Monthly Must Haves: March

I decided to cut in on my Paris posts to share my monthly wishlist. I'm especially craving some nice heeled sandals like the Zara or Choies ones. I hope that the Zara ones will be back in stock soon as they are only 30€! Do you know any other shops where I can find similar shoes for a good price? What is on your current wishlist? Don't forget that the H&M conscious collection will launch on 25th March! Oh and if you want to see more pics from my trip to Paris you'll only have to wait until tomorrow.


Paris Day 2

After a yummy French breakfast outside a lovely café, our second day in Paris was entirely dedicated to shopping. We started off at the Champs Élysées, continued at the Galeries Lafayette and at the end also stopped by the very hard to find Marc by Marc Jacobs store. We ended the day with a long walk from the Jardin des Tuileries to the Eiffel Tower which looked so magical at night.


Paris Day 1

Today I can finally share my pictures from Paris. I will start off with the first day where we saw the Eiffel Tower and a bit of the area around it. We went to Paris by train which only took us 2 hours and our hotel, which we got for quite a good price, looked really nice. The rooms were nothing special but everything was clean and the entrance did even look quite elegant.


Manic(ure) Monday: Nail Art from France

When thinking about what I would be buying on my trip to Paris, it was quite clear to me that I would come home with some new nail polish. Even if nail art is a bit more expensive in France, they are really pros when it comes to innovative products and they have a lot of really good nail polish brands. One of them is Bourjois, a brand I hadn't been using before but heard a lot about. The reason why I got a bottle of that special nail polish was first of all that I wanted to try the brand but secondly also the amazing dark red colour which is so hot in Paris right now and which I had problems finding in Germany. And I could also find another amazing product in France, that has been on my wish list for quite a while: a nail pen by Agnès B.


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As you can guess I'm back from Paris and here are my first Insta snapshots from the wonderful city of love. Tomorrow I will do my usual manicure post but on Tuesday I will start off showing you the pictures I took with my camera. Stay tuned! 


I'm going to Paris and I'm bringing...

While you are reading this, I'm probably about to arrive in my hotel room in Paris. And while I'm writing this I still don't know whether I will be able to prepare some posts for the next days or not so please don't be mad at me if there are no posts until Sunday or even Monday. But today there is a post, a post about what I took with me to Paris. I quite like to take pictures of the stuff I take with me, it somehow helps me to get a better idea of which outfits I will be able to combine during holidays.

...if there is a place to take my one and only Louis Vuitton then it's Paris...


Rihanna for River Island: The Collection

After waiting for this collection for weeks, a lot of fans and experts have been disappointed. The international press is full of critiques and nasty rumors (like Rihanna didn't even design the collection). Now what to say about what was presented a few days ago? In my opinion the collection is Rihanna and it is River Island but it isn't Fashion Week. But did it claim to be a high fashion prodigy being on the same level as Burberry and co.? Well... no. In fact this is just a normal cooperation between a star and a normal clothing store and maybe it was just the fact that the collection should be presented during Fashion Week that made everybody go mad. Whatever the reason for the bad critique may be, I think that, apart from some pieces, the collection isn't that bad as it is just what 90% of all the Lookbookers and bloggers would wear. It is a 90ies revival with jumpsuits, stripes, high-low elements and net tops and the only thing that I have been missing is a more elaborated combination of the outfits and the one or the other jacket or top (as the models have indeed been quite naked). Take a look at it for yourselves:


Manic(ure) Monday: Purple Everywhere

Today I have a very feminine manicure for you. As I'll be going to Paris soon, I decided I need something pretty so I went for a dark purple glitter which I paired with some bright lilac. I have so many great ideas on how to apply glitter top coat more interesting-looking than my everlasting accent manicure but at the moment I'm a bit under pressure of time because I have to write two important homeworks for university but I'll be having time for more creative nail styles in a few weeks again. Until then I hope you like my more simple manicures as well:


