there's a few pieces that I do like though I guess I would have expected some other bolder pieces to match her personality


  10. That looks like a great collection! Though, not in my style!


  11. Nothing special.. I like floral leggings.

  12. Great pieces but not my style !! :)


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