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makeup Schule Köln Schmink Workshop

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I went to a makeup workshop two weeks ago. Two of my friends and I got a discount code for a training course organized by the Makeup Schule Köln (Makeup School Cologne) at the "Swap in the City" party and so we decided to benefit from our 50% off.

makeup Schule Köln Schmink Workshop

makeup Schule Köln Schmink Workshop

The workshop started off with the very important matter of skin care but never had I thought that this part would change my view on beauty entirely. That evening it became clear to me that I already knew a lot about skin care but by far not enough. And I can only recommend to you to listen up now, not because I want you to think that I'm a beauty pro by now, but because every girl should know what we were taught that evening: Our face creams, makeups and lip balms are bad for our skin! But let's start from the beginning. Most of the creams and lotions you can buy contain silicones, paraffins and emulsifiers. Silicones and paraffins close our skin, they lay on our faces like a plastic bag. Try to use creams that contain less than 2% off these ingredients. But silicones and paraffins are still innocent compared to emulsifiers. What are emulsifiers? They are used to combine the water and oil that are the base of any cream and lotion. In fact that sounds like nothing bad but the emulsifiers keep on working on our skin and the next time we wash our faces our skin's natural oils and fats are removed which is bad. So our skin is dry, we apply some cream, the emulsifiers in the cream remove the natural oil from our skin and our skin is even drier than before. And also bad lip balms don't moisturize our lips but help dry them out so please girls stay away from Nivea face creams and Labello lip balms (Carmex and Weleda are good alternatives)! Now what are the alternatives for our face creams? First there are creams which don't use emulsifiers at all because the oil and water are combined with a special spin method or so. I don't know much about that method but I think that these creams are rather expensive and so I'll stick to the second alternative: creams with natural emulsifiers like lecithin. I know that this may all sound really complicated but if you want to be good to your skin then you should definitely study the ingredients of your creams and inform yourselves about them. Try to buy your creams at the natural cosmetics shop or at your local pharmacy. If you want to be 100% sure to only use good ingredients on your face you could replace your face cream by a simple bottle of jojoba oil.
For the actual makeup part of the workshop I can't say that much because I didn't learn anything that was completely new to me. The only thing that was new to me was highlighting and contouring. At first I was very excited as my face looked way slimmer but the more I looked at the pictures I took that day, the more I realized that I didn't look like myself anymore and that contouring is great only if you know how to make it really decent. If you contour and highlight your face on a daily base then I would love to know which products you use!
The main thing I wanted to learn in this course was how to properly use eyeshadow making it look gorgeous while using several shades. After some difficulties of understanding one of the three present makeup artistis finally got how I wanted my eyes to look like and so I learned that a good eye makeup doesn't imply three shades put on top of each other going from dark to bright. It is quite hard to explain what she showed me thought so I might make a step by step tutorial on a nice eye makeup in a later post. And after writing this novel I will finally show you how I looked after putting on a complete makeup in the workshop:

makeup Schule Köln Schmink Workshop

makeup Schule Köln Schmink Workshop

Now I hope that this post wasn't too boring for you guys and that you learned the one or the other thing. How do you like my makeup, don't you think I look a bit unreal? And for the most important question: what are your experiences with face creams? Have your been worried about bad ingredients or don't you care about such things? Please share your experiences with us! 


  1. deberia animarme a hacer algun curso de automakillaje

    bss wapa

  2. Me encantan los cursos de maquillaje aunque nunca me he animado a hacer ninguno, debería probar...


  3. I cannot wait to see the eyeshadow post! I'd love to go to a makeup workshop as I am not very good at applying makeup!

    I have REALLY dry skin, it's kind of sad that I'm probably making it dryer when trying to moisturise. I will defo look into some new brands with better ingredients! Do you have any recommendations!

    Corinne x

  4. That looks great and perfect eye make up. Have a nice day.


  5. Wow so cool! Would love to do something like a make up cursus also one day!
    I follow you now :-)

    Xx el33ta

  6. wonderfull and so cool! I like your make up very much!

  7. Fantastic idea! I think it could be loads of fun :)


  8. great idea...love your make up...

  9. I am happy to find your blog! So many beauty and fashiont tips.

    Kisses from Prague, follow you :)

  10. Happy New Year darling!
    Makeup school looks so fun!


  11. Wow! You went to Makeup workshop??? That's fabulous!!! Looking forward for some awesome makeup posts and tips from you! :)
    Thanks for having a look at my blog dear!
    I'd love it if you'll follow too if you like! :)

  12. Sounded like a interesting workshop.=)

  13. You look great on the last photo! So exciting that you got to go to this workshop. Certainly something I'd love to do too.


  14. Hey sweetie!
    Love your blog!
    It is very intesting and original!
    Well done! :)
    How about following each other?
    Let me know in comment about it and I promise to follow you back!! :)


    xo xo

  15. How cool, I would love to do a makeup school. I want to learn contouring!

    Thanks for the skincare info, I am going to look into this more!

    Janine xx

  16. I already follow your blog, now it's your turn ;)

  17. very professional makeup! I like the natural colors and discreet brilliance!

  18. Total toll siehst du aus.
    Cool, dass ihr das gemacht habt :)

  19. Lovely makeup :)

    New post - Kisses ♥

  20. love all the make-up, great post

    how about following each other? :)


  21. This makeup workshop sounds like such a great idea, you must have picked up many pivotal tips and new fun ideas. I think your makeup looks beautiful, quite natural and not at all over done.

  22. This looks like a whole lot of fun :)

    Sandra @ Blasfemmes.com

  23. i really like your make up i don't think it's too much.

    About the lip balm i knew but i didn't know about the face dream. I try to buy good cream and i spend since a few months money on it to have a good cream but i had no idea what i should care about. Now i know and i will check if my 50Euros cream is as good as they said...


  24. Such interesting ! Congrats ;)


  25. im so jealous, i desperately need to go to makeup school, you look beautiful :)
    brooke @ what2wear

  26. makeup school? that is so awesome! you look amazing!
    im thinking about going to cosmetology school :)


  27. I didn't know that about the face creams! I have heard of parabens and things being bad for your skin, but not the emulsifiers. I will have to check my labels the next time I go to buy face cream. :) I contour more in the summer because my skin is a bit darker and it looks better. But I use a highlighter as often as I can because I love the subtle shimmer it gives. The one I personally use is Physician's Formula Glow Pearls. It's sheer enough to not look to shimmery, but very pretty. I apply it with the Eco Tools Finishing Kabuki Brush. I love it. <3


  28. you are so lucky to have gone to make up school! I want to go as well!
    hope you have an amazing 2013!
    Kisses from Miami,

  29. I absolutely love makeup! looks like you have a great collection! xo


  30. Really in love with this post! so wonderful

  31. Ahh I love this girly post! It must be so nice to go there! :) You have a great blog! x

  32. Purple is definitely your color - it looks gorgeous on you!

    Pearls & Paws

  33. great make-up! I will follow you, hope you can follow back! :)

  34. I so liked your post, thanks for that that shared with us this information.
    ♥ ♥ ♥ With love ♥ ♥ ♥
    Lenusik Velvetrose


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