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How I store my Jewellery

Do you remember one of my early posts about how to store your jewellery? The first 3 and the 2 last pictures in that post showed some of the methods how I used to store my jewellery which was always kind of an unsolvable problem for me. I mean you can have a closet à la Carrie Bradshaw and still not know where to put your 749 necklaces, right? Some time ago my boyfriend got me a large box where I put my favourite stuff and even if that was a nice way to store and display my jewellery there was still the problem that the one or the other thing in a little corner of the box would be forgotten over the time. When my aunt visited me some time ago she saw the table(!) I had meanwhile claimed for all my stuff and so she got me the ultimate Christmas present: a jewellery cabinet. Yes you heard right, not a box, not a stand, not a holder and not a hanger but a jewellery cabinet. This week I finally took the time and courage to put my favourite stuff in the cabinet and I must say that I was surprised by how much this thing can actually hold. I mean there are still a few earrings and statement necklaces that need another home but this is basically the stuff I'm most probable to wear:


Beauty Products for that special day

As a good Valentine's Day preparation doesn't only include wearing nice clothes but also to smell lovely and wear a decent but yet overwhelming make-up, I decided to share some Valentine's Day qualified beauty products as well. I mean what can go wrong with the Clinique chubby stick on your lips, Essence "Hugs and Kisses" glitter on your nails and smelling of some lovely Prada "Candy"? (For more inspirations also check my heart manicure or my outfit selection.) So what are you gonna do tomorrow? Whether you will be spending the day alone, with your significant other or some friends, I hope that you'll all be having a nice time!

 1 Occitane // 2 Lush // 3 Topshop // 4 Lush // 5 Essence // 6 Barry M // 7 Topshop // 8 L'Occitance


Tried and Tested: p2

A lot of you asked me to make a review about my new p2 products which I introduced here. Yesterday I also told you that I am testing another product of this brand which I bought some time ago and which will be reviewed in this post as well.


Manic(ure) Monday: Valentine's Nails

As Valentine's Day is just around the corner this post had to include some lovely, pink manicure. I'm not really good at painting hearts on my nails and even if there are a lot of seemingly easy tutorials on how to do it, I always failed when trying one of them. A lot of you keep telling me that they are not really talented when it comes to nail art and apart from some more tricky tutorials, I always try to keep my manicures as easy as possible. That's why I also chose the easiest Valentine's manicure I could find. But take a look at it for yourselves. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I bought some nail art display sticks on Ebay which I used for today's manicure. The reason is that I'm trying to spare my own nails a little bit because they had nail polish on them almost every day since I started my manicure posts over one year ago which made them really dry and damaged. I'm also trying a new care product which I will be reviewing next Tuesday. But now let's finally go over to the easy Valentine's manicure:


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I'm just getting ready for a party tonight so I thought  I'd share my make-up. Meanwhile I'm also preparing a "Tried and Tested" post for my new stuff from p2 so you can expect that post for Tuesday.


Why can't it just be summer already?!

I spent my afternoon in a nice spa with a good friend of mine and while we where laying in the deck chairs and the winterly sun shined through the windows we started craving for summer. This desire was even enforced by the lovely pics of the Tally Weijl spring 2013 campaign I saw when browsing the web. I'm not a huge fan of Tally Weijl but I must admit that these shots are quite cool...


Outfits for that special Day

Sorry for posting so late today but I was a bit stressed by university and all. However I wanted to share some Valentine's outfits with you. Do you already know what you will be wearing on that special day? I'm really into the bright pink colours of the first outfit but I'll have to see what I can find in my closet.

dress - H&M, bag - Oasap, shoes - H&M, earrings - Asos


New In: I feel pretty

Last week I told you that I have been waiting for the launch of a  limited make-up edition from the German brand p2 cosmetics. It arrived in the shops today and after quickly studying a bit for my Latin test I couldn't resist buying the two things I had been craving for. I found another interesting item from the same brand which I want to show you as well.


Manic(ure) Monday: The Golden Frame

Are you ready for a new manicure I have never tested before? Pastel and glitter junkies watch out, this manicure will be for you and for all of those who like a simple manicure with an interesting twist. Let's go:


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Beauty Empties: January

Last month I made my first empties post and as I had quite a lot of stuff to show you, I decided to make "Beauty Empties" post once a month or a least more often. Like that you won't be overwhelmed by thousands of products and I get a better overview on what products I use and which ones I don't need to rebuy.

Calvin Klein In 2 U perfume
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? My boyfriend already got me a new, bigger bottle of this one so if I'll still like the scent when I used up the second bottle then I will also rebuy it.

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