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Two months ago I have already written a post about my hair routine and now I thought it was time to write one about my face care as well. Just as with my hair, it also took me a long time to find the right products for my face and I still haven't achieved my goal of perfect skin care but I think that I'm on the right way. Especially during the makeup workshop I got aware of how important it is to treat your face in a kind way in order to prevent premature skin aging. In the post about my workshop experiences I also gave you some important advices and I saw that some of you were really interested in changing their face routine. This post isn´t meant to be a calling to use all the products I use but it's just supposed to inspire you a bit and to perhaps show you the one or the other possibilities you haven't been aware of.

I start off with washing my face. Therefore I either use the Lush Coal Face (not pictured but take a look at it in this post) or twice a week I use a scrub. Currently I'm using the Yves Rocher apricot kernel scrub and I like that it's grains are so fine but I'm still looking for a more gentle and natural scrub so if you have any good recommendations go ahead!

Next I use the Lush Tea Tree Water to make sure that my face is entirely clean. I really like the smell and if your skin tends to be a bit oily then this product will also be nice for you.

The newest member of my skin care family is this thermal spring water spray from La Roche-Posay. Some of you who saw it in my latest "new in" post may already have been wondering how and why I'm using this spray. Well last winter a makeup artist told me that moisturizing creams can only properly work when there is some wet on your skin already they can transport into your skin. Even if I got this information one year ago I never really knew how to suit the action to the word until I found this spray. It's nothing more than water but it's water especially for using in your face. So that's why I apply it to my face before applying my face cream. It's really refreshing and I finally have the feeling that my skin gets the moisture it needs.

Next I also use an eye cream. This one is from the German discounter Aldi (I only heard good things about their beauty products so far and the makeup artists at the workshop I attended even used a makeup remover from this shop). The one I use is for mature skin even if I wouldn't need that yet but have you ever seen an eye cream for young skin? If you use an eye cream I can only recommend to store it in the fridge as it will be great to reduce puffy eyes. 

Then I go over to my face cream. The one I'm currently using is the Lush Vanishing Cream and I really like it. It's way more natural than anything you can get from Nivea and it's great against pimples. However if this pot is used up I'll also try other natural cosmetics creams like for example a Weleda one.

Last but not least I also apply a face mask from time to time. I prefer those with ingredients from the sea like this Forever Living Marine Mask.

So that was it for my present face care routine. Some of these products will give way to even better ones during the next months so I'll keep you updated. How about your skin care? Have you found your ideal products yet and if yes, where are they from?


  1. nice and thanks for sharing <3


  2. Great products :)

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  3. I never trid these products, I love also to try new stuff! At the moment I'm using a Garnier cream and cleansing! Kisses! xo

  4. I am using the same thermal water and love it! I like your blog. Would you like to follow each other? Kisses!


  5. yes, we should care about our faces and skin - that's very important!
    did you vote in my questionnaire?:)

  6. The thermal water spray sounds interesting.=)

  7. I agree! Skincare I find is always tricky because you find something that works for a while, then season change and your skin changes. I find it difficult to know what truly works and using a lot of products to test out is probably the easiest, yet most time consuming and expensive way. I have a skin care routine that works for now, but I know in summer I will need a new summer moisturizer and I still haven't found one I love.

  8. I use Nivea and L'Oréal for make-up removal and cleansing. Creams vary from Lancôme to Guerlain to Dior. I try to discover new products and right now I'm with Shiseido.

  9. This is an awesome post! You use some great products!!!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  10. I like the sound of the apricot scrub and the Lush tea tree water seems so refreshing. I haven't tried any of these products, thanks for mentioning them here.

  11. I believe in tea tree! :) grown up with it!

  12. these are great tips! no wonder your skin looks flawless!


  13. Great post - nothing more important that taking care of yourself. I have crazy sensitive skin so I'm limited in what I use unfortunately, though some of these products sound heavenly


  14. Thanks for sharing - enjoyed reading about your favourites. This kind of posts are always very interesting. x

  15. Nice products - the scub sounds very promising especially. X


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